June 2, 2015

Afterglow Pawty June 4th, 2015 THANK YOU for Celebrating our 5th Anniversary!!

Thanks to all of you who helped us make #NipClub the greatest place on Twitter over the last five years. If you were able to make it to our gala 5th Anniversary Pawty last week you helped us show newer pals exactly how hard we can pawty. There is so  much history surrounding #NipClub, and even more when you look at the thousands of friendships, rescues, and great stories that happened because of interactions at #NipClub.

 Towards the end of last weeks Pawty, I starting tweeting out some historical facts that many of you who are newer really enjoyed hearing. And we've decided that we need to have a "history" page that everyone can refer to, and we can keep adding to it as we create NEW history.

 We are rejuvenated and dedicated to make #NipClub as enjoyable as it can be. New themes, big events, we're even going to have a "parking page" where you can park and show off your specials rides. After five years, we are just getting started. And we thank you all for helping us!!!

This Thursdays' pawty will be a simple afterglow pawty. Come have some drinks and noms, dance with pals, and share your special memories of #NipClub and the pals you made here.

 Love and Hugs, @TheNascarKitty, #NipClub Manager.

 Just for fun, we thought it would be cool to post the first couple blogs that #NipClub posted. We were only a couple weeks old when we knew this was going to be big, and started a blog! Enjoy.

Some fun Historical Blogs:

 June 21, 2010    #NipClub has a Blog! 

#NipClub now has a blog!!!!!

Welcome to the NipClub blog.

NipClub is a relaxing place to come have some drinks, noms, and of course Primo-Nip as you Pawty with your Anipal friends. Efurrybody is Welcome, and we have special treats for all species!!!

While we are a relaxed club.......we offer some of the most cutting edge variety Music and Entertainment out there. Our Staff of DJ's offer everything from Oldies, to Classic Rock, To Country, to Head Banging metal. There may even be dedicated Fur-optional streaking hours.

Of course, if you feel like pawtying without you fur, you're free to do it anytime. The only rules here are to be polite and respectful, while you are getting your freak on. Cruelty and taunting will not be allowed.

Now come on in, have a Bacon Beer, Meowgarita, NipTini, and light up a Nip Blunt, or even use one of our 8 hose Nip Hookahs, and listen to our DJ's try to blow up the speakers and bring the roof down.

Have Fun!!!!!!!

Thursdays from 7 to midnight Eastern US time. Extra times and days happen, so watch the schedule!!!!

Late news flashes:
We are exploring earlier hours to accommodate European pawty anipals.

We will be CLOSED July 15th...BUT we will be open early July 16th as we host the Anipal Academy Awards Pre-Show Red Carpet Fashion Special and help them honor Anipal Authors and Artists. Some surprise Academy Awards will be given out that night too!!!

June 22, 2010

Celebrate GeorgeTheDuck's Gotcha Day at #NipClub on June 24th, 2010

NipClub is opening EARLY Thursday June 24, 2010 to accommodate our Friends in Europe. Join us starting at 4:00 pm (Eastern US time) and pawty through Midnight. And as a special treat we are honoring someone very special: @GeorgeTheDuck (details below). Learn more about Georgie at his blog:http://GeorgeTheDuck.com 

GeorgeTheDuck (seen above- Naked *gasp*) is celebrating his GOTCHA Day!! Nipclub is going to help. This Thursday is Georgie's Gotcha Day Costume Pawty at #NipClub!! Come dressed in a costume that'll make Georgie QOL so hard he'll Quack up a lung!!!

And don't forget presents, Georgie likes Fish, Fish, an occasional Fish, and, for some reason, NIP!?!?!

So dress up in something funny, and come give Ducky hugs, noogies, feather rubs, and lotsa kisses to GeorgeTheDuck!!!!

Kitties, remember, George may be a Nip Ducky, but he's OFF LIMITS....well OK, you can lick him a little, but no chewing, throwing or nomming.

We Love You George, have a Great Gotcha Day!!!!

