April 1, 2012

Revist the Land Down Under Save the Bilby


Nipclub Down Revists the Land Down Under
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Date: Thursday, April 5-6, 2012 Time: 4:00 pm to 1:00 am US and Canada Eastern Standard

Again @Kingtuttifruiti will be flying everyone to Australia

So put your Aussie akubras and sunhats back on and let us pawty!  This #NipClub Tour Downunder is going to be a wee bit different to that experienced back on February 18, 2012.  Firstly, we have scheduled it earlier so that our anipal furiends in the UK & Europe can join in.
Tour Time:
Thu April 5, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm EDT (USA & Canada Eastern Daylight Time)
Thu April 5, 10:00 pm to Midnight BST (British Summer Time)
Thu April 5, 11:00 pm to Fri April 6, 1:00 am CEST (Central European Summer Time)
Fri April 6, 7:00 am to 9:00 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Your Australian Tour Guides are going to introduce you to a wide variety of birds, reptiles, mammals, spiders, marsupials and even monotremes.  We hope you find it a fun learning experience.  They will also teach you a little more about the endangered Bilby.

After every 3 or so pictures shown by your Tour Guides, you will be given the opportunity to win one of 8 x Easter Chocolate Bilbys donated by our wonderful Aussie furiends ... drools!  In Australia, as part of an attempt to increase awareness of the Bilbys plight and to "Australianise" Easter the ever so cute long eared Bilby is the new native Australian icon for Easter to the chagrin of the bunny rabbit.
The #NipClub's brilliant QuizMistress @HollieCatRocks will test your concentration with fun Quiz questions.  Please ensure you are following @HollieCatRocks so that you can "direct message" (DM) your answer.  For those who arrive late we will ensure a few Chocolate Bilbys will be available for a Quiz to be held during the #NipClub pawty at a genuine Aussie Pub.
Munchies & Music:
The #NipClub's famous Barktenders will keep supplied with delicious Aussie munchies & drinks (see below) and our incredible DJ's will again rock our socks off with the famous and not so famous music of Australia.
Saving the Greater Bilby

It is thought that the Lesser Bilby is extinct so now we have to work hard to save the Greater Bilby. There are only 500 - 700 of the Greater Bilby's left in the wild!

In order to try and save the Bilby from extinction, there have been a number of efforts to create predator-free reserves in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and even New South Wales, with varying degrees of success. Importantly, very interesting work is being carried out by local Aboriginal communities in the Outback, close to the areas where the Bilby still exists in its traditional habitat and natural environment. For these communities, the Bilby is not only a lovely animal, but a very important part of their culture and spiritual beliefs (The Dreaming), literally going back tens of thousands of years. Therefore, for Aboriginal Australians, who did not introduce the feral animals now threatening the Bilby’s survival, the loss of the Bilby would be very deeply felt. Local Aboriginal communities are working alongside Land Council members and scientists to survey and monitor Bilby populations, using traditional tracking skills and expert knowledge of the country. Special methods are being developed to reduce the numbers of predators preying on the Bilby, including feral-proof fencing.

The Bilby is the Easter Bunny of Australia


Cranberry Crusher

Cairns Coconut Crush

Barrier Reef Banana Lassi

Queensland Pineapple Quencher

Koala Berry Wine

Coral Sea Fish Dry White Wine 
Served with Grilled Flounder

Bundy and Coke


Australian Billy Tea

Aussie 3X Nip Cocoa

Milo Served Hot with Marshmellows

Milo Godzilla Cold Milky
and served with a Dob of Ice Cream



Grilled Witchetty Grubs
(A Delicacy)

Chiko Cheese Roll

Baked Vegemite Cheese Biscuits

Fresh Prawns

Australian Beef Stew

Lobster Mornay with Damper Rolls

Buffalo Burger with Fetta in a Damper Roll

Sausage with Tomato Sauce in a Damper Roll
(down under it is called a Snag)

Seafood Platter

Fish Flake, Calimari and Chips

Tuna Fillets

Crumbled Grilled Barramundi

Buffalo Liver Skewers

Meat Pie with Tomato Sauce

Outback Steak

An island in Northwestern Australia
looks a little like a Lobster


Vegemite on Toast

Anzac Biscuits

Milo Doggy Bites
(Very Nommy)


Peach Melba

Mini Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Pavlova's

Wattle Seed Mousse

Chocolate Bilbies for everyone

Wow look at all the #NipClub staff in their Aussie hats and Akubras! From left to right and top to bottom they are:

@kingtuttifruiti @TheNascarKitty @TinyPearlCat @AutumnTheDoxie @BunnyJeanCook @CathyKeisha

@Crybabrkit @DashKitten @Dogstoyevsky @DuchessCrabree @Frankietheig @GeorgeTheDuck @HollieCatRocks @JinJinDoggy @kcolon1 @kittehboi @mariodacat @MeisRoxyThePug @Meow_Girls

@NikePurrfectCat @Pandafur @PepperPom @PixelDoggy @PumpkinPuddy @RealFakeGator @spike_cat @TiggyBean @tildatoo @toughteddybear @WinstonTabby 


Mariodacat said...

I just can't wait. The last down under pawty was sooooo much fun. i just know this one will be too.

Wallas E Katt said...

Thx to all the pals who halped @JessieJaney bring this togevva fur us Aussies & the Bilbies!

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

Thank you for a whirlwind tour of a wonderful country. This was a party that met NipClubs exacting standards and exceeded them in every way. Jessie Janey, Wallas, Isagold and Clingycat - Thank you for welcoming us Down Under.

JessieJaney said...

WOW! What a blast have only just recovered and cleaned up out front of the Ettamogah Pup.
Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to the following:
@flacatlady : @winstontabby : @MeisRoxyThePug : @PepiSmartDog : @DuchessCrabtree : @NikePurrfektCat : @PepperPom : @Meow_Girls : @Pumpkinpuddy : @TinyPearlCat
@Dogstoyevsky : @Crybabrkit : @Pandafur : @GeorgeTheDuck : @CathyKeisha : @BunnyJeanCook : @Kittehboi : @flicka47
QuizMistresses Extraordinaire:
@HollieCatsRocks : @LilyLuWhoT
Hard Workers:
@kingtuttifruiti : @TinyPearlCat : @PuppyNumber7
Prize Donors:
@clingycat : @Gemmathepuppy : @isagold & @wallasEkatt : @JessieJaney : @PuppyNumber7 : @Whatdoingdugal