August 29, 2011

#NipClub Honors our Over The Rainbow Family Sept. 1, 2011

@BunnyJeanCook, #NipClub DJ AND Barktender
The last few weeks several of our #NipClub pals have ventured to Rainbow Bridge. It is time to honor them and ALL our OTRB furiends.

@EdnaAtNutro's Cherie


@ScootsNToots Suzie

Danny of @SpookyShorty

@TheNascarKitty talks about Rainbow Bridge:
I'm going to "hog" a large section of the blog to talk about what #RainbowBridge means to me personally, so please forgive my indulgence, we will honor all of Rainbow Bridge in this blog as well. But I just want to put it into my own words, accompanied by pictures. ~Tiger Tommy~

@PepiSmartDog in his transport pram
When one thinks of Rainbow Bridge they usually think of @PepiSmartDog, who spends countless hours
welcoming new inhabitants to the bridge, driving them to their banquet and helping comfort them and their families back on earth. @PepiSmartDog is a hero to all of us here at RainBowBridge, as are his staff of @PuzTheCat, @OscarTheCat, @RO0, @TheRustCat, @SamTheCatRocks, and the unforgettable wonderful @ChatteMuse who is usually first to welcome the new Rainbow Bridge residents with a heartwarming personalized photo.  And many, many more who help on scales large and small. And last weeks #NipClub honoree, @DanaPixie works hand in paw with all of them through her #pawcircle and #pawprayer's.

#NipClub has been hit hard in the last year. Most of us became aware of the bridge after #NipClub Founding Member @MaggieTKat's beloved brofur @RudyCKat was stricken at the age of two. For many of us it was the first time we realized how important and wonderful the Rainbow Bridge can be for those who need comfort and loving warmth.

@RudyCKat being welcome to #RainbowBridge
Later I lost my own brofur to terrible cancer. @_Bill_The_Cat was a magnificent Maine Coone, 18years old and huge. @PepiSmartDog & #RainbowBridge was such a comfort to my family that they decided Bill should work to help comfort other families to RainbowBridge.
Then my Darling, The love of my life, @DCKitty (shown here in a @ZaziArt painting) went to #RainbowBridge,
and without the help of all the loving friends there & on earth, the pain of her loss to her family would have
been even more unbearable. We live together in a Pink Mansion there now. 

Less than a year after @_Bill_the_Cat I succombed to cancer myself and #NipClub threw a huge welcoming party for me, setting it up in a matter of a day while my family was too grief stricken to even think about it. @ChatteMuse made this picture of me, with my golden tears leading a trail of love to my beloved @SaraBeth3394 as she hugs me.  I was well into my 20's but it's still so hard for the family.

-portrait for @TheNascarKitty by @ChatteMuse-

I was so overwhelmed and my family was so comforted by the love, and it just kept pouring in, @BadAndy_KityKat made my family a wonderful picture seen here: 

And my love, my darling @DCKitty and her family had my portraint painted by the talented @ZaziArt:

 The gates of #Rainbow Bridge never seem to get a chance to close. The sudden loss of #NipClub's Hostess @HollieCatRocks, one of the most loved anipals ever, shook the whole anipal community last thanksgiving. And the #NipClub pawty honoring her was one of the largest ever.
portrait by @ChatteMuse
My human was literally numb with shock when he heard about @HollieCatRocks...twitter was nearly silent of anipal talk for a long while...nobody knew what to say, and everybody seemed frozen. My human Daddy sat
at his computer, in the hotel room in Rochester, MN where he and @SrarBeth3394 were vacationing for Thanksgiving, and burst into tears because of the huge loss of such a loved friend, and them memories of me and @DCKitty and so many other friends.

And those tears are a good thing. Because Rainbow Bridge keeps our memories alive. We never perish, we live on in hearts and thoughts. And sometimes the memories are very happy, sometimes there's some tears, but it's all a loving, comforting tribute to a love so strong that not even death can break it.

#NipClub was hit so many more times with losses of employees and dedicated customers @Ryker_Tyker, @Mulder_Cat, @TheBooPatrol (@UsThreeCoons Nimbus), @BunnyJeanCook and so many more.

