January 23, 2015

#NipClub SUPERB OWL Pawty Jan. 29th, 2015

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We'll undoubtedly be expecting a lot of owls to show up and celebrate the arrival of the SUPERB OWL, so our #NipClub Chefs will be preparing the best of bird cuisine. Field Mice Tartar, Birdseed, ................oh wait....I'm getting a phone call from #NipClub Manager @TheNascarKitty....."Hi Tommy, How Are You"...."Oh...oh my....I did not know that...so there are NO owls coming?"........."Football? You mean like Soccer?"....."OH SORRY! Calm Down..."..."Hello? Hello? Tommy are you there?".......

....it appears @TheNascarKitty has fainted, which when dealing
with @DoggyMolly is a pretty common occurance at #NipClub

@ShaynaCat #NipClub Monthly Manager
Hello efurrybody. This is @ShaynaCat, overall boss of #NipClub. I just found @TheNascarKitty incoherent and babbling in the corner of #NipClub's office facility after a phone call to @DoggyMolly . Don't worry, he's going to spend a couple nice days in the soft rubber room, and be out in time to pawty at this weeks #NipClub.

I'm sorry about all the confusion regarding this weeks pawty. It's actually a pawty to celebrate the upcoming SUPERBOWL featuring the Seattle Seahawks & the New England Patriots.
 Join us Thursday night January 29th, 2015 for a night of great noms, great drinks, great dancing, and smack talking about your football teams. I'm sure a few  anipals will toss the old pigskin around too.

Dress up as your favorite football player (even if your team didn't make the SuperBowl) or as a cheerleader, a fanatic hard pawtying fan, or just come in your own natural fur, which is always welcome at #NipClub. If you need help just ask @RealFakeGator and his pals at #NipClub Outfitters.

Now if you will excuse me, I have an important phone call to attend to.  Something about a Superb Owl trophy.

 photo FOOTBALLFLAMING_zpspvjswcyp.gif

The game may be on Sunday Feb. 1st, 2015, but we'll start pawtying Thursday at #NipClub, and we'll also open our doors on SuperBowl Sunday during the game for anipals to talk about the game or even comment on the famous Puppy Bowl with Kitty Halftime Show that runs simultaneously  on Animal Planet.

We`ll be moving things to the  #Nipclub Sports bar for this Thursdays pawty.

 photo bowl_zpspaxfgzsf.gif

You`ve all seen snow angels
Now watch @TinyPearlCat make a Seattle confetti angel

@SeattleP is the SeaHawks 12th cat

 photo 2m_zpsdabfrjmx.gif
Nomms and Drinks



 photo 48b9f870_zpsatg4nkci.gif
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January 18, 2015

A Trip Back to #NipClub's Origins January, 22, 2015

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the dogs at Bichon and Buddies. Every penny helps! Thanks!
Back to the Beginning Pawty!! at #NipClub
Back in early 2010, Anipals were getting bored. We had Twitter and we had a monthly Pawty called #PawPawty that was hugely attended. But most of the time anipals were just tweeting and reading timelines. @FlaCatLady, @MaggieTKat, @Kittehboi, @GeorgeTheDuck, @HollieCatRocks and a few others (I apologize to you if you were in this group, we had no idea how huge this would get and really didn't keep historical records) were trying to find an escape from the frustrations of their humans daily grind. They decided to have some "Thursday" afternoon pawties to relax, and earn some funds for animal rescue charities. They then decided to try a longer pawty to increase the hours, so more DJ's and Barktenders were recruited. Soon, @TheNascarKitty & @AutumnTheDoxie were asked to help hold a much longer trial called #FunPawty and that started the ball rolling.

#NipClub became a weekly 9 to 12 hour event. @FlaCatLady and @KingTuttiFruiti, proprietors, also served as DJs and Barktenders wherever needed, schedule arrangers, Vetted our Charities, put out fires and protected our intellectual property. Head Barktender @MarioDaCat helped find and train the best barktenders, and Head DJ/Club Manager @TheNascarKitty helped keep the tunes coming with great DJs and keep the pals coming with fun themes. 

@TheNascarKitty started a blog and we started having themes each week. And it grew, and grew, and grew. It can be a LOT of fun to go back and page through the blog istory and see how we've changed, grown, and see the new anipals that discover us each year. 

But those first months were tough. @Kittehboi, @KingTuttiFruiti, @GeorgetheDuck @MaggieTKat and more would DJ hours and hours to cover all the shifts. @MarioDaCat, @HollieCatRocks, @MaggieTKat, @FlaCatLady, @KingTuttuFruiti would serve drinks and noms until their paws were sore, covering multiple shifts. 

