April 4, 2011

#Nipclub Tribute to Nascar Special night Wednesday April 6th

Get your engines running at 8pm Eastern time, Wednesday night!

Hi Pals,

I’m hijacking the #nipclub blog this week cuz I think it’s high time we did something extra special – not that every week isn’t special, cuz it is, but this week is EXTRA SPECIAL at the #nipclub. Dis kitty has the greatest dad you could ever want, who is the first person to give others credit, but takes none himself, treats his employees like “gold by being appreciative and caring. I’m talking about dat great pal and dude - Tiger Tommy and his fantastic dad and “boss” (as I call him) of the #nipclub – the one and only @TheNascarKitty

Now TigerTommy’s dad didn’t pick his tweet name out of a hat. He just happens to have a great love of Nascar Races. So, don your racing gear, dig out those racing cars and get ready for a night at the Nascar Races on Thursday. Ladies, don’t be intimidated by the theme – ladies race sometimes too you know. Or you can ride along with a pal who is racing, or be a hood ornament on my car. He he

Stay tuned daily right here for more details.

When @theNascarKitty went over the Rainbow Bridge, lovely @ChattteMuse made this 
beautiful portrait of Tiger's brofur @_Bill_The_Cat watching over him as his golden tears
 of love lead a trail to his sister @SaraBethh3394 whom he and Daddy @WisSmokeFan adore 
so much. Bound together forever in loving memory!! 

Need something to wear?
Here is some Face in the Holes

Club Redecorated for  Nascar night!

I was OTRB about a year before Tiger, but we spent
18 years together. He was at least 21 years old, & I was
Glad I could welcome him OTRB. His kind heart
brings joy to all me meets.  @_Bill_The_Cat
A tribute to @theNascarKitty  from @BadAndy_KityKat

Click HERE to get to see the Nascar Night noms


Bad Andy said...

Nice remodeling for Nascar Night at #NipClub!

Mariodacat said...

Very nice digs!!

Cathy Keisha said...

OMC! I just noticed it's Wednesday! If I don't get there, I love you, Boss! xoxo I'll play some tunes for you Thursday.

Tiger Tommy said...

Truly wonderful!!! When I went to Rainbow Bridge I promised rather than an ending, it would be a fabulous beginning!! I vow to continue to spread cheer (and charity) and never let you forget that there's a "Tiger in your #NipClub...and Baby he is ready to roar" (all apologies to Prince hehe) I love all of you!!