We will try to list as many of our friends OTRB as we can, and please forgive us as we are bound to miss some, and by all means let us know.

Further down in the blog over the next few days we will show a lot of the activites that your friends OTRB enjoy as they continue on in paradise, while they wait to join you someday again.

Love and Hugs,
#NipClub Manager
Over The Rainbow Resident since Oct. 2010
A word from #NipClub hostess @HollieCatRocks:
@HollieCatRocks (right) with her husband @SamTheCatRocks
in this @ZaziArt painting.

It was and still is my strong belief that OTRB is not the end, it truly is only the beginning. While I was still earthbound, when we in the anipal community would have a pal go to rainbow bridge, I would simply say to my pal, its not goodbye, it's see you later

Many left earth last year, to come to OTRB, prior to myself, such as RudyCKat, TheRustCat, dckitty, Bucky, TheNascarKitty, _Bill_the_cat,  tweetypie54 (Gunner), and Schnille "Mookie" and so many more. Then, this year my dear Freddie, Shoofly, who is Wildboutbirds cousin; his own sisfur a tux like me named Lucy who is in her late twenties, came to join us and many more

I know it was a shock to most of the anipal community when i suddenly left earth to come here OTRB, last Oct, and I am not unaware of the sadness that occured after, it was indeed a very hard time. All you need to do is look in your heart and we are all there. That is what my Dear sweet danapixie (pawsome) does and I am right there. When she came to visit my mama and wee ones, I appeared in form of rainbow, it was the most amazing moment of love.  

My dear friend TheNascarKitty threw the most amazing tribute in my honor few days later and the messages and the candles were so amazing.... one of the candles I might add there was "allnighter" promiced on it, Honeybell, I still hold you too that..MOL... 

The twibbons - I was in a state of shock most of the time there is a twibbon going around when needed, but I had 3, we were just so amazed at all the love and support. I never got to properly respond individually to all of you, so thank you, I love you all. 

OTRB is beyond heavenly is the most beautiful place I have ever been, it is like nothing I have ever known, I am so happy and so at peace. To give a little insight into my day, early in the am Lucy wakes me up (after we has had a slight batting and hissing session) and we go birding. Then I spend my days mousing with Freddie and hanging with Sammy and Bucky and all my friends up here. I want this OTRB tribute to be the most wonderful, uplifting time for all, and I will personally make sure of this, as I will be hostessing. 

As I say, see you later xoxoxo @HollieCatRocks

What is Rainbow Bridge you ask?
Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful "waiting" place where animals go after they leave earth. Whether it's sickness, an accident, or just their time, they are all welcomed with loving paws by those before them. And when they arrive they are made new again, completely healthy and new. There is no pain, no sadness, anything they dream they can do, anything they wish they can have. They can eat anything they want, as much as they want with no worries about allergies or getting fat. They can be as active as they like, and they are never alone. It's a very tight community. 

We have Cloud Cuddle-pile napping, a "waving cloud" where they can wave down to earth. When you feel a certain warm breeze on your face, it's you beloved pet waving down to you. We have sports teams, pubs, live in anytype of environement or lodging we wish. 

And we patiently wait for the day we are reunited. But dont worry, we are happy to wait. We dont want anyone to hurry up here. But at the same time, we want all to know that when the inevitable happens, we're here to take care of you. 

Perhaps this video will help you understand more:

We can hear you and see you, and we communicate because love and memories are the lifeblood that keeps us alive. Just close your eyes and listen in your heart. There we are. 

xoxox @_Bill_The_Cat #Rainbow Bridge Guest Services. 

@Mulder_Cat draws a cold one at Perpertual Paradise Bar and Grill  

@RudyCKat gives @Ryker_Tyker fur treatment at his salon & spa

OTRB anipals relax at @RudyCKat's Spa.

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty built their dream mansion OTRB, often
hosting new arrivals until their own homes are built.
@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty ride along RainbowBridges coastline
on their Honda GoldWing. All types of sports and activities abound here
to keep you pals busy and happy. 
A message from @PepiSmartDog from his heart to yours!!