#NipClub worked hard to find the best Barktenders and DJ's. Many pals who got their first experience and training at #NipClub went on to become major parts of the monthly #PawPawty staff, and we're proud of that. We discovered a little kitty named @TinyPearlCat who after a little training by Head Barktender @MarioDaCat, went on to become one of the best Barktenders in the history of Twitter pawtying. And eventually co-manager with @TheNascarKitty and IT specialist extraordinaire.

Over time we added PR specialists and a Graphics Team to help make graphics for the blog and Avatars for the guests. We hosted events for other twitter groups including #AnipalAcademyAwards and many, many weddings and pawties were catered by #NipClub catering. We added "hosts" which are hard pawtying pals who help keep our themes going, and our guests entertained.

When #PawPawty finished, #NipClub, with the blessing of #PawPawty founders stepped up and took over as Twitters premiere 24 hour weekend pawty. 

And the rest is history. Perhaps you are newer to #NipClub, perhaps you are an original, but everybody is welcome. Take a few moment and go over the the menu bar on the right of this blog, and explore through the history of #NipClub by looking at old weekly blogs. It is really worth your time. And if you pawty hard, YOU can end up on the blog so that future club goers can enjoy your part of our history. 

We are always looking for new help. Barktenders, DJs, PR team members, Graphics Team Members, Hosts, etc. Just contact anybody on the list on the bottom of this page and let them know you'd like to help.

Now enjoy some #NipClub history below, starting with the very first blog!!! 

@TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat, @Shaynacat @RealFakeGator, @KingTuttiFruiti, @FlaCatLady #NipClub Senior Management Staff

A Look Back at early #NipClub Blog Posts:June 21, 2010

#NipClub now has a blog!!!!!

Welcome to the NipClub blog.
NipClub is a relaxing place to come have some drinks, noms, and of course Primo-Nip as you Pawty with your Anipal friends. Efurrybody is Welcome, and we have special treats for all species!!!

While we are a relaxed club.......we offer some of the most cutting edge viariety Music and Entertainment out there. Our Staff of DJ's offer everything from Oldies, to Classic Rock, To Country, to Head Banging metal. There may even be dedicated Fur-optional streaking hours.

Of course, if you feel like pawtying without you fur, you're free to do it anytime. The only rules here are to be polite and respectful, while you are getting your freak on. Cruelty and taunting will not be allowed.

Now come on in, have a Bacon Beer, Meowgarita, NipTini, and light up a Nip Blunt, or even use one of our 8 hose Nip Hookahs, and listen to our DJ's try to blow up the speakers and bring the roof down.

Have Fun!!!!!!!

Thursdays from 7 to midnight Eastern US time. Extra times and days happen, so watch the schedule!!!!

Late news flashes:
We are exploring earlier hours to accomodate European pawty anipals.

We will be CLOSED July 15th...BUT we will be open early July 16th as we host the Anipal Academy Awards Pre-Show Red Carpet Fashion Special and help them honor Anipal Authors and Artists. Some surprise Academy Awards will be given out that night too!!!

Celebrate GeorgeTheDuck's Gotcha Day at #NipClub on June 24th, 2010

NipClub is opening EARLY Thursday June 24, 2010 to accommodate our Friends in Europe. Join us starting at 4:00 pm (Eastern US time) and pawty through Midnight. And as a special treat we are honoring someone very special: @GeorgeTheDuck (details below). Learn more about Georgie at his blog:http://GeorgeTheDuck.com 

GeorgeTheDuck (seen above- Naked *gasp*) is celebrating his GOTCHA Day!! Nipclub is going to help. This Thursday is Georgie's Gotcha Day Costume Pawty at #NipClub!! Come dressed in a costume that'll make Georgie QOL so hard he'll Quack up a lung!!!

And don't forget presents, Georgie likes Fish, Fish, an occasional Fish, and, for some reason, NIP!?!?!

So dress up in something funny, and come give Ducky hugs, noogies, feather rubs, and lotsa kisses to GeorgeTheDuck!!!!

Kitties, remember, George may be a Nip Ducky, but he's OFF LIMITS....well OK, you can lick him a little, but no chewing, throwing or nomming.

We Love You George, have a Great Gotcha Day!!!!

DJ Schedule for Goergie's Pawty!!:

4 pm to 6 pm:
 DJ Lexi @Dogstoyevsky

6 to 7: DJ Fine Feline @Flacatlady Hour of Alt Rock!!!

7 to 8: Special guest DJ!! @MattieDog!!!!

8 to 9: The Stunning @CathyKeisha with her Dance Pawty featuring Cat Tunes for Now Cats!!

9 to 10: DJ Tiger Tommy @TheNascarKitty

10 to 11: The one & only Mr. Breeze @Kittehboi

11 to 12: Request Juke Box. Make requests to @TheNascarKitty
NipClub has taken off with such gusto, and most of it is due to the great group of employees we've got.

