December 27, 2010

THURSDAY Dec. 30, 2010 Let's send off 2010 with a blast.....and a lot of #NIP!!!

#NipClub will be held in a special banquet hall I rented off Times Square New York this week!! Let's show the Big Apple what Anipals are about!
#NipClub decorated for this elegant New Years Pawty!!!!

Well, 2010 is nearly in the books. But that doesn't mean we can throw it one more insane #Nipclub bash!!!! And since it's just once a year, let's make this a formal bash and show off our finest. (Note: that does not mean we can't pawty until we're all passed out on the floor MOL).

My darling @DCKitty (Dominique) and I will model some of our looks for you here:

Always elegant in a Single Breasted Black Suit, @TheNascarKitty is sure to charm!!
A ballroom gown makes the lovely Dominique absolutely ravishing!!
Of course a fun formal Pawty Dress is just as stunning. So is Dominique!!
Dominique and Tiger make a Darling couple in their formal pawty wear on the dance floor.
But there is nothing as elegant, beautiful & stunning than your original fur. Here Dominique & Tiger show that they are super formal in just their beautiful fur!!!!

So regardless of how you decide to dress (or not dress) this #NipClub pawty will be an event to talk about. The DJ's have been asked to really kick it up a notch, using any theme they like & spin out the old year in style!!!

Please come early, stay late, and bring some friends. #NipClub will be using @FrugalDougal's Charity as it's tip site for this pawty. Make sure to check out the Noms and Drink Menu on this blog too.

#NipClub thanks you for your patronage this past year. And here's to an even crazier 2011.


@TheNascarKitty (Tiger Tommy) #NipClub Manager.

December 12, 2010

#NipClub honors The little cat who could: @TinyPearlCat and her staff

@TinyPearlCat arrives at work in style every day.

@TinyPearlCat always professional AND sweet!!!
@TinyPearlCat even delivers the beer herself if need be!!!

When @FlaCatLady & @MaggieTKat & @KingTuttiFruiti dreamed up #NipClub as a way to blow off steam before the weekend, and also serve various animal charities, there was no inkling of how big it would become.

The first week @KingTuttiFruiti & @MaggieTKat barktended and hosted nearly the whole 5 hour pawty, and I DJ'd for like, 4 hours straight. But anipals were interested. And certain anipals always come to mind when we need help. I tend to lean on my friends @MarioDaCat, @GeorgeTheDuck and @BunnyJeanCook too much. They are always there when we need them and are the very heart of twitter.

But we still didn't have enough help to run the bar without wearing out our barktenders. One pretty little cat volunteered to learn to barktend. That kitty was @TinyPearlCat.

I knew TinyPearl from my other project the AnipalAcademyAwards where she was just blowing us away with her IT skills for photoshop, blogging, etc. We hooked her up with #pawpawty head Barktender @GeorgeTheDuck who gave her some training, but pretty soon she was outshining even the most experienced barktenders. Not only did she have a very unique service method, but creativity galore, making personalized drinks for tons of pawtiers, and even devoloping a menu of drinks. She was soon made Bar Manager. #NipClub is especially proud that Pearl was asked to be a #PawPawty Barktender. #NipClub staff is among the most reliable creative on the anipal circuit!!

NipClub was growing, so I started a blog. Very basic...I'm a caveman as far as blogging goes, and FlaCatLady decided we needed a Noms/Drink menu to help customers decide what to order. For a couple weeks we sent suggestions to TinyPearl, then all of a sudden BOOM we had a Noms/Drink menu that's the envy of even more established pawties.

The blog itself grew, and continues to grow. She's added a game room, a store, DJ and Barktender pages. And just recently TinyPearl moved us forward into a new era of catering. We debutted by catering @PandaFur and @PetieTheCat's wedding. Now we can personally cater any pawty, even providing Barktenders and DJ's if needed.

But TinyPearls is known most for running a tight bar where customers come first, and are treated to a fun experience.

