July 11, 2017

#NipClub Car and Cycle Show July 13th, 2017

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Come Show Off Your Rides!!! 

#NipClub Founder/Manager/Proprietor @TheNascarKitty with
his blown Dodge Challenger Hellcat.
The First Lady of #NipClub @DCKitty always arrives in style.
She's @TheNascarKitty's Darling love of his life. 

#NipClub has always been about the good life.  When we first opened the club, most of our employees indulged in luxury wheels. Here's a few of our founding members and current management team with their favorite wheels:

Founder @AutumTheDoxie with her hybrid pickup truck.

Founder @BunnyJeanCooki with her Cadillac Convertible

Founder @GeorgeTheDuck with his Hot Rod Caddy. It's been "borrowed"
by some of his ex-girlfriends from time to time, but always comes "home" 

Founder @Kittehboi with his dropped '57 Chevy BelAir

Founder @MaggieTKat with her "Little Duece Coupe"

PR Managers @Meow_Girls with their Ford Thunderbird Convertibles

Monthly Pawty Manager @ShaynaCat with her Bently Continental

Founder/Original Proprietor @KingTuttiFruiti with his "Woody"

#NipClub Co-Manager @RealFakeGator with this Astin Martin

PR Team member/Monthly Menu editor @WinstonTabby with his Ferrari

Co-Manager/Head Barktender Emeritus/Webmaster @TinyPearlCat with her Dodge Challenger
Founder Head Barktender Emeritus/PR team member @MarioDaCat with this monster Corvette

Party and Event Planner @LadyGreyFox in style in a '65 Jaguar

This week we invite you to come show off your favorite wheels. Maybe do some donuts, a little drag racing, Show off all your favorite rides. We will NOT serve you alcohol or nip until your car is parked in our vast parking garage. You will be provided a safe, comfortable place to "sleep it off" or a ride home, with a return ride the next day to pick up your vehicle. 









Founder @HollieCatRocks

Original Member @SeattleP 























 photo automan car_zpsyqtrj232.gif



@KingTuttuFruiti and @ShaynaCat 


@RealFakeGator with his second favorite duck (after Georgie)

We'd love to see your special ride. Share it with us. Send it to @TinyPearlCat and it may get published on the blog!

And now a special Treat: @TheNascarKitty's Personal Collection

pink photo pinkhotwheelsdriveby.gif

Drinks and Noms

motorcycle photo motorbike_neon_gif_zps3f2c7b31.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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