January 29, 2017

Highland Games

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Friends, Scots, Countrymen, lend me your ear. We're in the 2nd week of our 3 week stay in Scotland. This week we'll enjoy some Scottish Highland Games (both real and improvised). I'm so proud that many of you tried the Haggis last week, although I've heard through the grapevine that after eating a portion of Haggis, our own @RealFakeGator invented to "new" game called "Haggis Toss" as he ran outside to get rid of his haggis in a big hurry. Nothing a few drams of good Scotch Whiskey couldn't make him forget though. So, starting at 4pm EDT (9pm in Scotland) this Thursday, you'll have your chance to sample all the fun of the traditional Highland Games, anipal-style.

Don't forget that this weekend (Feb. 4 and 5th) we will also have a 24 hour pawty.  24 hour pawty.  The hashtag for that will be #NCWIS (Nipclub's Weeks in Scotland) because we get too many naughty visitors at our regular weekly hashtag. Please help our Sekurity team by Blocking and Reporting these pests when they pop up. 

We will also be staying over in Scotland for our weekly pawty on February 9th. There will undoubtedly be a lot of leftover food and drink (well, food anyway) to use up, so we'll have a Scottish Pub night. (Don't worry, I'll stock up the bar for that night). 

If you need special garb for Scotland, don't hesitate to contact @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters. But do it fast. They're very busy.  Scroll down to see what they have ready for you!

On a final note, while Nipclub Monthly is on hiatus, we may have quarterly or tri-annual 24 hour pawties tied into our #NipClub weekly themes. Scotland was fun, I'd love to hear where else you'd like to spend several weeks and open a new branch location. DM your ideas  to @TheNascarKitty

The Highland Games

Long ago, Highland games revolved around athletic and sports competitions.  The strength events of today’s games owe their roots to the Highland warriors who would keep in shape between battles by competing among themselves with everyday implements.  Back then, there were no gyms or fitness centers.  A stone, a blacksmith’s hammer, a tree trunk (caber) became tools for building strength for battle.  Test yourself, perhaps win bragging rights as #Nipclub’s modern day Highland Warrior.  Not so strong?  Perhaps the Haggis toss is more your style. 

For many Highland games festival attendees, the most memorable event at the games is the massing of the pipe bands.  Although bagpipe music has come to symbolize music at the Games, nearly all Highland games feature a wide range of piping and drumming competition,  as well as fiddling, harp & Celtic bands.  We’re sure our DJ’s will have plenty of Highland music along with your other favorites tonight.

Scottish Highland dancing is one of the oldest forms of folk dance and again has Highland Warriors at it’s roots.  Highland Dances were warrior dances performed over swords and spiked shield as a way for the old kings and chiefs of Scotland, and later, for military regiments to test and choose the best men.  Competitive Highland dancing started during Victorian times but was still for men only.  Ladies began competing only at the turn of the century, and today’s dancing is mostly performed by females.  Dances include the Highland Fling, Sword Dance & Reels.

Speaking of Reels, while drinks and noms aren’t an official part of Highland Games, they are part of #Nipclub, so are part of our HIghland Games.  Once again @SquirtTheCat and @TweetingTruman have hand picked menu items to help you build strength for the games and to make sure the only reeling you do is the dance, not from sampling too much Scotch.

Dress the Part

Need something to wear?  Let @TweetingTruman and @realfakegator know what you’d like!  Check out some of their past creations.  They are also happy to do a custom kilt or avatar for you.

Avatar samples from @Tweeting Truman 

Avatar samples from @realfakegator

 photo scot flag_zpsadg74syn.gif
Drinks and Noms

 Shepard's Pie

 Steak & Ale Pie

 Venison in red wine

Whiskey Prawns

Baked Brown Trout

 Kilt Lifter Ale

Rob Roy Cocktail

Wee Heavy Ale


Whisky Toddy

 Sticky-toffee pudding

Dundee Cake

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January 22, 2017

#NipClub celebrates Scottish Burns Night in SCOTLAND Jan. 26th, 2017

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This week I bought some land in Scotland for our newest #NipClub location.  To be precise, I bought the Eilean Donan castle and grounds, and we built a location that we'll use over the next few weeks for our official pawties. INCLUDING a 24 hour pawty on Feb. 4th/5th. But this week, we'll have a Burns Night Pawty and Feast.  

#Nipclub Celebrates Scottish Burns Night

Join us Thursday January 26th as we celebrate Burns Night!

Don't forget to help out our new charity Scotland Shar Pei Rescue

Burns Night, is the annual celebration that commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, as well as Burns' contribution to Scottish culture.  It is typically celebrated in Scotland as well as places the UK and the rest of the world on or around January 25, the date of his birth in 1759. 

