June 22, 2014

Pawty with @DoggyMolly at #NipClub June 26th, 2014

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 photo doggym_zps96dcce84.gif
At our recent Golf Outing, Molly didn't let a little fire in our #NipClub
clubhouse stop her from getting in a round of golf. 

We are going WAY out on a limb here, and have decided to let @DoggyMolly "loose" this week at #NipClub. Will we regret it? YES!! Will it be FUN? Heck Yes!!! So BEFORE our Insurance Agent slaps us with the soon to be created "MOLLY-CLAUSE" in our policy...let's let her "do what she does" one more time.

@DoggyMolly is one of our #NipClub weekly hosts, along with her pals @3PhiBotticelli, @GermanShorthair, @Skye613, @SamTheWatcher and other helpers, the hosts make sure the "theme" keeps going and that you have fun during your visit to #NipClub. Molly....sometimes has accidents.

This was #NipClub the week Molly decided to try
making "flaming drinks" at the bar. It worked......
Of course, who can forget the week our Barbeque AT #NipClub turned
into a Barbeque OF #NipClub when Molly volunteered to start the grills. 
@ShaynaCat will never forget the day she asked @DoggyMolly to help her
remove snow from her home outside London. Poor Shayna. 

Ever wonder where Stephen King gets his inspiration?

                                              @skye613                                     @msmollyyoda

                                        @germanshorthair                               @3phibotticelli

Will they be enough to protect #nipclub from @doggymolly?

Will @Samthewatcher really deny our claim?

We have our backup fire crew of @KConlon1, @Meow_Girls
and @MarioDaCat to help keep the building standing....maybe. 

doggy molly flame thrower gif photo doggymollyfireworks_zpsb3526c98.gif

Flaming Noms and Drinks
All Noms and drinks can be served to you on fire!

Also see pals with Gotcha and Birthdays this month. 

Nipclub birthday photo gotchapagegif_zpsf72f65f1.gif

 photo AnimatedFlames-1_zps8505af61.gif

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