March 19, 2012

#NipClub Anipal House College Week

@Kittehboi,@TheNascarKitty, @_Bill_The_Cat,@MarioDaCat @KingTuttiFruiti,
@RealFakeGator & @PepiSmartDog outside their frat-house.
This time of year, the big college NCAA tourney turns many of our humans minds to their alma-maters, or their local favorite colleges, or college teams they just love. While, as a cat, I dont care at all about basketball (obviously I like NASCAR and of course, football) I DO LOVE TO PAWTY! And what's better than a college frathouse style pawty!!

So this week, show your team colors, maybe a nice college sweater, or your football uniform, your basketball uniform...maybe you were in the marching band,a fraternity or sorority, a cheerleader, a nerd, ROTC member or even a professor!! Maybe you were school nurse, cafeteria worker, be whatever you WANT to be!!! If you need help dressing @RealFakeGator has stocked up #NipClub Outfitters with a full selection of college gear! Just ask him or myself for help!!

Of course, your own natural fur is ALWAYS in fashion at #NipClub!!


@TheNascarKitty & @RealFakeGator give
Bucky Badger a show of support.
@TheNascarKitty @KingTuttiFruiti @Kittehboi & @Spike_Cat

@MarioDaCat,@TinyPearlCat @PepperPom,@ChazzTheDog, @JessieJaney,
@KingTuttiFruiti, @NoCrybabyDogs's Daffy, @PumpkinPuddy have a pajama
sorority/fraternity mixer pawty!!
@#PhiBotticelli rides the Colorado Buffalo!!
@MewMewMurphy & @Cats_Meows Marie cute co-ed couple
@FrankieTheIg with Kansas Mascot!!
@WinstonTabby doesn't remember much from college MOL

Penny (@Meow_Girls), @ArlieJo @SassyBeagle Marie (@Cats_Meows)
@Spanielopolis & Raven (@IndulgedFurries) our cheerleaders!

Our #NipClub college yearbook. If you can correctly identify all these sorority
girls and dm the answers to @TheNascarKitty first, you get to be special
guest host of a future nipclub with your choice of theme!!!

@PepperPom...Sorority Leader

@ChazzTheDog Big Dog on Campus

Our track and field team is very fast.! @DontIgnoreTruth, @SassyBeagle
@WontonBT & @Bea_Bells can chase down anything.


AdoptedMomToChazz said...

NASCAR, Great job as usual. Pics are furbulous.
can't wait to get my fraternity groove on!

Tee Hee,


Anonymous said...

It's funny that I have green & white pants on. Mom's college colors were green & white.

Holly said...

YAY!! All the girls look so lovely! But is anyone surprised Winston not remember much of those days! MOL I love that guy!