May 30, 2011

Huge PIRATE Battle June 2, 2011 only at #NipClub

The Fighting Starts at 6pm EDT and Continues all night!!! Or until we rescue @TinyPearlCat & @NoCryBabyDogs and the enemy is dispatched or surrenders!! Hashtag: #NipClub #Aaarr

Captain Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty) of The Lady Pearl puts out the call
for sailors to be pirates in his effort to protect & enrich #NipClub

The Lady Pearl....My pride and joy!!! Captain Tiger Tommy

My Crew:

Captain: @TheNascarKitty

Commander: @BadAndy_KityKat

Quartermaster: @MarioDaCat

1st Mate: @TinyPearlCat KIDNAPPED!!

Navigator: @NoCryBabyDogs KIDNAPPED!!

Crowsnest Lookout & Sniper: @DuchessCrabtree

Guns/Cannons:@PumpkinPuddy @Meow_Girls, @SnowyWestie, @HemmingwaysCat, @BrutusThe Dane

Swordsman:@RosieAndCheeto, @RockumSockum, @MarshallSheldon, @PrettyPearlDog @spike_cat

Master Fighters (swords, guns etc): @CathyKeisha @Tildatoo @BabyPatches

The Black Paw!! Captained by that Scoundrel @OwenTheTonk!!

First Mate: @danepoes

Navigator: @autumnthedoxie

Gunners: @carusdapurrball, @puzmitts, @meisroxythepug

QuarterMaster: @JinxTonkinese

Boatswain: @ryker_tyker

Swordsmen: @Midnightpurss, @kittehboi, @indykitty

Ship's surgeon: @RealFakeGator with Nurse Marta the cat helping

Captain @KingTuttiFruiti's ship TheGoldenShayna has joined the Lady Pearl to rescue the
kidnapped crew members!!!

Captain: @kingtuttifruiti

Commander: @GeorgeTheDuck

Quartermaster - @DashKitten

Navigator - @flicka47

Lookout - @gigigiraffe

Artillery Expert - @Tresa1215

Cannon Firers - @fairhope71, @mewmewmurphy

Cannon Loader - @IamDaisyDoo

Sword Fighters - @EdnasBandit, @FreshOtis, @SeattleP

Plank Supervisor - @MickeyShortTail

Head Wench - @ShaynaCat

Assistant Head Wench - @LilyLuWhoT

Bar-maid Wenches - @kconlon1, @JinJinDoggy, @PixelDoggy

Wenches - @bea_glebells, @maebellepup

Avast, ye scurvy dogs and cats!!! We be about to secure our claim in #NipClub this Thursday evening June 2, 2011, even as the evil scalliwag @OwenTheTonk and his band of ne'er-do-wells tries to stake claim of it themselves.

Breaking News!!!!!!
@OwenTheTonk and his band of scalliwags have lured my 1st mate @TinyPearlCat on board the horrid Black Paw, subdued her with rum and nip and set sail with her aboard!! NOBODY kidnaps my 1st mate!!!!! @KingTuttiFruiti with his ship The Golden Shayna, and myself with my ship The Lady Pearl declare WAR!!!!!

EVEN MORE NEWS!!!Those scallawags ALSO have dognapped our navigator @NoCryBabyDogs (Daffy)...probably to keep us from having an anipal so knowledgeable about the weather and charting maps with the stars. We MUST get them back!!!

Our enemy, the scallawag @OwenTheTonk and his crew of curmudgeons have made their move to take over our #NipClub by catnapping our most important employee!! They must be stopped!! We're sure an epic battle will ensue....until we have a victor, or just get tired and hungry and wanna pawty instead of fighting MOL!!!

If you are NOT an experienced pirate, here is a link for a website that will explain some pirate "protocol"

PLEASE also go to this LINK: and join one of the pirate ships. If you need help making a pirate AVI, please check that box and our "artists" will get in contact with you. Please be ready to send a couple head shots in if you need help.

Merchant Captain @DaneRay has his merchant delivery ship ready to deliver
ammunition, supplies, nip, noms and RUM to all ships. He demands
the safety of nuetrality, but cannonballs will be flying so you never
know what may happen.

The Toughest fighting cat, a master of guns, paw to paw, swords and
sharp wit!! The Lady Pearls Master Fighter @CathyKeisha!!!
@RockumSockum is ready to defend #NipClub on the Lady Pearl!!

