June 16, 2019

Help Choose Upcoming Themes Pawty at #NipClub June 20, 2019

Help Us Dream Up Pawty Themes

@TheNascarKitty works on #NipClub Business while flying home
from scouting new #NipClub locations. He'd love your help to
plan some upcoming pawties. Let  him know your ideas for themes. 

At #NipClub we strive to bring you the most unique pawty experiences possible. And we're always interested in new themes. And even after 9 years, and nearly 500 pawties, we still come across a lot of themes we've never thought of. Most of our best and most successful themes come from YOUR suggestions. 

This Thursday come enjoy the usual high quality music, food and drinks at #NipClub and let us know your ideas for upcoming themes. I'm Commissioning each Barktender and DJ to jot down your suggestions and send them to me. (Or you can just send them to@TheNascarKitty in a DM (if I'm not following you, let me know so I can fix that.)

If we use your theme, you may be asked to assist with planning, and, at the very least, be featured in our graphics. 
stickman idea photo stick_man_light_bulb_idea_lg_clr.gif

We've got a few ideas already. Like GAME OF THRONES,  another Renaissance Faire , a Monty Python character theme,  and of course, we'll revisit favorite past themes. 

But we want some new themes that YOU are interested in. 

The themes help draw more pals, and that helps us be more successful for our Charities. We have a lot to be proud of at #NipClub and we'd love your help. 

No theme is too "silly". TV/Movie Themes, Historical, Cultural or Location Themes, Seasonal events, sports...whatever you can think of. Let us know.

And, as always, THANKS for Pawtying with us at #NipClub!! 

#NipClub Manager & Founding Member 

June 11, 2019

#Nipclub Ice Cream Social

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at The Kitty Krusade Every penny helps! Thanks!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

That's right, #Nipclub Continues June Dairy Month with an ice cream social.  The weather is starting to warm up so we're ready to cool down.  What better way than to cool down with ice cream.  

Check out our new ice cream freezer at the bar

What's your preference?  

An ice cream sundae loaded with every imaginable treat and topping?  An ice cream bar?  Ice cream sandwich?  Ice cream cake? Maybe you'd prefer a thick malt or shake, or a Root Beer Float?  And don't forget the simple yet oh so good, classic ice cream cone.

But wait, this is #Nipclub after all.  We'll also be serving up classic ice cream drinks like the Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel or Golden Cadillac.

Grab your ice cream in whatever form makes you happy and let's head out to the patio to enjoy the warm summery night. Just remember, don't eat the ice cream too fast or you'll get brain freeze!

We'll be sure to have some savory treats too for all of you who like to combine sweet and savory.

Ice Cream & Noms

Soft Serve Ice Cream
Vanilla, Swirl, Chocolate

Waffle Cones with your choice of Ice Cream
Unlimited flavors!

 Ice Cream Sundaes
Unlimited flavors and toppings!

Bacon Ice cream Sandwich

 Banana Split with catnip garnish

 Hot Fudge Sundae

Classic Wisconsin Supper Club Ice Cream Cocktails
Grasshopper, Golden Cadillac, Pink Squirrel

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at The Kitty Krusade
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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June 2, 2019

#NipClub's Annual June Dairy Month Celebration June 6th, 2019

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Northeast Animal Rescue Every penny helps! Thanks!

#NipClub Pawties DOWN on the FARM

A special CHEERS evening, just fun on the farm. No costumes needed. Come as you are, play with the livestock, drive tractors, eat farm fresh goodies, and PAWTY like only #NipClub  can!

@TinyPearlCat harvesting extra NIP from our Nip Fields
@Kittehboi helps toss nip onto the trailer for transport
(oddly a couple bales came up missing MOL)
@TheNascarKitty Hauling Primo NIP to #NipClub for the pawty.

A word from @TheNascarKitty: I grew up as a feral cat at a feed mill in Wisconsin. Surrounding us were scenes like in the picture above. I spent a LOT of time playing, sleeping and hunting at these farms. The big holstein cows look scary, but most of them LOVE cats...we are like furry hot water bottles when we lay on them. And...of course..there's the MILK!! The farmers always left a big tray of that days fresh milk (with the cream still in it of course) out for the kitties.  Even though Daddy (who worked at the Feed Mill) eventually took me to a forever home indoors, I got to spend 7 years being pampered as Mill Cat with a nice bed and food indoors at night, and free run of the farms during the day. HEAVEN!! Or so I thought...cuz once I had a comfy indoor home, I never wanted to go outside again and I never did. So while I look back fondly on my feral past....I am LUCKY to have found a home. Help those homeless animals find homes if you can.

June is National Dairy Month in America, and it's a great time to thank the hard working men, women, and ANIMALS who make sure we have a never ending supply of food, clothing, textiles, fertilizer, etc. 

So tonight at #NipClub we are gonna Pawty at the FARM!!! Great Dairy products! BEEF, PORK and BACON, CHICKEN, EGGS, Corn (they eat it in the north and DRINK it in the south MOL), Potatoes, Peas, Beans, and a gazillion other veggies! CHEESE!!! Cotton and other textiles, tobacco and NIP and so many other things we'd never have without the great hardworking farmers.

Our kitchen will have a huge variety of farm fresh foods and drinks for you all evening!! Our barktenders will be handing out free Milk, Cheese, and made-to-order Ice Cream Milkshakes all night.

@RealFakeGator is helping fill our cooler with fresh Milk for the pawty!And
meeting some new lady friends. MOL.

@3phibotticelli's Sadie and new friend

@CinniMini2, Oreo & Hyrox are gonna stay in that tractor
till the cows come home!

@timhoyt14 and friend discuss their spots

Hey...it's @MarioDaCOW?....no it's @MarioDaCat!!


We took @Kittehboi to the coop so we could "Sic "em on a Chicken"


@Pandafur @Cathykeisha @CatgoddessAthena and @3phibotticelli Get dirty

@Mariodacat and @Puppynumber7 try to help the girls


Special Farm Menu:
Farm fresh smoked & BBQ meat assortment
Image result for grilled meats
Grilled Chicken and Farm Fresh Vegetables

Image result for grilled meats
Assorted Grilled Meats

And stocked up with plenty of  @Flicka47's Special Sauce!
Image result for milk and chocolate milk
Milk and Oreos
Cheese Assortment

Farm Cake

Wisconsin's own Spotted Cow beer
It's not dairy, but hey, it's good!

@GiambiBoyPup tries cow tipping.

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Every penny helps! Thanks!
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