September 1, 2013

Back to College Pawty at #NipClub Sept. 5, 2013

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@Kittehboi, @TheNascarKitty, @_Bill_The_Cat, @MarioDaCat,
@KingTuttiFruiti @RealFakeGator & @PepiSmartDog pay a visit to
their old frat house....scene of so many foggy memories....

As the last of summer slides on past us, it's time to head back to college. And "of course" we are all in college to learn....and to Pawty. So put on your favorite College sweater, sports equipment, cheerleader outfit, ROTC dress uniform, professors lab coat, toga, Beer Hat  or whatever you loved best about your favorite college and come pawty with us!!

If you need help with that special outfit from your college, just check with @RealFakeGator at #NipClub Outfitters, we stock the largest supply of Campus gear around. Of course, your own natural fur is always welcome at #NipClub.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and explosions.....
just another day in Freshman chemistry class with @doggymolly and @3phibotticelli

@NancyCakeFace is this fall's best dressed coed

Student nurse @mariethetabby has brains and beauty

@MadLabM is majoring in bacon

@3phibotticelli wrangles the team Mascot

@WinstonTabby has a different college memory than a lot of us MOL

@RealFakeGator helps @OwentheTonk and @TinyPuggle
support the Tigers

grass college cat gif photo grasskittensgif_zps152c9b58.gif

College Food Menu

Mac & Cheese has kept many a college student alive
Add a little protein to your Mac & Cheese with Spam
Eat for a week for only $3.00 with Ramen Pride
A gourmet feast after weeks of Mac & Cheese, Spam and Ramen Pride
Of course, you need to keep keep those kegs cold! 

Microwave cake

For late night, the coffee machine

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the cats at Kitty Devore Rescue Network Every penny helps! Thanks!
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spike_cat said...

Great theme! I luks so dapper in my uni sweater. purrrrrrrr...

Mariodacat said...

Woohoo - pawty time. I always knew that was what college was all about. Here my sisfur was trying to tell me she studied. ha ha