December 16, 2011

Rainbow Bridge: A new Beginning.

Click for a word from Admiral Hestorb's Mom

After a brave battle, our friend, @AdmiralHestorb  has gone to Rainbow Bridge, as so many of our #NipClub friends, myself, @HollieCatRocks, @KConlin1's Squeaker, @SalvatoreDaCat, @PepiSmartDog and so many more included.

@AdmiralHestorb was greeted at the bridge by a huge crowd, and we will comfort her and stay with her as she adjusts to this new life. We will build her the house of her dreams and make sure we put her favorites activities and noms on our schedules.

Angel by Sarah Mclaughlin on Grooveshark
Please click this link for a song deicated to @AdmiralHestorb & all at Rainbow Bridge

Fear not, it is a magnificent journey. The worn out bodies are made new and young, pain and teredness are gone, love and calm comfort abounds. There is a slight pang of loss for us as we miss those we left behind, but we certainly DON'T want them to follow us anytime soon.

This is paradise, we can eat what we want (even chocolate) and not get fat, we can play and run and not get tired or sore, and when we want, we can sleep on velvet clouds.

We can see our families and even wave from a special waving cloud. Have you ever noticed an odd breeze and a twinkling star? That's us, waving down at you. And we can hear you and talk to you, all you have to do is close your eyes and listen inside your heart.  We speak loud and clear about our love for you.

Our families will mourn, feel incredible loss and sadness, that's all OK because it will transition into warm loving memories. There's no wrong way to mourn us, get mad, get sad, stay happy with happy memories, whatever you do is right for you and all of us Rainbow Bridge Animals will be right there  comforting your heart as you do it.

We miss you, and remember you, and love you more than ever. But we know this is the best place for us. Some of us came too soon because of accidents. Those animals are considered the biggest angels among us, as we know that they came before they were ready.  Many of you had to make the hard decision to let us come here. And we THANK YOU for that decision. It's a very hard thing to do, but it's also the most loving, noble decision. You took on our pain and let us fly away to a place of comfort. Thank you.

But dont worry about us. We are in heaven, and the view is paradise.

Love and Hugs,
@TheNascarKitty, #NipClub Manager and Rainbow Bridge resident since September 2010.

Loving Anipals like @HollieCatRocks greet each new
arrival at Rainbow Bridge with warmth and love. 


Anonymous said...

Is an honor to be part of such a wonderful community OTRB I have been here since November 2010. Thank you boss for writing this wonderful article and dedicated to dear friend @AdmiralHestorb and made me leaky of joy to see words from sweet bianca mama xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful, it made my eyes leak. I love my life and my home and my fursibs. I don't want to go to the bridge before my time. But it's comforting to know it's waiting for me when the time is right. I have three sisfurs waiting for me there, and two of them I never got to meet before.

Mariodacat said...

This is gorgeous and so very kind of you to dedicate a page to the OTRB - our precious friends.

Pandafur said...

That iz bewtifuls an so impawtant to remember now, wen we iz sad at teh loss of another speshal furrend.

Brian said...

We love you all and you live in my heart forever.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mom and I are so honored that I was incuded. I see mommy grieving so hard. I want her to read this and know I am happy and watching her. Please mommy no more tears. I send you all my love. We'll see one another again. All of my Anipals who went before I did greeted me and we have anything I need. Watch for my star mommy. I will wink and wave at you. xxoo

Admiral Hestorb said...

and the music...oh that song. Tears. You all of you understand.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet girl you are so right we has all that we need and we wave to the mamas and everyone every day is an honor to be included in the OTRB group too xoxoxo

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

I really apweciate you writing this NascarKitty. I was beery sad finkin bout all the kittehs & other anipals who went to Rainbow Bridge. I thot I was mad at bridge place. But now i unnerstand better.

It is impawtent to have special place OTRB for animals to go after they can no stay wif they hoomans. Whatever the reason, this special place is waiting for them, as furriends wait for them to come. They are helped & made comfortable.

Hey that's like XMAS everyday! Yay. I feel much better now that I know anipals go on & on & on.