September 10, 2012

#NipClub September Gotcha and Birthday Pawty Sept. 13, 2012

Please drop your change in for the cats of no-kill SAFE Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic if you can.

#Nipclub pawties hard for your September Gotcha and Birthdays!

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Birthday Club

birthday neon

@Feral_Beast made up of anipals @Samthewatcher @IamRustyCat and @Germanshorthair will be performing live at 10pm EDT to help celebrate the September Birthdays & Gotcha Days! Please make sure you follow this great band on twitter @Feral_Beast.

@Tweeting Truman - Sept 23 birthday

@BearBearD  Sept 28 birthday
@SnoopDoggDoxie Sept 15 birthday

@Tallulahsmom birthday sept 20

@Bea_Bells Birthday Sept 16

@BrownSquirrel birthday sept 9

@BunnyJeancook birthday sept 6
@RabbitViola #Nipclub DJ first birthday month 

@Ri_guy Sept 9 birthday

@Pumpkinpuddy and EK Birthday Sept 9

@Cosmohavanese birthday Sept 10

@FreddyVanCat gotcha Sept 1

@FrugalDougal birthday sept 1

@Hanseebundee birthday sept 25

@Hemmingwayscat birthday Sept 20

@MozartDane Birthday Sept 7

@MarthatheWestie birthday Sept 17

@Dogstoyevsky Lexie sept 12

@OurWinniePup birthday sept 6

Dusty of @JustanotherTrnd birthday Sept 21

@JohanntheDog Gotcha Sept 4

@JessyJainey Sept 6

@IamDaisyDoo Gotch Sept 13

@Isagold birthday Sept 29

@Busybuttons Birthday Sept 18


(from @glogirly) 

@Kittenboi  Birthday Sept 19 Talk like a Pirate Day

Once a month we celebrate your Gotcha and Birthdays.
@TinyPearlCat will continue to cook one of her famous cakes for you. In addition, @RealFakeGator will send you a birthday avatar so everyone knows it is your special month.
See Details HERE


Salmon cake with Lemon

Bacon Carob cake

Burger Cake

Carob Pudding Cake

DJ cake

Fish Bowl cake

Ginger Nut cake

Pink Dog cake filled with cheeze

Double Red Velvet cake

Tennis Ball cake

Baked Alaska


Help the abandoned, neglected, and feral cats of SAFE Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic get care, TNR, and new forever homes. To Chip in CLICK HERE For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE. To Donate directly to the charity CLICK HERE. Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total. To read more about SAFE Haven CLICK HERE or @SAFEHaven4Cats


Kjelle Bus said...

I guess I have to wait for next month´s PARTY :)

Cathy Keisha said...

Katie of @Glogirly 's Gotcha date was last week. Gotta tell her to send a picture in.

Katie and Glogirly said...

Thanks, Cathy Keisha! We just sent my Gotcha Avatar in!