August 7, 2012

8/9/12 August Birthdays & Gotcha Days celebrated with the BEATLES

Please drop your change in for the rescue dogs if you can.

It's time to celebrate those special Gotcha Days and Birthdays in August. Please help #NipClub make sure all our anipals who have special days in August have a GREAT pawty!!!

If you are, or you  know of a pal with a special day in August please have them  CLICK here to find out info about the Birthday Club



@germanshorthair Banjo Aug 26

@ZombiPrincess66  Aug 30

@GradyCher  Aug 14

Gotcha for @AutumntheDoxie and @Bigdog_Bear

@BizBeeKitty's  Birthday

@SanJeetheCat's Birthday

Birthdays for BoniMaroni, Mini, Gree & Pepi or @Greethecat

Birthday of @Jason_Smithers

@Henrythecat's Birthday and Gotcha

@OdyMaltese's Birthday

@MerlinWylt's birthday

@MisterSnoop's Birthday

@ShortySan's Birthday

Gotcha for Tabitha of @Stwood1953

@PrimitiveDog's Barkday

@Teikido's Birthdday

@LilyLuWhoT & Sisfur Luna's Gotcha day 8/9/10

Birthday for Lily and Leo of @RoeCats4

@PrincessGwennie's Birthday

Gotcha for @LilyluWhoT & sisfur Luna

@MisterPeabody's Birthday

Gotcha for @Cat_MarsEchelon

Gotcha for @BaileyPom

Special Summer Birthday Menu:
BBQ Birthday Cake

All You Fave BBQ Items!! Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Potato Salad
Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob!!
Burgers made to dream it up, we'll cook it!!!

Flag Cake

Rainbow Cake

Lemon Ricotta Poundcake with Fresh Berries
Click HERE for recipe!!!!

fish cake

Cherry carob fudge

Pink Cake


Help the abandoned, neglected, and stray doxies of Furever Dachshund Rescue get care and new forever homes. To Chip in CLICK HERE For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE. To Donate directly to the charity CLICK HERE. Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.

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