May 13, 2014

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the animals at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

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Wow! Four years has gone by since our little idea for a  pawty to relieve the stress from a hard week was born. Since then #NipClub has grown to a formidable provider of funds to Certified Non-Kill Shelter and Animal Health Associations. And it's all because of our hard working staff & our great loyal customers!

Behind the Scenes Tour of #NipClub Operations
#NipClub Management Team:
#NipClub Management................... Staff (left to right)
@KingTuttiFruiti-Founder & Propriotor
@TinyPearlCat-Co-Manager, IT genius, Blogmaster,Head Barktender
@TheNascarKitty-Manager, Blogmaster, Disc Jockey
@RealFakeGator-#NipClub Outfitters Manager, Blogmaster
A real treasure we found in Rural Wisconsin & brought to the big city.
@FlaCatLady-#NipClub Founder & Proprietor takes a
"break" from working on 4th anniversary planning....
(can somebody brew a pot of coffee?....)
A lot of work at #NipClub has to be performed weeks, even months before the weekly pawty. To come up with the elaborate themes, @TheNascarKitty scours the internet, history books, entertainment guides, to find something that may tie in with a certain date, week, or month. These go on a spreadsheet that all management refer to for advance planning. @FlaCatLady keeps her "ear" to the "TweetWall" in case there is an interest or need we should be using as a theme. @RealFakeGator & @TinyPearlCat spend hours on Twitter learning what our customers really would enjoy. MANY of our themes come from suggestions that our customers make. If YOU have an idea, let any staff member know. We'll give you full credit, and if you like, will even make you a guest host that week! Our themes are universal. We will go ANYWHERE in the world that sounds like fun, and build a #NipClub Pawty Bar. We've got locations all over North America, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and heck we even built one on Gilligans Island!! Not to mention our Spacestation  Branch. Who can forget these locations? 
#NipClub Downs Horse Track
#NipClub Hills Golf Course
#NipClub Seattle atop the Space Needle
#NipClub Ireland

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#NipClub Drive-In
#NipClub Paris
#NipClub North Pole
#NipClub Outer Space
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@FlaCatLady & her staff spend hours and hours looking for and checking out our charities. Each charity must be REGISTERED as a legal charity or animal health research organization, the must be certified as a NO-KILL and NO-ANIMAL-EXPERIMENTATION business as well. We have $$ZERO$$ administration fee. 100% of every dollar  you donate goes directly to the charity, AND many times we have benefactors who match contributions. 

Weekly Operations
At #NipClub, the week starts Saturday night or early Sunday morning. @TheNascarKitty brews a pot of coffee, and starts working on the weeks theme. He starts the framework of the blog, including making special graphics and pictures, devising the starter menu, and writing the text that will highlight the theme for the week. 

Then fellow blogmasters @TinyPearlCat & @RealFakeGator join in to add more pictures, special graphic magic, enhance the menu, and take the blog to the stratosphere level. Pearl is famous for insanely awesome graphics, GIFs,  doing all the formatting & extra pages, maintaining the sidebar and charity widgits and creating custom foods, drinks, and photos. Gator helps guests and staff get ready for the pawty by providing avatar/costuming services, as well as making  special graphics and photos we dream up, usually without much notice. He also works closely with our "Pawty Hosts" (@3phibotticelli, @Skye613, @DoggyMolly, @GermanShortHair @SamTheWatcher & others) to make sure they have all the props and scenarios they need to keep the pawty going. 

Public Relations and Promotion
As soon as the blog is up and ready, we send the link to our P.R. Team of @MarioDaCat, @Meow_Girls, and @WinstonTabby, as well as sending links to many of our loyal employees and customers, who then Tweet the info to all of their followers, add it to their blogs and social networking pages, and the snowball effect takes over, so that we get maximum exposure. 

On Party Night:
Our highly trained, world class staff opens the club and entertains you with the best music, drinks and noms you can imagine. 


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A gift for everyone! Made by @RealfakeGator
2014 #Nipclub Calendar!
CLICK HERE to get it

Gator has worked on this since the very first day of 2013.
It is in PDF so it can be printed up on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
You can print up one page at a time.
Also it can be loaded on a wand n taken into the UPS store
 or any copy shop for printing up.

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue Every penny helps! Thanks!
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Mariodacat said...

Thanks to all the hard working staff at Nipclub. I've always known that this crew is very dedicated and works night and day to bring us the best of times each week. But I'm so happy you put it in writing because everyone needs to see it. Congratulations to all the staff on 4 years of FUN and working together. You are the BEST!

meowmeowmans said...

NipClub is so awesome. Thank you for all of your tireless work on behalf of rescues. You are all amazing! Big hugs, and headbonks to you all.

Cybercat919 said...

Concatulations on your 4th Anniversary. #NipClub is pawmazing fun n adventure. Gr8 noms n tunes by super fantastic DJs and Barktenders. ~Willy