July 16, 2019

#NipClub's Annual Christmas/Festivus in July Pawty July 18, 2019

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Before we get to this weeks pawty info, I'd like to take a moment of your time for some very important news. 

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#NipClub Original Founding Member @MaggieTKat will cross Over the Rainbow Bridge this week. She was involved with #NipClub from the very start and without her help it would have never come about. Maggie will join her brofur @RudyTKat and all our other Rainbow Bridge pals, and will live forever in our hearts and memories. Please give her family all the love and #PawPrayers you can muster. Maggie was truly Magnificent.  And, as @HollieCatRocks says "It's Not Goodbye, it's See You Later". 

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July, normally (at least in the Western Hemisphere) is a time of heat, sun and summer fun. It's also about halfway to Christmas.....and, since Santa has a LOT of months left to vacation, he's always happy to come relax at our #NipClub location on the beaches of Hawaii. So come join Santa and all your #NipClub favorites as we celebrate CHRISTMAS IN JULY.

If you'd like a special outfit, make sure to let @RealFakeGator or @TinyPearlCat know soon. #NipClub Outfitters has a lot of pals out on summer vacation (but we've hired some of Santa's "out of work for the season" elves to help.)

As usual, we'll have a Christmas Dinner Buffet set up, and your #NipClub Barktenders and DJs will make your evening memorable. AND....IF CHRISTMAS in July isn't your thing....we've got a NEW event sharing the stage......(SCROLL way down to the bottom, under the Christmas Feast IF YOU DARE.)
 @CathyKeisha @TinyPearlCat & @HollieCatRocks keep Santa and friends busy until the pawty on Thursday so he doesn't get bored....which seems impossible....

Dress for the season...be an elf, a reindeer, santa, a snowman....whatever you want....if you need help @RealFakeGator and his helpers at #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help!! Just Ask!!!! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (in July)

@TinyPearlCat serves drinks in our swim up bar. 
@TheNascarKitty rushes (In his prize 1968 VW Beetle) to #NipClub with gifts for all. 
We asked @TinyPearlCat why she had stockpiled snow in her freezer...well, now
she has all the snowballs and all we can do is DUCK!!!!! 

@Kittehboi will be spinning great tunes, but he's also
going to use the "Mistletoe" for smooching the ladies. 
@Meow_Girls know how to mix a festive drink. 

@Cobalttash has brought Christmas to the beach

We understand @Owenthetonk just had his
special Christmas sweater drycleaned for the occasion!

@RealFakeGator beats the heat by
getting back in the snow globe

 photo Cat-Christmas_zpsa1f09360.gif

OK, if you were brave enough to scroll way down

 here....you're probably ready for FESTIVUS IN JULY!!)

Christmas may not be your "cup of nip-tea" but then surely FESTIVUS is....or perhaps BOTH.....maybe you want to sing Christmas Carols about your Feats of Strength...or Wear your Festivus Ugly Sweater to Hand out gifts. Hey, we're not here to judge. we're here to have fun. If you need an ugly "Festivus" sweater please ask @RealFakeGator or @TinyPearlCat soon. 

Curious about Festivus? Click HERE for a Video about Festivus
Mr.Breeze aka @Kittehboi aka Saint Kittebus Maximus, Patron Saint of
Airing Grievances will have a GRIEVANCE WITH YOU if you don't come
to pawty with us at #NipClub's Festivus Pawty. And you DON'T want that.

 @NancyCakeFace gets into the Festivus spirit

@doggymolly finds the perfect Festivus gift for #nipclub

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 photo festivusfortherestofusplushies_zpslvv8wlgh.gif

Still confused..here's a website that'll get you all the Festivus Knowledge you'll need: Click for HERE  Festivus Information

Throughout the evening we'll do all the Festivus activities.....around the Festivus Pole, we'll have the airing of grievances (in good fun only please..teasing OK..attacks are NOT). AND of course the Feats of Strength, where the "head of house" gets wrestled to the ground and pinned. In this case, whichever Manager is on duty..., @TheNascarKitty, TinyPearlCat, @ShaynaCat,  or @RealFakeGator..., step right up and wrestle them to the ground!!

feats of strength festivus gif

A few scenes from previous Festivus Pawties at #NipClub:

@TheNascarKitty wrestles @KingTuttiFrutti in Feats of Strength!

@TheNascarKitty gets pinned by a #NipClub customer during Feats of Strength

@PepiSmartDog puts @KingTuttiFruiti into a Headlock during the Feats of Strength


@RealFakeGator takes this opportunity to air grievances
NOTE: Marta has since joined us #OTRB but she still visits Gator in
his dreams and heart, and shares his bed & brings him treats
@3phibotticelli`s grievances are weather related

@TinyPearlCat's grievance is too many pals go #OTRB & she insists this
stops, and that we keep alive the memories of those who have past!
@NancyCakeFace is dressing in her Festivus finest!
 photo festivus_pole_ornament_gif_zpsobfaniig.gif

 Drinks and Noms

Honey Baked Ham

Roasted Turkey

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts in Nip-Hollendaise

Cranberry Sauce


Sauteed Vegetable Blend

Spiked Eggnog and Brandied Fruit Punch

The Traditional FESTIVUS feast:

featuring gourmet Meatloaf and Spaghetti!!

Festivus Ice Cream!! (Brown Sugar ice cream with Gingerbread cookie bits and carmel)

Festivus Chai Tea


Meatloaf Paninis with sweet red onion and Provolone Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Traditional Meatloaf

 Nip Meatloaf

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Sun Dried Tomato and Spinach stuffed Meatloaf


 photo festivus_zpsad4czaf8.gif

Print and Clip out this coupon and hand out as Christmas Gifts!
(Don't give to people you actually want to talk to again..MOL)
(Note: for FESTIVUS newbies, there IS no "Human Fund"...George Costanza gives these cards as gifts because he is cheap and doesn't expect he will get caught. MOL.


Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at The Kitty Krusade
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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