October 25, 2011

It's a MONSTER Mash at #NipClub Thursday Oct. 27th, 2011

nipclub gif

@MarioDaCat & @TinyPearlCat are real monsters!

OMC!!! What do you do when you find Monsters in your #NipClub lounge? Well, at
least for this week,  you buy them a drink and hand them the nip, because it's probably
one of us!!!

That's right. It's time to dress up as Monsters for Halloween. What will you be? A werewolf?
A zombie? Or a Kitty Cat (we're definately monsters). Either way, come dressed as a monster, or in your natural fur, It's time to pawty at #NipClub!!!

Noms and Drink Menu:
Vampire Punch

Brain Hemmorage

Spooky MeowMosas

Hot White Chocolate with Ghost Peeps

SpookyRita's with Raspberry Sauce

Fried Pirana!

Bat Burger

BBQ Worm burger

Black worm pasta salad

Rat cake

dana chance bliss
Dana's favorite Charity
chance bliss

October 17, 2011

Tribute to @SalvatoreDaCat Thursday Oct 20, 2011 #NipClub Cartoon Character Costume Pawty!

our beautiful Friend @SAlvatoreDaCat !!!

Late Breaking News:
Our good friend and DJ @SalvatoreDaCat is in end stage kidney failure and will journey OTRB tomorrow. Sal is a great friend and wonderful fun kitty, and he will be a huge asset to the 
#RainbowBridge Community. Tonights #NipClub is dedicated to Sal!! WE love you Sal!!!!

@SalvatoreDaCat always has fun!!! We love him!!

The Saltini by  @MeisRoxyThePug
@DakotaBDog rides up to #NipClub ready to pawty!!
How will you dress up to pawty with him?

 Perhaps you feel like Smurfette like @FlaCatLady does (above) or maybe you want to
rock it out like Josie and the Pussycats (below @DCKitty, @HollieCatRocks & @CathyKeisha)

 But no matter what kind of Cartoon Character you enjoy, be it old Disney, Classic Warner
Bros, newer cartoons like Garfield, Bloom County, SpongeBob Squarepants, South Park
etc, it's time to come to #NipClub and have fun. Remember you are ALWAYS welcome
in your natural fur too!!!

@Kittehboi must have crossed the wrong witch-doctor for this to happen MOL

@MarioDaCat is really sweet, but if you dont come to
#NipClub he may get a little upset. ;)

@TheNascarKitty say EveryBUNNY who's anyBUNNY will be at #NipClub 
@KingTuttiFruiti & @TheNascarKitty fresh from Bikini Bottom where
They live in a Pineapple Under the Sea!!
@DuchessCrabtree is feeling a little "Daffy"
I hope @NoCrybabyDogs doesn't mind MOL

@TinyPearlCat is just the cutest as Honey Bunny!

I taught I taw a TUTTI Bird!! A
@KingTuttiFruiti bird even!!
The @meow_girls share a malt with @MarioDaCat. Who did
you like better? Veronica or Betty? Or Archie?





@Pixel Doggy


@SeattleP (Jeego)