Barktenders for #NipClub
(all times Eastern Daylight Savings Time-US)
Weekly Schedule

If you are interested in volunteering to Barktend at #NipClub, please contact @Meow_Girls

4:00 pm ET: @TiggyBean 
5:00 pm ET: @PatsyDog1
6:00 pm ET: @lampwireslayer 
7:00 pm ET: @Chrissy7115 Bubba
8:00 pm ET: @kconlon1
9:00 pm ET: @Meow_Girls
10:00 pm ET: @Moothemousecat
11:00 pm ET: @TinyPearlCat 
Bonus Hour at Midnight ET: @TinyPearlCat 



Co-Manager TinyPearlCat comes on around 10pm. She's famous for the most innovative drinks and coolest serving style. And if you are too young to drink, or just young-at-heart, she makes Ice Cream Milkshakes of any flavor you can imagine (including Nip flavored or adult style with booze).

@The Meow_Girls usually come on around 9. They are some of the hottest mixologists around!!

Club Manager TheNascarKitty is also trained and ready to jump behind the bar to help as well when needed. 

We also often have special Barktenders pop in from time to time, so dont be surprised if _Bill_the_Cat pop in from Rainbow Bridge now and then.

You never know who might serve you a drink, noms, or premium Nip at NipClub, but you can rest assured it will be the most enjoyable time you could have anywhere. 

Please remember to Tip the Barktenders and DJs through the charity link on the front page. We can help Animals in need while we have an enjoyable pawty. 





@bea_glebells #nipclub first shot girl!



 Bubba of @Chrissy7115










Cookie of @Mogfleetcommand