June 20, 2021

#NipClub at the Beach June 24th, 2021

NOTE: on July 1st, 2021,  we'll celebrate America's Independance by holding a pawty where we honor our personal American historical figures. Somebody.who's life's work means something to.you.

So Start thinking of that special costume for next week. Perhaps you'll be Ben Franklin, or another early American Patriot or Inventor, teacher, writer, whomever from history changed your life for the better. Be creative, or just be yourself (because your own natural fur is always fine here too). If you need help, just ask @RealFakeGator and his crew at #NipClubOutfitters.

And don't forget to come pawty at the beach with us THIS week!! 
@TheNascarKitty & his darling @DCKitty wait for
you on the beach. Come join them! Thursday night
Tonight we build a Bon Fire for our dear Barktender TiggyBean and also Boriskitty. Both are not feeeling well and need us to dance around the fire for them. 

Join us for a great time at the Beach. Maybe you want to come as a surfer, a bathing beauty, a beach bum, a a fish, a lifeguard or coast guard member. Whatever you wish to be, we can help if you need it. Just ask @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters. Of course your own natural fur is ALWAYS welcome at #NipClub as well. Just come and have fun. 

@ChazzTheDog and @PepperPom enjoy the warm water together. 
@CathyKeisha & @TinyPearlCat swim with the dolphins. NO
you cannot have it cooked up for dinner. It's NOT a fish.


 photo 1201566f58nntlu0y_zpsad2b6bb0.gif

Drinks and Nomms

Summer photo fanmice.gif

June 13, 2021

#NipClub Patio Pawty

#NipClub Nightclub Patio Night June 17th, 2021

#NipClub is famous for wild theme pawties and over the top antics. And sometimes it's nice to just come to the bar, have a few drinks, some good noms, dance with pals and have a simply great time. That's what we're doing tonight out on our spacious patio. Come and have fun.
dog photo 0000061549.gif

This is is what all of us in the northern hemisphere have been waiting for.....summer! This week #nipclub opens the doors to the patio to let everyone enjoy a warm evening under the stars. Pick a spot by one of the firepits and relax with friends, or try a cozy hammock where you can watch the sky for shooting stars.

@thenascarkitty @DCkity @Bea_bells @WinstonTabby toast Summer 2021

@BloomNIght2 @Cobalttash

Thirsty? Sip on some cool summer drinks. Hungry? Ask the barktenders what's on the menu, or head over to the fixin's table and grab some marshmallows and hot dogs to toast over the fire. We've got s'mores too!

@TiggyBean @3phibotticelli @HarveyButtonNZ @LilyLuWhoT

Drinks and Noms



Grilled Cheesy Crabcakes
Grilled Lobster
All you can nom - S'mores

Firepit booze ice cream

S'more cake

June 6, 2021

"NipClub salutes Dairy Farmers June 10th, 2021

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Image result for june dairy month

Nestled in the country in lovely Dodge County Wisconsin, near Beaver Dam, #Nipclub Wisconsin rests in a former pasture on @TheNascarKitty's Dairy Farm. Make sure to be there for our Dairy Celebration.
Join us for a great celebration of America's Dairyland and enjoy June Dairy Days in Wisconsin where we'll show you the finest dairy products and a lot of other Wisconsin specialties (besides Cheese and Dairy we're known for Beer, Brats, being the origin of both the HAMBURGER and the ICE CREAM SUNDAE). Perhaps you'd like to come as a Dairy Cow? or a Farmer? maybe as a wedge of cheese? or WEARING a CHEESEHEAD hat?. Whatever you'd like to be, @RealFakeGator and his specialists at #NipClub Outfitters is sure to be able to help you out. 

A word from @TheNascarKitty: I grew up as a feral cat at a feed mill in Wisconsin. Surrounding us were scenes like in the picture above. I spent a LOT of time playing, sleeping and hunting at these farms. The big holstein cows look scary, but most of them LOVE cats...we are like furry hot water bottles when we lay on them. And...of course..there's the MILK!! The farmers always left a big tray of that days fresh milk (with the cream still in it of course) out for the kitties.  Even though Daddy (who worked at the Feed Mill) eventually took me to a forever home indoors, I got to spend 7 years being pampered as Mill Cat with a nice bed and food indoors at night, and free run of the farms during the day. HEAVEN!! Or so I thought...cuz once I had a comfy indoor home, I never wanted to go outside again and I never did. So while I look back fondly on my feral past....I am LUCKY to have found a home. Help those homeless animals find homes if you can.

