September 4, 2011

Sept 8, 2011 Hillbilly Moonshine Runners (& drinkers) Pawty!!!

Pretty Hillbilly @TinyPearlCat shows the boys how to drive
in the swamps!!! Probably hauling flamable Moonshine too! 

@theNascarKitty, @FlaCatLady @Kittehboi and
@TinyPearlCat show some Hillbilly Hospitality!! 

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge...poison isnt as STRONG as
#NipClub moonshine.....drink SLOWLY!
In the tradition of famous 'shiner Popcorn Sutton,
@KingTuttiFruiti tends our still.
@TheNascarKitty delivering moonshine to #NipClub just for you!! Nascar's
old 'shine-runners Junior Johnson and Cale Yarlborough couldn't do it faster!!

This week has another fun Theme song!!! Please click this link to enjoy it while you browse the blog!!!

Of course, no real "Revenooer Man" will want to show up at #NipClub this week....cuz @MarioDaCat  (head barktender) is really protective of our hooch.

@MarioDaCat means business.

This week #NipClub's theme is HillBilly Moonshine Runners and Drinkers pawty!! If you live south of the Mason Dixon line, you already know that the Moonshine Industry is as historically important to the development of America as nearly anything else. Because of "shining" great things like NASCAR racing and
not so great things like over-zealous law enforcement in the name of "taxation" (revenuers...IRS) where all created.

NASCAR great Junior Johnson and so many others started out running Moonshine around the Virginia's, Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee,  Kentucky rural areas in their souped up cars to stay one step in front of the "revenooers" who didn't so much care about the nearly pure alcohol
they were running, as they did about getting the governments share of the revenue (taxes).

We've fired up our still, as has special #NipClub friend @RealFakeGator (who's supplying the "Gators Bacon Moonshine") and brought a great selection of southern food and nostalgia and we're gonna pawty
til we pass out.....(with the strength of our moonshine...that could be fast MOL). So dress up in your Hillbilly
best, or your natural fur if you wish, and come pawty your heart out!!! (And your liver too).
Dont worry, if you have too much moonshine @TinyPearlCat will drive you
home in #NipClub's Redneck Limo. 

@cathykeisha, @GeorgeTheDuck, @Spike_Cat & @TinyPearlCat hang
out at their Redneck Apartment Complex. 

@BadAndy_KityKat helps get some extra meat for our grill...too bad
he forgot to bring his really big gun....MOL
@DashKitten said he was going hunting for meat too...hmmm...what will he hunt?

Ahh! @DashKitten is getting us GAtor's to grill up!! Wow!!!

Everclear...Moonshine...White Lightning....whatever you call
it, we've got LOTS of it!! Drink up!!!
special from @RealFakeGator's Wisconsin Still!! Yum!
Waffle House Southern Breakfast Platters!! Made to order!!
Waffle House Hashbrowns Made to Order!! 
@TheNascarKitty suggests Hashbrowns Scattererd
All-The-Way (onions, peppers, jalepenos, ham, mushrooms,
tomtatos, Bert's Chili and American and Swiss Cheeses.)
Grilled Steaks!!!
BBQ Ribs with Coleslaw and Macaroni and Cheese!!
Biscuits and Gravy!!

Chicken Fried Steak!!

Cheese-grits with ham steak

Salted-Buttered Grits!!!

Turnip Greens with Bacon
OK, So @DanaPixie's truck doesn't really look like a
Hillbilly truck...but it's a souped up fire-snortin' Hot Rod
so dont let looks fool you!!!



Admiral Hestorb said...

BACON MOONSHINE???? Let me AT it!!!

Mariodacat said...

Zowie - What a pawty this is going to be. WOOHOO I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

Yee haw! Iz got my Daisy Mae costume and I'm all ready. Pass the moonshine!

Cathy Keisha said...

Wafflehouse is hillybilly? Then I might be in.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dog! Jen had a relative that was a 'shine runner back a long time ago. woo woo!

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

pawsome idea - pawsome pawty at #nipclub. Better see if I can find me a costume.


Flacatlady said...

I'm so redneck and hillbilly in the picture above and it looks so natural! MOL

Great Blog Tommy :)