March 27, 2012

#NipClub Honors @PetieTheCat at our Spring Break Beach Blast!! March 29th, 2012

Click HERE to add your name to the Picture Wall for this pawty so @PetieTheCat can have it as a momento! Thanks to @CheriSwan for setting up the Picture Wall. Please contact her for more info if
you need it.

@DCKitty and @TheNascarKitty request all OTRB and earth anipals join
them at #NipClub this week to honor lovely sweet brave @PetieTheCat
This week we honor our great pal @PetieTheCat
NipClub headquarters in South Beach Florida

NipClub has been on the road pawtying at remote locations and events for quite a while. We are glad to head back to our South Beach Florida headquarters to welcome spring in the sunniest, sexiest, most fun and beautiful place on earth!!

This last week, one of the sweetest, bravest, pals we have, @PetieTheCat crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge. Petie fought so hard for so long. It's an inspiration to all of us. 

Petie, a cat of many hats, (clockwise from top left) Showing his national 
pride, Just pretty Petie, In his #NipClub Aussie hat, In his WLF beret.
(montage by @JessieJaney)

 photo by @JessieJaney

Petie lifted to the heavens by an Angel to BECOME an angel! picture by @ChatteMuse
@PetieTheCat loved his lake. Often falling asleep on the pier, reminiscing
all of the fun things he and his pals did at #LakeWithPetie

 Petie comfy under a blankie

Same photo in Card form sits on @Whskr's work station
Made by @Georgetheduck

Petie is married to the lovely @PandaFur!!

By @FreshOtis


Petie's ORANGE CHAOS brofurs an ever growing group of the
coolests sexiest cats on Twitter...if I say so myself MOL --@TheNascarKitty
This pic was made by @ChatteMuse


AAAC Coolest Cat Award 2011

petie the cat anipal

AAAC Anipalitarian Award 2012
petie cat orange tabby

From the first year everyone spent at #LakewithPetie a fine book was made by @Pumpkinpuddy
She wrote a lovely blog post for Petie a few days ago.

A group shot from the following summer.
It was so much fun Pumpkin also did a winter carnival

Recent #PetiesPorch by @Jinjindoggy

 Raise your glass to @PetieTheCat at SPRING BREAK

 @TheNascarKitty hits the surf at #NipClub spring break

@TinyPearlCat rips up the beach in her dune buggy.

Spring Break NOMS

All drinks are orange today but still nommy!

 New England Style Clam Bake

King Crab Legs with Scallops

 Stuffed Lobster Tail

Seafood Fettucine Alfredo

Seafood Buffet

Octopus and Scallop Stir Fry over Seasoned rice (top)

Smoked Salmon Steak (below)

Petie's Red Rager Meal Includes:
Spicy Tunarita with Nip Garnish,
Finest Tuna Steak with fish bisquits, and cupcake

Wonderful Orange cat cake
Baked by @WinstonTabby

Carved Orange treat



Mariodacat said...

Great job of collecting pictures - they are all fantastic.

Louise's Blog said...

thank you so much #nipclub for doing this in memory of my baby boy- you are all so wonderful and kind- mama louise

Honeybell said...

A feast fit for Petie! Thank you - if only we could stop crying and start partying as he would want us to do.....
Love the pictures! Hi dear bestest!

Herman!!! said...

Amazing job on Petie's tribute. I'm certain he is watching from OTRB and smiling happily.

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

We still see u Petie, we just need to use not our eyes but our hearts to see you now. Even with your going OTRB you are still giving to your pals who miss you. Be safe Petie....