May 27, 2011

Renaissance Faire at #NipClub May 30th Noon to 4PM EDT

An exciting special event at #NipClub will take place this Monday May 30th from 12pm until 4pm EDT. In honor of the birthday of Cassidy ( @LadyGreyFox's cat) we will hold a #NipClub Renaissance Faire!!!
Cassidy, ready for his Ren Faire Pawty

Cassidy is a very cool cat, who loves to play, eat salmon,  petite cut green beans, more salmon, steal sips of Momma's Iced Coffee, eat Salmon, Greenies, enjoys his Science Diet a/d. Salmon, Penta, PawWater, and apparently he likes Salmon too.

He's very inquisitive, a little possessive of Momma Snuggles, and helps groom Daddy, AND helps make the bed!!! All in all a very cool kitty!!!!

This link (and also more below) will help neophytes prepare for submersion into the world of Elizabethan England so we can be ready to pawty with royal flair and old world charm.

So go find some costumes (or floof up your natural fur which is always welcome at #NipClub) and come pawty like it's 1599.

Lady @DCKitty and Sir @TheNascarKitty, Duke and Duchess of Catingham bid
you good health and welcome you to #NipClub's Renaissance Faire. Huzzah!!

Sir @TheNascarKitty says "Long Live Queen Elizabeth Tudor!
The lady who changed the course of history!! Hip Hip
Huzzah!! Long Live The Queen!!!!"

Enjoy some great Renaissance Faire Music!!!

Knighted Sir @BadAndy_KityKat ready to protect #NipClub
Head Barktender @MarioDaCat has ordered a lot of spirits!
Cheeto (of @RosieAndCheeto) shows you how to enjoy a turkey leg!!

@KingTuttiFruiti !!!!!
Head DJ @ShaynaCat is a beautiful woodland Faerie!!!

Co-Manager @TinyPearlCat will make sure all the serving wenches
and attendants fulfill your every need!!
NOBODY ever seems to mess with Sir @Kittenboi....hmm......well, that is
Blood on his somebody messed with him......


Irish Paddy  Whiskey! VERY old. Insanely potent!!

BLACK and TAN made with Guiness and  Harp!!!

Roasted Pork
A variety of special Meat Pies!!
Fish and Chips!!!!

Chocolatey Devil Dogs!!

Turkey Legs!!!

Garlic Mushrooms on Yorkshire Pudding

Barbeque'd Meats of all types!!
Fresh Imported Fruits
Joust cake

May 26, 2011

TinyPearlCat Appreciation Nip Caper

@TinyPearlCat has done so much for #Nipclub and so many of us outside #Nipclub that we wanted to have a special celebration for her!

4PM EDT to Midnight and Beyond!

So we have door prizes from 4:30pm EDT to Midnight EDT ranging from note cards to jewelry by several jewelry artists to gift certificates. You do not have to do a quiz to win - just be here and enter the random drawing every half hour (1 doorprize per anipal). And we have noms... Flicka's "Diner" even put together a great menu to celebrate!

@TheNascarKitty announced last week that @TinyPearlCat is our new Co-Manager. @BadAndy_KityKat and his garage crew got her new mobile office set up for her.

@TinyPearlCat's new mobile office inside and out

So this is a new office pawty for @TinyPearlCAt

Join us in honoring our new Co-Manager and a great friend to all of us. *claps wings* (Yes, time for you to clap too! QOL)

But OH NO! #Nipclub ran out of Nip!!! We can't have that! What's #Nipclub without nip? Well @TinyPearlCat wouldn't hear of it, so she's getting her new mobile office ready and hired a whole fleet of trucks. We're going to Mexico to get the good Nip!!! Come along with us and help us evade the bears on the road.

Ready! We'll be hitting the road at 8pm EDT to get that Nip! Join us then or even earlier -- we have lots of goodies and maybe even a jug of hooch under the bar.

Late to the convoy? No problem! Just take the stargate to join up with the rest of us!

Get your souvenir WooMeow! @TinyPearlCat Appreciation T-shirt at Face in Hole below
Gals -- Guys
Custom shirts available while supplies last. And also available as souvenirs tomorrow.

If you want to put your "Kilroy was here" on the pawty, - RSVP Here even ifit's after you arrive or just to show you'd be here if your human wasn't busy. All to show appreciation for Pearl.

@TinyPearlCat, you have our thanks for all the graphics -- even our logo -- pawsome barktending, drink creation, ideas, general help around #Nipclub, and being a tireless cheerleader for both the club and your anipals. Thank You! We love you!

@TinyPearlCat has asked that if anyone wants to make a donation this week they donate to Animal Talk Rescue. Donation information is in the sidebar. @TinyPearlCat has also asked that Everyone Join In, no donation needed!