For a special theme this week we've decided to spend a night honoring these great employees. Make sure to give them a special hug and thank you, maybe even bring them a gift.

Either way spend an evening with some of the finest employees any business could wish for.

I really hope I dont miss anyone, but here's a list of our fine workers, who strive to make your time pleasant.

KingTuttiFruiti: Founder, Proprietor & Nip Tester, Barktender
MaggieTKat Hostess with the Mostess and co-founder.

TheNascarKitty Club Manager, DJ,
GeorgeTheDuck Asst. Manager, DJ, Barktender
TinyPearlCat: Bar Manager, Blog Wizard
UsThreeCoons: After Hours Manager, DJ

Bar Staff:

DJ Staff:

And don't forget FlaCatLady for her promotional work , vision, and charitable heart.

All of these anipals have gone well beyond the call of duty and really deserve your appreciation.

We do this for you!!!!!

Tiger Tommy (TheNascarKitty)

Sept 8, 2011 Hillbilly Moonshine Runners (& drinkers) Pawty!!!

Pretty Hillbilly @TinyPearlCat shows the boys how to drive
in the swamps!!! Probably hauling flamable Moonshine too! 

@theNascarKitty, @FlaCatLady @Kittehboi and
@TinyPearlCat show some Hillbilly Hospitality!! 

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge...poison isnt as STRONG as
#NipClub moonshine.....drink SLOWLY!
In the tradition of famous 'shiner Popcorn Sutton,
@KingTuttiFruiti tends our still.
@TheNascarKitty delivering moonshine to #NipClub just for you!! Nascar's
old 'shine-runners Junior Johnson and Cale Yarlborough couldn't do it faster!!

This week has another fun Theme song!!! Please click this link to enjoy it while you browse the blog!!! 


Of course, no real "Revenooer Man" will want to show up at #NipClub this week....cuz @MarioDaCat  (head barktender) is really protective of our hooch.

@MarioDaCat means business.

This week #NipClub's theme is HillBilly Moonshine Runners and Drinkers pawty!! If you live south of the Mason Dixon line, you already know that the Moonshine Industry is as historically important to the development of America as nearly anything else. Because of "shining" great things like NASCAR racing and
not so great things like over-zealous law enforcement in the name of "taxation" (revenuers...IRS) where all created.

NASCAR great Junior Johnson and so many others started out running Moonshine around the Virginia's, Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee,  Kentucky rural areas in their souped up cars to stay one step in front of the "revenooers" who didn't so much care about the nearly pure alcohol
they were running, as they did about getting the governments share of the revenue (taxes).

We've fired up our still, as has special #NipClub friend @RealFakeGator (who's supplying the "Gators Bacon Moonshine") and brought a great selection of southern food and nostalgia and we're gonna pawty
til we pass out.....(with the strength of our moonshine...that could be fast MOL). So dress up in your Hillbilly
best, or your natural fur if you wish, and come pawty your heart out!!! (And your liver too).
Dont worry, if you have too much moonshine @TinyPearlCat will drive you
home in #NipClub's Redneck Limo. 

@cathykeisha, @GeorgeTheDuck, @Spike_Cat & @TinyPearlCat hang
out at their Redneck Apartment Complex. 

@BadAndy_KityKat helps get some extra meat for our grill...too bad
he forgot to bring his really big gun....MOL
@DashKitten said he was going hunting for meat too...hmmm...what will he hunt?
Ahh! @DashKitten is getting us GAtor's to grill up!! Wow!!!

Everclear...Moonshine...White Lightning....whatever you call
it, we've got LOTS of it!! Drink up!!!
special from @RealFakeGator's Wisconsin Still!! Yum!
@TheNascarKitty suggests Hashbrowns Scattererd
All-The-Way (onions, peppers, jalepenos, ham, mushrooms,
tomtatos, Bert's Chili and American and Swiss Cheeses.)
Grilled Steaks!!!
Biscuits and Gravy!!

Chicken Fried Steak!!
Salted-Buttered Grits!!!
Turnip Greens with Bacon
OK, So @DanaPixie's truck doesn't really look like a
Hillbilly truck...but it's a souped up fire-snortin' Hot Rod
so dont let looks fool you!!!


October 14, 2013

CHEERS Night at #NipClub October 17th, 2013


Click below to hear the CHEERS theme song! 

Tonight @EdnaAtNutro's Panky & @EddieBabyCat
plan to do exactly what their t-shirts say!

The gang from @CherylPoeStone's enjoy a night out

 photo HappyThirstyThursday_zpse077f687.gif

#NipClub has been very busy lately, so this week we're taking it easy, just sitting around
our friendly neighborhood bar, chatting, dancing, nomming, enjoying each other's friendship.