We have 3 main barktenders who work each week. TinyPearl runs the busy 4th and 5th hours (and often a couple hours beyond if customers are still there)@MarioDaCat runs hour 2, and @Meow_Girls run hour 3. I am hoping to be able to give Pearl, Mario, and Meow_Girls the night off so they can enjoy their evening of honor, but it's hard to keep them out from behind the bar.
@MarioDaCat and @Meow_Girls Never fail to make patrons happy...and tipsy.

For other hours, and times when we need to double up we have a staff of barktenders including @GeorgeTheDuck, @BunnyJeanCook @RudyCKat @_Bill_The_Cat, @Tildatoo, @PepiSmartDog, @UsThreeCoons @MeisRoxyThePug, @PumpkinPuddy, and of course Club Owner @KingTuttiFruiti is often behind the bar.

Please take the time to thank each of these fine workers for making #NipClub THE PLACE TO BE!!!

Your pal, Tiger Tommy
@TheNascarKitty-NipClub Manager

December 5, 2010

50's Sock Hop Night!!!! Dec. 9, 2010

@DCKitty and @HollieCatRocks as Laverne and Shirley. Best Friends Forever!!!
@DCKitty and her Darling @theNascarKitty

@DCKitty and I have dressed up special in the above photograph to demonstrate our next fun theme night at #NipClub.

#NipClub is becoming famous for it's theme nights. We've had Drag night (come as another species), Bad Boys and Naughty Girls night, Howl-O-Ween, DJ Wars, Sparring Barktenders etc.

This week, we thought it may be fun to revisit the 50's. A very different time than today. Sock Hops, Soda Fountains, hot rod cars, PoodleSkirts, etc.

Let's have fun this Thursday and Party like it's 1955. (All Apologies to "The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince" MOL).

We'll have some food and drink specials in the 50's style, and some of our DJ's will spin 50's type music. (Dont worry rockers, some of our DJ's have time machines and have "gone to the future" and gotten some future rock to play too.

As always with our theme nights, we'd love for you to dress up, but you dont need to. Come as yourselves and we are just perfectly happy too.

We just want you to come have fun with us!!!

@TheNascarKitty Club Manager.

December 3, 2010

#NipClub presents New Service!! #NipClub Catering debuting at Petie And Panda's Wedding at the Lake

TinyPearlCat, NipClub Bar Manager, Blog Master creater of NipClub Catering Service
Our Service Debuts with one of the events of the Year!! Petie and Panda's Wedding!
The lovely bride @PandaFur
The groom, dashing, debonair @PetieTheCat

#NIpClub is proud to present our newest service: Catering!!!! We will debut our catering menu at @PetieTheCat's and @PandaFur's wedding on Dec. 4, 2010. @DanaPixie was so busy organizing and planning and still needed a menu. @TinyPearlCat jumped to action and our #NipClub catering service was created.

WE are so glad to debut at Petie and Panda's wedding because these two lovely anipals are very dear to our hearts. PandaFur is on staff as a DJ and Petie has definately spent a lot of time pawtying here. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH!!!

How Does the Catering work? If you are having a pawty or even and need a menu contact someone on #NipClub staff to get the ball rolling. We can make a personalized menu like you see at for your event.

If you need Barktenders or DJ's let us know and we'll try to accomodate, or you can use your own service staff and work off our menu. If you have special requests for the menu we will try to accomodate them.

If there a fee? #NipClub is all about Charity and helping anipal causes, so we benefit from having our charity widgets on the side bar, and from the free publicity as your guests browe through our web blog.

Please consider #NipClub Catering service for all your pawty needs. Just get in contact with myself, or @TinyPearlCat or any other employee.


@TheNascarKitty Club Manager.

December 1, 2010

#NipClub Party for @HollieCatRocks Update!!!

We have packed up all the #NipClub gear, put it on semi's and hauled it to beautiful Vancouver, BC so that @HollieCatRocks pawty would be near her family. It was no small feat to move it, but Hollie is so important to us that it was really what we wanted to do!!
Here's a photo of TinyPearlCat backing the final semi load ofHanks Bacon Beer up to the hall we rented. Don't worry, we have more than one semi full MOL.

