Meow Girls Tunatini*


flaming catnip

  Flaming Nip or Bacon Shots

bassie autumn at bar

beer bar light

ruff night dog beer milk bones            beagle beer

motorbike drink

gator hooch            ack ack


drink wall  


Cathy Keisha Punk Universe
niptini         chocochip cookie milk

catnip tea  

milk shakes acacia carrot salmon cat dog
fish shark smoothie veggies fruit

latte bar

catnip latte         catnip tea

bacon latte         cat coffee

coco pink marshmellow           nip latte

dried catnip candle caramel corn bacon

onion rings walla walla  potato skins
bacon sticks

bacon scallop  nipclub cheetos

smoked fish   salmon crackers cream cheese
nipclub nachos

nascar tiny chefs
Main Nomms

surf turf   rotary chick

chicago pup

Bacon galore

bacon mac bacon wrapp beef
a burger  b burger

big burger

seattlep Turkey

pizza dog mattie

baked salmon   craaaaab

kb sushi
tuna pastrie

Soup & Salads

kb salad

  bacon chicken soup  tropical salad
henry salad

nastusium pansy clover salad

huge salad
sugar bar

maple bar bacon

nip cupcake   bacon muffin

honey cupcake   b alaska

raisin pudding dates
nascar misu

tutti cigs

file cake jail

mouse tar tar

fail whale drink


*Attributions and Contributers

Special thanks to these anipals, that contributed assistance and recipies.
Please be sure to thank them, fallow them and check out thier websites.


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