March 24, 2013

March Madness at #NipClub Sports Bar March 28th, 2013,

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at One By One Cat Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

MARCH...time when our thoughts turn to impending springtime, St. Patricks Day, Easter, cabin fever, and for many, how far their alma-mater gets in the March Madness Tournament. Most of you have a favorite college team, whether it's your local team, a school you went to, or just a team you like. And by now, most of them are out of the tournament, but that doesn't mean we can't pawty our tails off!! In a way only #NipClub can. In our world famous Sports Bar on the top floor of our #NipClub complex. 

Huge multi-plex main screen, additional giant plasma screens, several
service bars, comfy seating, great food, even a game room with
a basketball court , #NipClub Sports Bar is second to none!
@RealFakeGator & @TheNascarKitty go for
a rebound in the big Wisconsin Badger game.

We all know that from time to time, things on the basketball court can get pretty wild during a basketball game (is that where madness comes in??).  The same can be said for a #NipClub pawty, so we've  asked our favorite group of  referees to keep an eye on things during the evening.    And what's a sports event without cheerleaders?  #NipClub has the best!

Meet your referee and cheerleading team for tonight...

                                   @3phibotticelli                                       @skye613

                               @germanshorthair (Banjo)                        @Doggymolly

Do YOU have a favorite team? We can help you dress up as a fan, a player, cheerleader, whatever you like. Just ask @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters! Of course at #NipClub your natural fur is always welcome too! We just want you to have fun! 

What if you dont like Basketball? (I dont)...well, cats and dogs LOVE to play with balls, so at least come and bat around some balls and make shenanigans, enjoy the great tunes from our DJs and our spectacular #NipClub Bar and Grills noms and drinks. 

 photo basketball_zps2a32a734.gif

@SquirrelsKitty joins @RealFakeGator & @thenascarkitty

KU fan @frankietheig shows us how to do it

@IamRustyCat demonstrates the "Longhorn Leap"

@OwenTheTonk takes the lead for
LSU fan appreciation day

@ReillyDog6877makes another slam dunk for
the Louisville Cardinals
@GizmoGeodog shows that white dogs can jump

@SweetPeaThePod looking good in green

Off the court, he's the BDOC (big dog on campus)
On the court, @ChazzTheDog is an MVP

 photo basketball_zps2a32a734.gif

#NipClub Special Sports Bar Menu:
Taco Platter with Beans & Rice

Chicken, Beef, and Cheese Enchilada Sampler

@RealFakeGator presents:Super Bacon Cheeseburger

Cheesesteak Fries
Nacho Platter
@TheNascarKitty presents: special bacon, egg & hamburger
grilled Cheese Club sandwich

Grilled Cheese with Portabella Mushrooms

@TinyPearlCat Presents: Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

@KingTuttiFruiti presents: Double Triple Cheeseburger & Fries

 photo basketball_zpscc4e16db.gif

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March 15, 2013

March 21, 2013 #NipClub celebrates March Birthday & Gotcha Days

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at One By One Cat Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

The marquee says it all

@Mariodacat puts out the cake selection for waiting pals
@Doggymolly @TommyPug @NancyCakeFace and @Dylcat1

Before we pawty hard, please take a moment to remember @realFakeGator's pal Marta that has passed OTRB this week. Gator and his family need big pawhugs.  Then Pawty hard for her and celebrate life and new beginings!

 Caught the bigest pike at #LWP

Marta pawtied hard with her pal Gator.

Details about our Once a month Gotcha and Birthday pawty HERE

march gotcha photo: march gotcha days gotchagif.gif

March 10
@OprahtheWestie's bro Sammo
March 15
March 15
@kingtuttifruiti     @flacatlady
March 17

@cats_meows Marie
March 15
March 15

@Toughteddy  Birthday March 10

Mulder and Scully cat Birthdays March 17

Luna of @lilyluwhoT Birthday March 9

@IamRustycat Birthday March 17

@Cokiethecat Birthday March 14

@Rumblepurr Gotcha day March 28

@IAmSmittyKitty Birthday March 25

Rio of @Health4UandPets Birthday March 18

 photo gltr-cake-small_zpsfdc6d5f4.gif

Tonight we have Scifi drinks and Cakes to warm up for the big #Scifipawty by @BorisKitty this weekend.
Details HERE

mulder x files drink photo Mulder-drinkXgif.gif

 photo fractalnumber001_zpsf7bc8f54.gif

 photo dogspacedogb-wani_zpsa2be84a4.gif

space cat gif photo: Space monorail cat spacemonorailkittencat.gif
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