We are also honoring a special anipal who's parents need help with vet bills. @ChrisGroove1 has been a huge comfort to a lot of anipals and unfortunate events have left his animal family in need of a little help. Please go to the widgetbox over to the right side of the blog and show some love in honor of Hollie.

We will also have quizzes during the 7 to 9 o'clock hours. @MaggieTKat will quiz you for a chance to win prizes donated by @Smokey8, @MaggieTKat, @SeattleP and @TheNascarKitty.

Watch for club Proprieter/Streaker/Playboy @KingTuttiFruiti to be strolling around the club passing out NipCigars, Flirting and being his own debonair self. Of course I'll be there spreading cheer as well. @HollieCatRocks is one of the most important friends I have and I wouldn't miss this for the world!!!

A lot of fun things are going to go one this evening. We start with Happy Hours at 4pm EST. Your early shift crew of @UsThreeCoons, @Dogstoyevsky & @ShaynaCat as DJ's as well as @UsThreeCoons and @MeisRoxyThePug barktending will keep you happy and Nipped.

At 7pm @BunnyJeanCook comes on as DJ while @GeorgeTheDuck Barktends. Then at 8pm @CathyKeisha takes over the DJ booth while @MarioDaCat serves food and drinks.

About 8:50 the #BadBoyzOfTwitter and the #PinkLadies Motorcycle club will have a motorcade leading the feature entertainment #TheShibberingCheetos to #NipClub. At 9:00 After @CathyKeisha and @MarioDaCat welcome them to the stage @TheShibberingC's will rock the house in honor of @HollieCatRocks!!!!!!!

While the Shibbering Cheetos are playing @Meow_Girls & @_Bill_The_Cat will barktend. Then at 10 our Bar Manager and BlogMaster @TinyPearlCat will take over the bar.

Don't worry either, after the ShibberingCheetos are done we have one more huge entertainment event!! Starting at 10 pm DJ Mr. Breeze aka @Kittehboi and DJ Hot Doggy @AutumnTheDoxie and DJ Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty) will have an epic 3 way DJ battle until they cant battle any longer!!!!

Throughout the evening we hope you'll share your photos, memories and love of @HollieCatRocks with all of us. She is one in a billion. The very heart of twitter anipals and we Love her.

TheNascarKitty Club Manager.

November 26, 2010

Huge Pawty for HollieCatRocks

The very heart and soul of twitter has passed to Rainbow Bridge, but in her own words it's "Not Goodbye, but See you later".

Very few of us can say we haven't been touched by Hollie. She was always one of the first to congratulate, console, hug, support, and reach out to all the Anipals. It almost seemed she never slept, because when you needed her she was there.

Personally, Hollie helped my Darling @DCKitty and her Mum & Dad, and myself get through the grieving for Dominique and learn to cherish and embrace the memories and joys we shared. When I passed to #RainbowBridge Hollie was right there comforting and supporting, and giving kind words to my family.

This was something that happened every day. We all took it for granted that when we were in need Hollie would help us feel better.

She sat daily with @TheRustCat as he was in his last months before crossing to #RB, and was there non-stop for @PetieTheCat when he was sick, and on and on. Hollie was just there.

The love story between Hollie and @SamTheCatRocks helped anipals realize that RainbowBridge is not the end, but a new beginning. Their wedding, and recent reception were huge events. Hollie is larger than life, and there is no doubt she'll be a huge asset to #RainbowBridge.

This Thursday, DEC. 2nd, 2010 #NipClub is dedicated to HollieCatRocks. We'd like this to be the biggest, most over-the-top pawty ever on twitter for our beloved Hollie.

Events are still being planned, but let's pull out all the stops for Hollie, Sam, and the Wee ones.

I'll make updates as we book entertainment etc..................

This Just In!!! The Shibbering Cheetos will perform a concert for Hollie at 9 pm EST at #NipClub!!!!! They will feature songs about "hawt girls". MattieDog says Hollie is his sweet, caring, kind friend, and an unbelievable anipal.