June is National Dairy Month in America, and it's a great time to thank the hard working men, women, and ANIMALS who make sure we have a never ending supply of food, clothing, textiles, fertilizer, etc. 

#NipClub Pawties DOWN on the FARM


@TinyPearlCat harvesting extra NIP from our Nip Fields

@Kittehboi helps toss nip onto the trailer for transport
(oddly a couple bales came up missing MOL)
@TheNascarKitty Hauling Primo NIP to #NipClub for the pawty.

In the Past milking cows was a tiresome chore, done 2 to 3 times a day and required a lot of manual work, even with a high tech milking system. NOW, many farms are going to automated robot milkers. The cow actually comes into the parlor on her own when she feels she'd like to be milked, gets a meal specifically mixed for her while being milked. Watch the video below to see the wave of the future in dairy farming. 

Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, Butter, who doesn't love the great wholesome taste of real Dairy? 
Well, This week at #NipClub we are going to whisk you away to lovely Wisconsin! America's Dairyland, and the home of great pals @RealFakeGator, @MarioDaCat, @HankTheDoggy @4Catstrapski, and ME! (@TheNascarKitty) and a lot of other pals!! 

photo Wisconsin-LMG2_zps657c98b7.gif

While we're all used to seeing farms dotting the landscape everywhere we go, we know many of you are far away from the nearest farm, so let us show off some of the pride of Wisconsin   and OF COURSE....we will make sure there is more than enough treats for you to enjoy the TASTE of WISCONSIN!

Cow photo cowmooingmdwht.gif
Do you want a special Avatar for the pawty? Perhaps dress as a farmer, or a farmers daughter? Maybe even as a cow or  driving a tractor? Whatever your imagination can dream up, the pals at #NipClub Outfitters can arrange. Just ask @RealFakeGator soon. They are busy. And don't forget, your own natural fur, feathers, or skin is always welcome at #NipClub.

Wisconsin's @RealFakeGator helps milk some cows.

@TheNascarKitty checks the pastures on one of his
favorite old tractors. Maybe he'll let you drive one!
Drive some antique tractors around. But don't be surprised if
while you're driving, @TheNascarKitty tricks you into doing
some field work or spreading manure. Farm work is hard
and any farmer is always glad to share the work.

Jumping Cow photo DancingCow.gif
@WinstonTabby had a few "drinks" then decided he'd like some milk...
Don't worry, there's an easier way...our Barktenders will serve it up
cold and fresh in a clean glass. 
Wisconsin's @MarioDaCat models his Green
Bay Packer Cheesehead, while getting some
fresh milk for specialty cocktails. 
Later that night, after enjoying several of his
"milk based Cocktails" @MarioDaCat dreamed
he was a cow. Don't worry, we didn't milk him.

Katie n Mario


Cinni's rig

@ScoobyDaDog visits the Harley Museum in WI

A Taste of Wisconsin's Dairy Heritage:

MILK!!!! All you can drink!!! Enjoy! 

Cheese. Every type of cheese
Gourmet Milkshakes
Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Image result for cheddarburger
Seymour,Wisconsin is the birthplace of the CheeseBurger. Enjoy
Wisconsin Bacon Cheeseburgers all night long!!!

Image result for limburger
Only one factory in the US makes famous, strong, smelly, LIMBURGER Cheese. 
It's a local favorite. @TheNascarKitty's human likes it grilled with strong Bermuda onion on toast.
(below) Are YOU Brave enough to try it. (It doesn't taste like it smells, It's delicious.)
Image result for limburger sandwich
Try a Traditional Limburger Cheese Sandwich with Onions on Dark Rye Bread.
Image result for pasty
Wisconsin Pastys. Beef, Potato and Rutabaga in a pastry crust

Milk Cow Gif photo ichzbgr_zps5d51519b.gif

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#NipClub at the Beach June 24th, 2021

NOTE: on July 1st, 2021,  we'll celebrate America's Independance by holding a pawty where we honor our personal American historical ...