DJ Schedule for Goergie's Pawty!!:

4 pm to 6 pm:
 DJ Lexi @Dogstoyevsky

6 to 7: DJ Fine Feline @Flacatlady Hour of Alt Rock!!!

7 to 8: Special guest DJ!! @MattieDog!!!!

8 to 9: The Stunning @CathyKeisha with her Dance Pawty featuring Cat Tunes for Now Cats!!

9 to 10: DJ Tiger Tommy @TheNascarKitty

10 to 11: The one & only Mr. Breeze @Kittehboi

11 to 12: Request Juke Box. Make requests to @TheNascarKitty

July 13, 2010

Special Night Special event!!!!

NipClub and Anipal Academy Awards present:

An evening of glamour, of dancing, nip, drinks, and fun. All during a special FRIDAY night nipclub!!! Friday July 16th nipclub will open at 2pm Eastern time as the Pre-Pawty for the AnipalAcademyAwards PawPawty.

Come walk our special red carpet and show off your elegant, trendy, super hot pawty outfits to our team of Runway Fashion Pawparazzi the Pink Pups (Princess Gwenie & Miss Busy Bizz, ) and the always lovely Meow_Girls. And maybe you'll even get lucky enuff to be interviewed by our special correspondants @RosieAndCheeto!!!!!!

Plenty of great food and drinks will be provided by the #NipClub's Barktenders and great music will be provided by their team of talented DJ's.

Later in the evening (around 7 pm EDT) @MaggieTKat will present honors to Anipal Authors and Artists.

Of course we have a few dozen FUN Anipal Academy Awards to give away as well. Come see who wins: "Most Likely to Be Banned From PawPawty" or "Best Use of Nudity as a Lifestyle" and a lot of other fun events.

Pawty 'til Midnight, then get some rest, because Saturday we start all over again at #pawpawty!!!!

Please remember during #pawpawty to also search the hashtag #aaac because that will be a dedicated screen for the ceremony.

And PLEASE check out our speical charity (see widget to right) and help us fund Animal Cancer Research.

Thanks, and SEE YOU AT NIPCLUB!!!!

PS: a special thank you to KingTuttiFruiti and FlaCatLady for opening up for us!!!!!!!

July 21, 2010

WOW!!! What a Pawty!!!!!

My Lovely @DCKitty (Dominique) & I leaving the PrePawty to go get an early breakfast. We thank you for your donations to the Charity. Dominique is my muse, & the reason I am so passionate about the charity (see below in body of article).

Last Friday we opened for a special event. The Anipal Academy Awards organization used our club for their big Pre-Pawty and Red Carpet Fashion show, as well as presenting a lot of extra "Walk of Fame" awards and honoring Anipal Authors and Artists.

The Pawty went on, well after the doors "officially" closed for the night. I looked in at 2 am, and there were still anipals pawtying.

But the most impressive part, was that the PawPawty charity link started HERE for the weekend, and by the time PawPawty officially started Saturday afternoon (EDT) we had already met 13% of the goal.

As of right now, Anipals donated $1360 plus dollars to the University of Colorado Animal Cancer Research Institute. Every dollar was matched by an anonymous benefactor!!!

So because of NipClub, the Anipal Academy Awards, and PawPawty $2700 dollars plus were raised.

Congratulations and Thanks to all who donated. We have so many anipals who have suffered and passed from cancer, and this is to honor all of them. Perhaps someday, this tragic affliction will be under control.

This week #NIPCLUB is back to normal. Thursday, 7 to midnight Eastern. We will also continue our UK Version of NipClub Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm EDT. Come enjoy yourselves!!!!


 ( @TigerTommy)

July 27, 2010

Check out the new features:

We've added some new features. A Barktender page, so that you know who to look for when you're thirsty or hungry, DJ theme hours, and an entire custom menu of fine food and specialty drinks. Of course our talented Barktenders are also very talented short order cooks, so they can whip up just about anything your heart could desire in our fully equipped kitchen. Our staff is remarkably versatile and well trained, and we are proud of them.

Thanks, KingTuttiFruiti & TheNascarKitty.

