April 16, 2011

Pugs and Doodles expense and travel update

Hi Pals,

This is @Mariodacat's mom here. FANTASTIC work by all who have contributed to the chip-in fund for transporting Pugs and Doodles to California. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - the Animal Community on Twitter and the Blog World are AMAZING! @TheNascarKitty is very grateful too, but he has his hands full right now and will give you his own thank you after Pugs and Doodles are safely on their way.

We abandoned the idea of a pal-to-pal relay for a few reasons - (1) a very long ride and hard on dogs being handed off from person to person. (2) Scheduling nightmare from the standpoint of hard to handle unexpected crisis along the way - car breakdown, receiving person delayed or having trouble, etc. California is a long way from Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, we need to raise a little more yet - for a total of $1,500 and the total expenses should come in inder that. If there is any money left over from his expenses, It will go to charity (either to Nascarkitty's charity, or perhaps to the donor's charity).

@TheNascarkitty's dad is a victim of the economic downsizing and is currently only working a temporary job with crappy hours - but it's a job, and he is thankful to have it. He's living pay-check to pay-check hoping there is at least enough to pay for rent and food. He is humbled by the donor's genorousity, but really wants to reimburse that person. - - Call it Midwestern pride! So, we cannot have him absorb any of the expenses on his own; he just doesn't have the money to do so.

@TheNascarKitty did a rough calculation of expenses, but he won't be sure until everything is purchased and the dogs safely on their way Sunday. He's still rounding up the needed items, no easy task when you work 1:00 pm to ?? pm or 1:00 am, when most everything is open.

"Estimated Expenses (per @TheNascarKitty)
$130 maximun (2 airline approved crates)

$575 (maximum) Airfare for two dogs

$130 Shots and health certificates for doggies vrom Veterinary Village LLC at huge discount, after hours too! give them props!!!

$30 Discounted Boarding at Chelstars Bed and Biscuit

$125 Gasoline Fondy to Berlin to Fondy To Chicago To Fondy about 600 miles or more

$5 McDonalds (gonna need some coffee, cuz I'm not gonna get any sleep and need to work every day but Sunday. )

$75 Car Rental fee (my car just can't take the wear and tear, and may not make it to Chicago and back

$100 estimated fuel/expenses for the couple on the "receiving" end to pick up doggies and deliver

?? Two new, strong dog collars and shoulder harnesses so dogs are sure to be safe when taken out of their crate and walked"

Last minute items thought of after estimate was prepared. This is M adding these:

?? Any extra fees at airport (they are always tacking extra fees on for something these days)

?? M speaking - I insisted that he and daughter have a decent meal somewhere instead of just coffee, as he is working the night before and he has given up so much of his time to deliver the dogs to the airport.

?? Tolls for driving through Chicago (have no idea what they are these days)

I floated him a sizeable loan today by depositing a large sum in his bank account so he has operating expenses as things will have to be paid for on the spot. He hated to take the loan (more Midwestern pride), but I didn't want him driving to Chicago without the necessary funds and extra in case of emergency. It would take paypal 4 days to release the money into his account. He doesn't have that time to wait. I know once Paypal releases the money, he'll reimburse me. Anyone in his shoes who takes on the added responsibility of trying to find a new home for 2 doggies to help someone else in trouble, is truly a good person!

The dogs should be at their new home by 9 pm on Sunday.

The lady and her daughter are doing very well at the Women's Shelter and working on finding housing/job/school in a new city. They are worried about their dogs, but know they cant have them in their new place.

I know times are very tough for lots of people, but if you can contribute even $1.00, it will help. All those dollars do add up.

From @TheNascarKitty, SaraBeth and myself, bless you all for caring so much and helping in this cause.

Mario's mom


Admiral Hestorb said...

The work put into this is amazing. Our Twitter world and Anipals are THE kindest ever. xoxox

HollieCatRocks said...

Bless all of you you truly are all amazing ) xo

Fergus the Dog said...

You, SarahBeth and @TheNascarKitty have been fantastic with this. Thank you for everything you have done for Pugs and Doodles. xxx

Douglas M. Kimpel said...

This is @WisSmokeFan (Doug...@theNascarKitty's Dad) This whole process is an amazing display of the power and love of the Twitter Anipal Community. For something this huge and far-spread to happen so fast and smooth is a testament to all of you. Pugs and Doodles have been in their new California home, having a great time for over 14 hours now, as I write this. And during the process we have also saved a house cat and possibly another dog from like circumstances...details to be detailed in a NipClub article. Thanks to EVERYONE!

#NipClub said...

We are still waiting for the airline to finish computing costs and charging our account, but we know ABOUT what the cost was...we also saved a cat from going to a shelter, saved 2 domestic rats from a shelter AND provided food and supplies for another dog waiting for a home (all victims of domestic abuse we found during the course of this) AND WE CAME IN UNDER BUDGET....I believe we will have between $125 and $200 left over that you can all decide where to donate!!!

Thanks, all of you amazing anipals!! A lengthy detailed blog post will follow soon!!