September 28, 2012

#NIPCLUB & @SkeeterTheTabby bring your the GREAT FALL TRACTOR RACE Sept. 29th, 2012 #GFTR

Please drop your change in for the cats of no-kill SAFE Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic if you can.
September 29th #NipClub's favorite race pal @Skeeterthetabby is hosting a Great Fall Tractor Race #GFTR 1pm-4pm Eastern. 
Please RSVP here to join us:


What can you expect at the race? Oh the usual pitfalls, cows in the road and the farmer's daughter!




First 4 below are @deaf_lottie

@TweetingTruman                                                @EddieBabyCat's bro Salam
with his crash proof force field


@Cats_meows (Marie)






A huge enourmouse thank you to everyone for donating, helping and being here for us and the charity

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