March 29, 2011

TWO Pawties in one NIGHT!!! HOLY CAT! March 31, 2011,@DaBooPatrol's Bachelor Pawty & @CatGodessAthena's Bridal Shower!!

Please see:  for Stag Pawty Menu!

Please see: for Shower Menu!!!

OK, people have said I am a pawty animal, or that I'm a "wee bit" crazy, and I always hear, "You'll never be able to top that pawty!" Well.....I'm just crazy enough to try TWO pawties at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First I guess I should tell you that our very own Security Chief Nimbus (@daBooPatrol) has become engaged to the lovely @CatGodessAthena!! They even asked ME to be the Best Man at their wedding!!

SO, this Thursday, at 8 pm EDT we will have TWO Nipclubs at once. Each Pawty will have it's own DJ's & Barktenders so everybody is sure to get that great #NipClub service!!

Hashtag: #NipClubShower at 8pm EDT the ladies  will get on #NipClub's Private Jet with Air Captain/Pilot @TinyPearlCat and fly to beautiful Greece to hang out, shop and pawty !!

FREE luxury round trip flight!!
Beautiful Greece!!!!
Don't forget a gift!!!
@HollieCatRocks & @DanaPixie worked hard on this shower!!!!

Our lovely hostess & wedding planner @HollieCatRocks with her helpers @SeattleP & @AutumnTheDoxie & @TinyPearlCat will guide you to Greece's best hot spots for dining, shopping, pawtying etc before you hop on the jet back to #NipClub.

Stag Pawty!!!! 8 to 9:30 pm
NOT This kind of Stag Pawty either!!!! MOL
But it will be THIS kind:
@_Bill_The_Cat enjoying his birthday pawty.

Hashtag: #NipClubStag While the ladies are off in Greece, The guys will throw a Bachelor Pawty for Nimbus!!! Hosts @Kingtuttifruiti, @MarioDaCat & I will provide 90 minutes of pure fun..just remember....what happens at #NipClub stays at #NipClub!!! 

Then at 9:30 the ladies will return, and we'll party and dance the night away with @DaBooPatrol (Nimbus) and @CatGodessAthena
From 4pm to 8pm use hashtag: #NipClub, then at
8pm use #NipClubShower for ladies or use
#NipClubStag for the guys. at 9:30 everyone
should go back to #NipClub!! 

Me, @Mulder_Cat & @MarioDaCat started early MOL

March 28, 2011

Thursday March 31st, 2011 Bachelor Pawty for Nimbus (@DaBooPatrol) & Bridal Shower for @CatGodessAthena

Please see:  for Stag Pawty Menu!

Please see: for Shower Menu!!!

Holy Cats!!!!!! This week we are having a dual pawty!!! Details to follow in next day or so, but for's the scoop!!!! 

From Happy Hours until 8pm EDT we'll have our normal nipclub...
#NipClubAir Captain @TinyPearCat at your service

THEN at 8pm, the girls will hop on a jet bound for beautiful Greece!!!! Which will also be the scene of the wedding.....and have a great Bridal Shower pawty for @CatGodessAthena until 9:30 when #NipClubAirPilot will fly them back to #NipClub!!

Beautiful Greece!!! Wow!!

During that same time, the boys will have a crazy Bachelor Pawty for @DaBooPatrol....dont know what will happen, but I'm sure there will be LOTS of fun!!!!!

Then when the ladies get back we will pawty and dance until whenever #NipClub closes for the night!!!!

@_bill_the_cat says: What Happens At A NipClub Bachelor Pawty STAYS at NipClub!!!!

Keep Checking back while we add more details and fun!!!!

March 20, 2011

Thursday March 24th, #NipClub Honky Tonk Bar & Grill!

@TheNascarKitty & his horse Mutt.
@TinyPearlCat & her pony looking pretty!!

Cowboy Boots, 10 gallon hats, 6 shooters & spurs, Line Dancing, drinking your own body weight
in hooch, leather chaps, whips, while this may sound like a date with the's actually a night at #NipClubs Honky Tonk Bar and Grill. So cowboy (or cowgirl ) up and ride your mount over here this Thursday nite.

@TinyPearlCat & @TheNascarKitty hauled all the #NipClub bar gear
to our Honky Tonk Bar and Grill location the old fashioned way.

Menu: Simple but delicious. Only thing on the menu: ALL THE

BBQ YOU CAN EAT!! Really, what more do you need....

Rotisserie Chicken, Brisket, St. Louis Ribs, Beans, Corn Bread! Enjoy!!
Special Drinks:
Once we knew @KingTuttiFruiti & @FlaCatLady were comin'.
we ordered a "large" MOL

Easy to make....pour from bottle over ice. Serve. Drink sitting down.

Let your country attitude fly!! What's more fun than having Friends In Low Places!!  Come to #NipClub
and kick back. What happens at #NipClub STAYS at NipClub!! So drink your whiskey and nom some
BBQ, dance with the ladies and fight with the guys!! Have a blast!!

NipClub StaffAnnouncement
While NipClub doesn't have "normal" rules, we kinda let ya do whatever ya want, BUT we want
our anipals safe from harm or injury, so we do have a special security agent on site. We'd
like you to meet: NIMBUS, dear kitty of @UsThreeCoons TSB, tweeting as @DaBooPatrol

Sgt. Nimbus #NipClub Security Officer

I LOVE THIS BAR by Toby Keith

When it all comes down to it, we all love this #NipClub Bar whether it's Hony Tonk, Punk, or however it comes from week to week...just have fun!!

March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Bash & Birthday Pawty for @ParkerSKat, @SeattleP (Jeego's Mom) & @FlaCatLady!!