We're going on a Road Trip to Mexico to get the GOOD NIP!

Nobody wonders why we love her to death, do we? QOL

Thank you @TinyPearlCat!

Many thanks to the Barktenders, DJs, Quizmasters, RTers, Partygoers, and Planners that made this bash for @TinyPearlCat possible including: @Flacatlady, @Dogstoyevsky, @ShaynaCat, @CathyKeisha, @BunnyJeanCook, @Kittehboi, @HemingwaysCat, @TheNascarKitty, @Tiggybean @Tresa1215, @KingTuttiFruiti, @Georgetheduck @DuchessCrabtree, @JinJinDoggy, @PixelDoggy, @Mariodacat, @Meow_Girls, @KConlon1, @PumpkinPuddy, @Flicka47, @BadAndy_KityKat and @TinyPearlCat herself.
If you got left off this list, blame the duck and tell him to add you. He's getting cross eyed QOL

@TinyPearlCat asked that our current charity be Animal Talk Rescue 501(C)(3) # 91-2041961 A No-Kill Non Profit Rescue

If you have spare change, $1 helps the animals at Animal Talk Rescue where @SeattleP helps feed the ferals.

May 23, 2011

Office Pawty Road Trip in Honor of TinyPearlCat

It's not every day the hottest anipal nightclub on twitter gets a new co-manager in the back office. But we did it. We nabbed the best, our very own @TinyPearlCat. @TheNascarKitty, our other Co-Manager, was thrilled to make the announcement last week. And we're all thrilled to have her as Co-Manager.

BREAKING NEWS: Nipclub is out of Nip!!!!  @TinyPearlCat is taking her mobile office on the road with a fleet of trucks to Mexico to get NIP!

@TinyPearlCat in her newly remodeled Co-Manager's Office

@TinyPearlCat hasn't just started work as of last week, as our regular patrons know. She's was part of the impromptu floor show the first night and has been helping behind the scenes and behind the bar ever since. I'm not sure what we'd do without her and her signature "Woomeow!"

@TinyPearlCat has done all sorts of things for us here at #Nipclub. Just look around.She did our fab logo! She's done most of the graphics here on our blog. She's served thousands of Niptinis and Jail the Whale drinks.

Thank you @TinyPearlCat!

We're getting ready to go!
@TinyPearlCat Office on Wheels is ready thanks to @BadAndy_KityKat and his Garage Crew

We're going on a Road Trip to Mexico to get the GOOD NIP!

Be a Copy Cat - RSVP Here

You may be sitting there thinking, "How do you do an office pawty AND a road trip at the same time???" Well, let me tell you, if you don't know by now: Here at #Nipclub we can do just about anything. Just ask Tiny Pearl Cat."

Breaking News: There will be door prizes every half hour from 4:30pm to Midnight EDT. Just be there, enter, and you have a chance to win all sorts of prizes!

We've got a T-Shirt just to celebrate @TinyPearlCat Appreciation Night.
Get your free WooMeow! t-shirts here.
Gals -- Guys
Custom shirts available from @GeorgeTheDuck and @KingTuttiFruiti while supplies last.
Custom Shirts that are ready are here.

Check back later in the week for more fun. And don't forget to RSVP.

May 15, 2011

#NipClub celebrates Dynamic Duos featuring birthday boys @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat May 19th, 2011

Batman & Robin

Franks and Beans

Macaroni And Cheese
@KingTuttiFruiti @TheNascarKitty & some #NIP!!!

Surf and Turf

Yep, some things just work better paired up. What would Simon be without Garfunkel? What would Grand Funk be without their Railroad? What would @KingTuttiFruiti be without his NipCigars?

It's not even imaginable is it? So why try!! Join us at #NipClub May 19th and help us honor the birthdays of another great duo.....Those #BadBoysOfTwitter @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat

Dynamic Duo @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat in a rare moment of
good-behaviour. Usually these wild boys are pawtying!! MOL

HERE IS THE OFFICIAL Tweetvite: Please RSVP!!!!

Come in your natural fur (ALWAYS welcome at #NipClub) or pair up with a buddy and come as a Dynamic Duo, or be really creative and DRESS up as a combination of something (but be warned...if you come dressed as Macaroni & Cheese or Surf and Turf you may get nommed!! MOL.

I'm bravely dressed as Macaroni
and Cheese to give you an idea of
what you could do. PLEASE DONT

@KingTuttiFruiti & @TheNascarKitty sure do look familiar as this dynamic duo!!!