And because so many of us are worn out, or tired, exhausted, or depressed this time of year, we are stocking our buffet with COMFORT FOOD like Cheeseburgers, macaroni & Cheese, Chili, Meatloaf,
and of course ice cream and dessert!!


Macaroni & Cheese

Cheeseburgers!!! Lots of them!!


Fried Chicken, Corn & Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Pepperoni Pizza
Chef @TheNascarKitty's famous  Grilled Cheese with Ham & Egg Triple
Bacon Cheeseburger. Can you eat two?

fish niptini photo meowgdrinkgif.gif

#NipClub Motorcycle Charity Ride Dec. 5, 2013

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty cruise down Pacific Coast Highway
on their Honda GoldWing GL1800 SE, heading to the start
of the #NipClub Charity Cycle Ride
We all love the open road, the air in our fur, and  the freedom of a great motorcycle. As winter approaches parts of the world, we've decided to head to the southern United States to enjoy one last ride before a lot of us have to put our bikes away for the winter. 

We'll ride around and end up at #NipClub for a night of pawtying. Remember to NEVER drink and ride!! We'll offer you free shuttle service home, provide free parking for your bike for the night, and ship your bike back home to you over he next few days. 

As an avid biker, I plan to show off many of my bikes. I hope some of you can show me up!!! Let's see those wheels! ~~@TheNascarKitty, #NipClub manager~~

IF you don't have a bike, #NipClub Outfitters has connections and can hook you up with just about anything  you can imagine. Just ask @RealFakeGator and his crew to put you on the bike of your dreams. 

@MarioDaCat on his custom chopper. 
@MulderCat on his vintage Indian
Orange County Chopper's Paul Teutel Sr. & @TheNascarKitty on the
custom Lincoln Chopper that we bought to give to one lucky #NipClub
Pawtier during the pawty. We'll put you on it and deliver it to you.
@KingTuttiFruiti & @ShaynaCat head to the ride on their
Honda GoldWing GL1800 Aspencade.
@GeorgeTheDuck says "Go Big or Go Home" on his monster trike
@TinyPearlCat turned her Harley Ultra Classic trike into a Semi=
Some of the #BadBoysOfTwitter & the #PinkAngels perform
motorcycle stunts during the ride, in front of this blast from
the past, the restores #ShibberingCheetos tour bus!

cat on motor cycle photo Katiejaguarmotorbikegif_zps730472bb.gif

 @NancyCakeFace shows her wild side

 @ReakFakeGator is a Wild One

@OwenTheTonk, @BeanObrien13 and @tiggywinkle21                                          
We're not a gang. We're a motorcycle club.

@squeakyelvis and @OwenTheTonk out for a ride


motorcycle photo motorbike_neon_gif_zps3f2c7b31.gif
We Hope you enjoyed this little trip through our past. Please take some time to look at the hundreds of other blog posts  we've had over the last 5 years.

And don't forget to come pawty with us this  Thursday!! Let's make NEW history! #NipClub Management Team 2015:@FlaCatLady @KingTuttiFruiti :Founders and ProprietorsWeekly Staff@TheNascarKitty: Manager & WebMaster@TinyPearlCat: Manager, WebMaster, IT Guru@RealFakeGator: Co-Manager, Webmaster  #NipClub Outfitters Graphics Team Leader@WinstonTabby, @Meow_Girls, @MarioDaCat: PR Coordinators@DoggyMolly, @3Phibotticelli, @Skye613, @Lucky_GSD, @GermanShorthair and @SamTheWatcher plus MANY helpers: Hospitality Staff, Guest Services Hosts. PLUS many, many, many great Barktenders, DJs and Graphics Helpers!!
Monthly Staff:@ShaynaCat: Manager  & Webmaster@GeorgeTheDuck: Executive EDO, Asst. Webmaster@BrutusTheDane: Captain, Sekurity Team Leader @WinstonTabby :Head Chef/Barktender@Skye613: Head DJ@DoggyMolly: Hospitality@RealFakeGator: Graphics Team Leader@Meow_Girls: PR Team Leader@Mizz_Bassie: Head Quiz and Prize Mistress@HollieCatRocks: Prize Team Leader@MattieDog: Entertainment Team LeaderPLUS many, many DJs Barktenders, Sekurity Officers, Quizmasters, Entertainers, PR and Graphics experts and workers. And MOST IMPORTANT our great customers!!! Remember, everyone is welcome at #NIpClub. And it's ALWAYS free. If you can afford it, make an anonymous donation to our Charity, if you can't just have fun and pawty!! We need everybody to have a great time for our pawties to be successful. And a successful pawty will bring in donors. So even if YOU can't donate, you may help attract somebody who can. And that's a great thing.

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the dogs at Bichon and Buddies. Every penny helps! Thanks!
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