April 12, 2021

#NipClub Bar and Grill Fun Night April 15th, 2021

#Nipclub Cheers Bar & Grill Night April 15, 2021

We're taking some time to kick back and relax so pull a stool up to the bar for Cheers Night!

Drinks & Noms

Fully Stocked bar
If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist!

Our barktenders can make any variety you want!

Mac 'n Cheese Pizza

Cheezy Bacon & Beer Soup

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries

 Carmel Sea Salt Cheesecake

Ice Cream
Let your flavor imagination run wild!

April 4, 2021

#NipClub Barn Dance April 8th, 2021

#NipClub Barn Dance!! 

Jumping Cow photo DancingCow_1.gif

#NipClub is holding a barn dance!! We've taken the animals and tractors out, and brought in a temporary bar and kitchen, we've added a stage and a kick-tail sound system, and we've scattered a few hay bales around for atmoshphere 

So put on some bib overalls, or your country finest, maybe a pair of Daisy Dukes? Dress up as a cow, or a Moonshiner, A farmer, farmer's daughter, country gentleman or lady, or just come in your own fur, skin, feathers etc. which is always welcome at #NipClub. .

If you need help, just ask @RealFakeGator and his pals at #NipClub Outfitters. But make sure to be at our Barn Dance!  
There will be bluegrass, country, southern rock, even pop music. And you can be sure there will be Line Dancing. And shenanigans. And probably a lot of Moonshine, great country food and fun.
Just don't miss it.

Yes, we put in a mechanical bull. It keeps pals from riding the REAL cows. 


   Drinks and Noms
@MarioDaCat came back and fired up the old still to make sure we have
enough moonshine to keep everybody happy all night. 

dancing chicken photo chicken_dancing_chicken_dance.gif

And there'll be Brisket and Cornbread with Honey Butter

Grilled Chicken and
Pulled Pork Sandwiches Memphis style (with cole slaw)

Shredded BBQ Beef
and Complete St. Louis Style Pork Rib dinners

Dog milks goat photo 1274084521918.gif

March 29, 2021

Colorful Pre-Easter Pawty at "Nipclub April 1st, 2021

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"Dye Yourself Like An Easter Egg" Pawty at #NipClub April 1st, 2021

It's April Fools Day this Thursday,  and I'm such a fool I did that theme last week.  BUT it was on pyrite because many of us are preparing for Easter this week.  But we can still have some foolish fun at our Easter Theme Pawty. 

@TinyPearlCat shows us how to color yourself like an Easter Egg

Dye hot tubs fill the dance floor as pals get ready for this week`s pawty
@Samthewatcher @PepperPom @Sisfrcats @spookyshorty @CandyandEK

These kittens are all ready to welcome spring in their Easter colors too!p0

photo egg6_zpsb43b5006.gif
This week, many of us celebrate Easter. Besides being a very major religious holiday, it is also a time when we finally get out our colorful spring fashions and look forward to the end of winter. Of course, we also have a fun time with Easter Egg Hunts, Easter feasts, Candy, and a lot of fun. So this week at #NipClub we'll have fun coloring ourselves like Easter Eggs, Or putting on our Easter Bonnets,Or making yourself into a piece of Easter Candy, Or wear a goofy hat as an Easter Bonnet,, Or, as always, just wearing our natural fur and enjoying the feast and the friends. Whatever you want to do, we can help if you need it. Just contact @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters and tell him what you'd like. 

                           @3phibotticelli gets a head start       @doggymolly rolls into #Nipclub
                                    in the Easter egg hunt                    with her egg shooting tank

@skye613…the expression is           @germanshorthair as a blue
``paint the TOWN red``                                   Easter egg

@DylCat1 made his own Easter Bonnet
@DCKitty and @TheNascarKitty became Easter Eggs
@Kittehboi springs a sneak attack on a Chocolate Bunny

@TinyPearlCat in her chicken hat

@DylCat1 's funny hat is ACTUALLY his Easter Bonnet

Cheeto (of @RosieAndCheeto) looks regal in his silly hat. 
@TheNascarKitty said he'd wear a funny hat when pigs fly MOL. 

@WinstonTabby has not stopped partying for St. Patty's Day yet. It's only April after all.

Image result for silly hat

Related image

@Kittehboi in his DEVO hat.

photo 285402m2dptpdet8_zpsdcdf5483.gif


Steak with Baked Potato
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Strawberry Schaum Torte
Philly CheeseSteak Fries

Plank Cooked Salmon with Twice Baked Potatos

Beef Wellington

Peeps Cosmeowpolitans
Lobster Bisque
Deviled Egg  Chicks

photo 250_zps8b5718f5.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Tabby' Place
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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#NipClub Bar and Grill Fun Night April 15th, 2021

#Nipclub Cheers Bar & Grill Night April 15, 2021 We're taking some time to kick back and relax so pull a stool up to the bar for Che...