Special Charity for Hollies Pawty We have chosen to help @ChrisGroove1's family. They have always been their for the anipal community and have had some financial hard times. In honor of Hollie please consider a donation to their cause. We have a widget on the right hand side of the tab that will let you make a secure donation. THANK YOU!!!!

@TheNascarKitty ----Club Manager

November 25, 2010

TURKEY-Day Thursday #NipClub Thanksgiving Nov, 25, 2010

#NipClub Management & staff would like to let all of our customers know how thankful we are for your support. When @FlaCatLady, @KingTuttiFruiti & @MaggieTKat dreamed up #NipClub as a way to have fun & get ready for the weekend, while also providing charitable support to Animal cauaes they never imagined just how big it would grow. This is all Thanks to YOU!

We have easily become the 2nd biggest regular Anipal Pawty on Twitter & have provided well over a thousand dollars to animal causes in our few short months.

Our staff is 2nd to none, works tirelessly, and mosy of them also work for PawPawty, AnipalAcademy&wards &The Anipal Times too. They are our backbone..

We will nott be formally open tonight to give our staff a chance to enjoy time with their family, but the door will be open, and from time to time one of oir DJ's wor barktenders will wander in & mix some drinks & spin some tunes.

If noone is on duty feel free to gather here, use the free jukebox, & mix your own drinks. We will be back nexy week with a surprise theme TBA over the weekend.

We love you all.

TheNascarKitty Club Manager

November 15, 2010

Thursday Night In Honor of our Great Friend Ryker_Tyker

Our lovely, gentle, fun friend @Ryker_Tyker has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. It was very sudden, so please send your love and support to his Family & his sisfur @Allie_Kitti (photo above ). Here at NipClub we'd like to honor Ryker this week , so come hoist a drink to him, tellyour favorite Ryker story, and send your love. Our Rainbow Bridge helpers @PepiSmartDog, @_Bill_The_Cat, @theRustCat, @PuzTheCat @DayTriCat, @RudyCKat @ChatteMuse and many more are keeping him comfortable and happy at #RB so it's up to the rest of us to keep his family's spirits up.

Ryker's Sisfur (and his foe in many comedic twitter interactions) was adopted from a local animal shelter called Wayside Waifs and Rykers Mom is set to start volunteering there, so we here at NipClub thought it would be a great tribute to donate to this shelter in Ryker_Tykers name. We are posting a link over on the side bar, but you can also go directly to to make your donation.

#NipClub will be open Thursday from 4pm EST until at least midnight.

PLEASE remember to read the post below about the "BadBoyz & NaughtyGirlz of Twitter" Pawty. Ryker_Tyker would definately approve of such a fun pawty.

Let's honor our friend!!! *Raises Glass in the Air* *To RYKER_TYKER*

TheNascarKitty-NipClub Manager.


November 10, 2010

Nov. 18th Bad Boys & Naughty Girls pawty at NipClub!!!

@LeoPussMan and @FreshOtis, two #BAdBoyzOfTwitter have come up with our next theme pawty at NipClub!!! See their blog at

On Thursday Nov. 18th NipClub will be the naughtiest place on the web!!.....well.....maybe not THE naughtiest....@KingTuttiFruiti's Bachelor pad is THE naughtiest place on the web....but we're gonna have a fun night letting our naughty sides show. Even if it's just for fun.

So get your best "bad boy" and "naughty girl" get-ups on and come pawty at NipClub. Remember we open at 4 pm Eastern now and run til at least Midnight.

If you just wanna be yourself, that's fine too. We love having you at #NipClub no matter how you come.

Here's a few of our very own naughty boys and girls:

@AutumntheDoxie innocent pup or ferocius DJ beast?
@MaggieTKat Shaken, not stirred, but stirring up the heat!!
@MarioDaCat Mixing up mischief and shakin' his tail for the ladies!
@HOOKALOPES!!!!! Nuf Said
@_Bill_The_Cat livin' it up at the go-go club!!
@TinyPearlCat as gangsta as they come
@KingTuttiFruit plays the field, chasin' the strange MOL
@theNascarKitty fierce!!!!
@LeoPussMan bad boy biker

@FreshOtis Bad Boy Biker