The first Burns Night supper was held at Burns Cottage by Robert Burns' friends on 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death.  They have occurred regularly ever since.  The Supper may be formal or informal.  Since this is Nipclub after all, we'll be going the more informal route.

The evening traditionally begins with The Selkirk Grace, a well-known thanks said before meals, using the Scots language.  

The Supper includes haggis (a traditional peasant’s meal of sheep’s heart, lungs and liver mixed with oatmeal, onions and seasonings, and then cooked inside the animal’s stomach)"neeps and tatties" (swede, yellow turnip or rutabaga and potatoes, boiled and mashed separately). Mashed together, "neeps and tatties" is also known as "clapshot". And of course, a "dram" (a glass of Scotch whisky).  I'm guessing most of us will have had a wee bit more than a dram before trying the haggis).

In formal settings or where a set of bagpipes is at hand, the haggis is brought in with much ceremony and pipe music.  Ok, we all know #Niplclub is not formal, but after a few pre-dinner rounds and toasts, if bagpipesdo show up, someone will try their hand/paw/wing at playing.  Then we really will need all that Scotch to believe that they are playing well.

After tribute is paid to the centerpiece of the meal with the "Address to the Haggis" and "Toast to the Haggis"  guests are ready to dig into the meal.

Dessert  may include Cranachan (a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries, with toasted oatmeal) or Tipsy Laird (whisky trifle) followed by oatcakes and cheese.  I'm guessing that by the end of the night, more than the Laird will be tipsy. 

The evening continues with recitation of Burns' poetry, toasts and singing of his best known work, Auld Lang Syne.

Address to the Haggis

@SquirtTheCat opens the haggis

@lampwireslayer Buffy and @patsydog1 get the afterparty started

 photo highland cow_zps94fjxvse.gif

Noms & Drinks

Haggis, Tatties & Neeps 

Aberdeen Angus Steak and fries

Fish and chips

Clootie Pudding

Cranachan with nip garnish

Tipsy Laird trifle

Important announcement!!! #NipClub will be opening a branch in SCOTLAND and we will pawty the for 2 weeks (Jan. 26th will be the Haggis Festival and Burn's Night Pawty) and Feb. 2nd will be Highland Games!!! AND THEN on Feb 4th to 5th we will hold a 24 hour pawty with games, prizes and around the clock fun!!!  

Watch for information coming soon!

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January 15, 2017

80's Night at #NipClub January 19th, 2017

Please make sure to check out the major announcement at the bottom of this weeks blog!! You won't want to miss this!! 

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For those of us old enough to remember the 1980's the vast majority of us look back fondly on a great time in our history. We were on the dawn of great technological breakthroughs, several new types of music were gaining a foothold (hair metal, new wave, techno rock, even early rap). America had elected a "tough as nails" President who'd go on to end the cold war and cement our place as a world power. The American car manufacturing industry....well, let's not talk about that MOL... and the movies! Oh the great 80s movies, that still stand the test of time today. What a time!!!! 

Anyway, this week at #NipClub we're bringing back the 80s for a night. Dress in your favorite 80s style. Be a "hair metal maniac" or a big haired New Waver. Dress as your favorite 80s movie or TV star. Or just show up and pawty. It's gonna be fun!!! If you need that "special look" ask @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters and he'll set you up!!!

Image result for nipclub 80s

 photo automan car_zpsyqtrj232.gif

Image result for nipclub 80s

Related image

And then one day, in the early 80s, something WORLD CHANGING happened....the REAL MTV  (not the music free garbage channel we have now)  started mixing MUSIC with GREAT VIDEO. This was the first video ever shown:

And the world was never the same again!!! 

The US car industry was all but dead in the early 80s. And Chryslet's K-Car was the
saviour that our domestic industry needed to compete with the Japanese Import
economy cars. They were "interesting" little cars. That being said, @TheNascarKitty
still has the 1981  Dodge Aries K-Car his human learned on. BECAUSE not only
can he NOT sell...he can't even seem to give it away. MOL

universe punk drink photo cathykpunkdrinkgif.gif
Important announcement!!! #NipClub will be opening a branch in SCOTLAND and we will pawty the for 2 weeks (Jan. 26th will be the Haggis Festival and Burn's Night Pawty) and Feb. 2nd will be Highland Games!!! AND THEN on Feb 4th to 5th we will hold a 24 hour pawty with games, prizes and around the clock fun!!! 

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Beware: Here there be Pirates at #NipClub Sept. 23,2021

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