Our staff, from Left to right from Top: MarioDaCat, TinyPearlCat, Kittehboi, GeorgeTheDuck, KingTuttiFruiti, BunnyJeanCook, TheNascarKitty, MaggieTCat, HankTheDoggy, CathyKeisha ParkerSKat.

May 27, 2015

#NipClub Gala 5th Anniversary Pawty May 28th, 2015

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia. Every penny helps! Thanks!
@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager 

Hello my friends. I'm Tiger Tommy, a/k/a @TheNascarKitty. Manager of #NipClub weekly, and along with my Co-Managers @TinyPearlCat and @RealFakeGator, and a terrific staff of hard working anipals, we are proud to entertain you each week with great theme pawties, terrific amenities and world class fun while we also help raise much needed funds for worthy, carefully vetted animal charities and rescue organizations.

#NipClub started 5 years ago as a place to blow off steam after a hard week, and spend a few hours forgetting the troubles of the world with your pals, new and old, and help some charities. It was started by our Founders @FlaCatLady and @KingTuttiFruiti along with some special pals including @MaggieTKat, @HollieCatRocks, @Kittehboi, @GeorgeTheDuck, @MarioDaCat, @AutumnTheDoxie and myself. Tutti and his Mom Georgia eventually found their spare time so much taken up by the rescue they have since founded to help senior and special-needs dachshunds that last summer they handed the overall running of  NipClub over to @ShaynaCat.

The first few pawties drew huge crowds and we decided to expand, add themes, and specially trained barktenders and DJs and longer pawties each week. And from there it's been just a fantastic ride. I could go on for hours about our history and accomplishments, and someday I will write it all down in a post here on the blog, but you can always click through the list of blogs we include here and see how we've grown.

But one thing I want to make sure to tell you, is that even though we raise funds for charities, #NipClub is ALWAYS free! And everyone is welcome.  If you can afford to, we mention links where you can make safe and secure donations to our charities, but that is only IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, and we keep it secret. Donations are kept anonymous and private. And while we have special themes and pawties, and some of us have special avatars, remember Your own natural fur, skin, feathers, etc are ALWAYS in style at #NipClub.

So grab a drink, some world class noms, and come reminisce with your friends this week about what #NipClub means to you, as we celebrate 5 years and look forward to many more years!

@TinyPearlCat #NipClub Co-Manager, IT Genius & Blogmaster
@RealFakeGator #NipClub co-Manager, #NipClub Outfitters
Manager and Graphics Team-Leader. 

We have a terrific Staff  here to serve you, Barktenders, DJs, PR Teams, Graphics Teams, Entertainment Team, a large group of the best workers that can be found. We are updating our staff pages, and will continue to keep updating them as we add new staff. If you are interested in PR, Barktending, or DJing, let one of our managers or staff know. We are always looking for new talent, and we are happy to train you if you aren't experienced. 

But what really makes #NipClub terrific is our great customers!! You are the backbone of #NipClub and you keep us going. Everything we do is to keep you happy. We love you all, and are excited to share our 5th anniversary with you, whether you're an original pawtier, or a new pal. 


Special Pawty Events:

LIVE in Concert 7:00pm to 8:00pm EDT
May 28th, 2015 ONLY at #NipClub
As a Special Prize for the MOST enthusiastic, wild, fun FAN during the Sweet Moo and the Troublemakers concert, #NipClub will give one lucky winner their very own, 

ROLLS ROYCE Silver Phantom, which will be customized with graphics and personalized for you!! A true one of a kind!! And we will feature it at our next #NipClub car show!!!!! The winner will be announced by the band before their final song that night! So rock hard and show you support. You could win big!!!! 
If you would rather have a different car, you can trade it for nearly anything you desire!! 

Gourmet Menu:
Pink Champagne Fountain
s SaladFresh Fruit Hors d'ouevres
Cobb Salad with Smoked Brisket of Beef
Chicken Dumpling Soup
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp
Porterhouse Steak

Thanks to the Barktenders and DJ`s that make it happen every week!



                        If I have not added you, please let me know

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at
Every penny helps! Thanks!
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
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Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.
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