Hello. I'm PepiSmartDog. From the time I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, September 16th 2009, I decided to share with everyone all the fun stuff we do here. Everyone knows it is a very sad time for our families, but I hope sharing our fun stuff, as well as our special RB attributes, will bring some comfort to each of our own ‘forever families.’
OTRB we can eat anything and do everything ! No more crying and being put on weight scales and diets for us. I have invented our new motto: “Take Life By The Paws and Live It !” That is what we did, it's how we lived our lives and it's my pawsonal message to all pals and their staff. Each of us were happy and loved pets and don’t want our Staff to be trapped in ongoing sadness. 
Every opportunity I get, I remind families that your RB pal has not gone away. They are everywhere now, but most of all, they live on in your heart. The day you unexpectedly find yourself standing on the Rainbow Bridge, your pal will be there, waiting to meet you. You will be together again; but not yet. 

But meanwhile, your pal is surrounded by good buddies and together we all laugh and play and nom and nap. And then do it all again. BOL ! Not to mention our legendary parties and Welcome Banquets ! 

Look up into the sky, the twinkling is us waving. The brightness is from our smiles. Being OTRB used to be sad; now it's cool !

*waves from Pram* What a view !
PepiSmartDog  :=o)

Special Drinks and Nomms

scully meowgarita gif

Scully's favorite, Frozen Tuna Meowgartia

@ScootsNToots Sister Suzie serves up Salmon Steak
with buttery catnip noodles

Cheri of @EdnaatNutro slides over a Boba tea with
a Bacon muffin.

Bunny Jean Cook's Latte' has a bunny pic swirreled in
cream, served with lavender buns and deep fried carrot chips

August 21, 2011

#NipClub Bicycle Races!! Celebrating @DANAPIXIE!!! True friend of Animals!! August 25th, 2011

BREAKING NEWS The Shibbering Cheeto's in Concert!!
Join #NipClub and The Shibbering Cheetos in honoring @DanaPixie.
@TheShibberingC's play at 8pm EDT!!

@DanaPixie Picking up rescued animals Doodles and Pugs at the airport!!!

 Dana Moody, Also known at @DanaPixie has a long history of being a friend to animals and humans in
need!! She maintains #PawCircle and #PawPrayers and helps us all keep aware of animals who need some
helping prayers and assistance. She's always there to lend her support, advice or just a badly needed kind word or hug whenever someone is in need. #NipClub has chosen to honor her with her own pawty!!!
Dana's pawsome, her Favorite @HollieCatRocks will be your
hostess for the evening at #NipClub!!!!
Dana is a world class athlete, both running and bicycling. So we've mapped out a nice track around the #NipClub building and the neighboring countryside and during the pawty we encourage all of you to get on a bicycle and either take a leisurely ride around the track, OR race each other!!!

So send your humans shopping to get you some nice bicycling gear and come pawty at #NipClub this Thursday with @DanaPixie!!
@TinyPearlCat races around the countryside

@theNascarKitty practicing for the big #NipClub
Bike Race with @DanaPixie!!!
@DCKitty is FAST!!! She beats her darling @TheNascarKitty  every race!

@MarioDaCat and @BadAndy_KityKay race their bikes


Proscuitto Sausage with Fresh Mozzarella

Mostacolli with Eggplant and Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Brushetta

Chicken Parmagiana

Fettucinni Alfredo

Seasoned Flank Steak with Grilled Shrimp

Macaroni and Cheese

Lobster Tail with steamed vegetables

Pasta Salad

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Grilled Caprese Chicken Kebabs

Calamari Platter

Caprese Salad

Fried Eggplant with Alfredo Sauce

Deep Fried Lasagna

Deep fried Ravioli

Italian Chocolate and Creme Cake

Raspberry S'MORES!! @DanaPixie always loves them at #LakeWithPetie

All-You-Can-Eat GELATO buffet!!!

Mario with his fancy moves mixin some Hollietinis

HK Kitty wine

Bike Cupcakes

Nommy HK Cake