DCkitty's Cosmeowpolitain

PepiSmartdog's Diamond drink

@JinJinDoggy Serving

Blue Dreams
 by Pumpkinpuddy for Ryker-Tyker and Inigo

Rudy's Red Tropical Drink

Scully's Frozen Tuna Meowgaritia

Mulder's Blue Moon Meowgarita*
Neon Blue Curacao, Bright Orange Cointreau, Everclear
 and NIP, served in Erlenmeyer Flask with spaceship straw.
 The everclear helps sterilize the flask. 

Served with complimentary order of:

Mulder's Pawsome  Pumpkin and Pasta with Luna Tuna 
Soulistic* Luna Tuna dinner in
 Pumpkin Soup with Lo Mein Noodles
and garden vegetables
By @TheNascarKitty
Petie's Red Rager Meal Includes:
Spicy Tunarita with Nip Garnish,
Finest Tuna Steak with fish bisquits, and cupcake

@HanktheDoggy's Bacon Beer
photo by @Shibbering Cheetos

@LilyLuWhoT's sake shots

Iced Cheri Boba Tea with a Bacon Muffin @EdnaatNutro

Lexi @Dogstoyevsky has been DJing and Barktending longer than #NipClub has been around. She was a big part of the original #PawPawty and was a hard working and hard pawtying anipal that lived life to the fullest. Check out her blog to see the life they lived. Adventure is her middle name. We designed her drink to acknowledge her UK roots and her namesake Dostoyevsky. Iced Earl Grey Tea, Hennessy VS Cognac, some simple syrup, lemon, mint and raspberry garnish and your have @Dogstoyevsky's High Tea Cocktail.

Bunny Jean Cook's Latte' comes with Lavender
buns and Deep Fried Carrot Chips

@KokotheTurtle hard at work stuffin olives



Chef Tiger Tommy's Special Lamb Chops
Served with Mint Jelly, and extra napkins.
By @TheNascarKitty

Suzie's Salmon Steak with nip noodles



@Cinnimini2 was a hard pawtying friend at #NipClub with a great love for music, and we decided we needed her talent in our DJ booth. So for that last few years she's often handled multiple shifts a night AND brought a lot of new pals to #NipClub. She is still spinning great tunes from Rainbow Bridge and we designed a signiture drink for her. Here's @Cinnimini2's Cinnimini2 Toast Ice Cream Cocktail. We add Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Whiskey and RumChata to Cinnamon Ice Cream, blend it up, ad some Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal and have a great cocktail. 

If you would like a special drink or nom made in memory of your pal, please contact @TinyPearlCat

Beware: Here there be Pirates at #NipClub Sept. 23,2021

One thing #NipClub has no shortage of is pirates. This week we'll host our annual pirate pawty. Four ships will be sailing the season lo...