#NipClubAir pilot @TinyPearlCat will start flying anipals to Ireland early
in the afternoon on  #NipClub's new G-6 Jet. Arrange your flight
directly with her!

Our Jet is very comfy and plush and you will really enjoy your flight
Thursday March 17th is not only St. Patrick's Day BUT it's also the birthday of the Mommy our most loyal customer @SeattleP AND our club founder @FlaCatLady PLUS our very own @ParkerSKat turns 1 today!!! . So it's only appropriate that we kick it up a notch...even though we've already raised the bar pretty high in that concern. 

We've rented Durty Nelly's Pub in the shadow of Bunratty Castle in
the city of Shannon in the absolutely
Beautiful County Clare Ireland to hold #NipClub this week.

As #NipClubAir flies you to Shannon Airport you will pass over County
Clare's beautiful Cliffs of Moher. A sight you'll never forget.

Take a dip in the ocean if you wish. Shuttle Service from the pub provided!

Our very own DJ @ParkerSKat turns 1 today!! Wow!
ConCATulations big little guy!!!

@SeattleP duo Pia &  Jeego dance together in celebration
of Pia's Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday toNipClub founder @FlaCatLady (center).
This is the original #NipClub poster!!
For more Irish Food & Fun Check out @BadAndy_KityKat's blog at

Special Menu items for the night:
(note: all your nipclub favs from the noms menu also available)
Corned Beef & Cabbage, all you can eat, ALL NIGHT!!

Irish Stew made with Nip and Guinness Draught

Traditional Bangers & Mash,pork sausage, buttery mashed potatos
 with sauteed mushrooms, & pea/carrot/sweet potato blend
Parsley-Nip Buttered Potatoes. A meal in itself, but great with
the Guiness Beef Stew as well!!!
Create your own Irish drink with top shelf Irish Booze. Just ask
our talented Barktenders.

Hot from the oven Irish Soda Bread with real Butter.

FREE Guinness Pints ALL NIGHT!
@FlaCatLady & @KingTuttiFruiti have requested we have a
large supply of their fav drink in stock...WE HAVE TONS!

@ParkerSKat showing up at work in the Cadillac Escalade #NipClub
bought him for excellent service. He had just spent the day racing his
matching DuCATi Motorcycle! 
@KingTuttiFruiti & his special Frosting stockpile, all
ready for #TuttiHarem & shennanigans.

March 9, 2011

"Cheers Night" at NipClub!!

Wouldn't it be nice to just spend a winter evening in a nice cozy pub, great drinks, great food, great friends, a place where everybody knows your name? And they're always glad you came? Kind of like the bar on "Cheers" from the old days when TV was good?

That's what we'll do this week at #NipClub.We've decorated the bar area for cozy comfort and fun. But don't worry, there's still a BIG dance floor!!!


The @Meow_girls heard something on the radio today you might find interesting,
since we are still collecting for Mary's charity.

Did you know today is known as Mario Day?
The reason is that when you abbreviate the date, it looks like this Mar10
So you are supposed to tell every Mario you know...Happy Mario Day!

March 3, 2011

Tonights Agenda and list of Mario #NipClub Prizes!

While we're all getting ready Thursday night, @TinyPearlCat will be picking up Mario & his parents and flying them to the cruise ship in the #NipClub Chopper. Later, she'll pick up Purrime Ministerettes @ShivaAndJaya at the airport & flying them to the ship  to do a special presentation for @MarioDaCat.

Special Events Agenda: 
Your Hostess for the evening is the lovely @HollieCatRocks one of Mario's closest friends. She will escort Mario & make sure everyone is happy.

Throughout the night :@MaggieTKat will host quizzes with great prizes!!!

4pm EST  NipClub opens for Happy Hours!! @SeattleP will pop in and talk about some of the great things Mario has done in his life!!! Drinks are 2 for one! And Noms are FREE!!

6pm @ShivaAndJaya, Purrime Ministerettes are flying in to Tahiti in their jet. We'll helicopter them out to our cruise ship where they will make a special presentation to Mario!!

8pm EST  TheShibberingCheeto's perform a huge concert hosted by @CathyKeisha and our Guest of honor!!!! @MarioDaCat  while all-star barktenders @Meow_Girls & @BunnyJeanCook  serve up drinks and noms.

9 to 10pm EST @PepiSmartDog will host a "TOAST TO MARIO" hour. Give your best toast to Mario with free champagne!!

Make sure you check out the story in The Anipal Times about Mary, Mario's Mom. Then, check out all the wonderful prizes! Mario's Dad has donated a painting for some lucky winner! (Sorry for the confused table. blogger didn't like my format.)

USA EST Pwize Sponsor Site/Blog Pwize
07:00pm Dougals Den Key Chain, DVD and Pen
7:20pm Cokiethecat Anipals anonymous Bumper Sticker and mario Magnet
07:40pm Smokey8
Notecards from no_cry_baby_dogs
08:00pm Mr. Pie "I love Pie" badges
08:20pm Douglas Den Sausages Recipe book
08:40pm pasikas Handpainted silk scarf
09:00pm Dominique Gift Certificate for Nip and bones
09:20pm LilyLuWhoT Summer at the Lake with Petie
09:40pm MariodaCat Chicakdees painted by Don
10:00pm Autumndadoxie Barktini dog bowl
10:30pm cheshirecat Hand drawn fish Notecards
11:00pm Pasiskas 2 hand painted silk magnet
11:30am Jeego Happy Trails book with Mario's story
Midnight Dash Kitten and whiskr Cat lover pendant