January 31, 2012

@HankTheDoggy Tribute Ski Pawty at #NipClub February 2nd, 2012

#NipClub Management & staff welcome you to our Colorado
Ski Lodge for a night of winter fun, snow sports, pawtying,
and honoring our great pal @HankTheDoggy
~~~@TheNascarKity~~~Club Manager

Original #NipClub DJ @HankTheDoggy, also  purveyor of
Hanks Bacon Beer, a great friend to all of us, is now
running free at Rainbow Bridge

#NipClub has rented one of the finest ski lodge resorts in Colorado for a night of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, snowmobiling AND of course PAWTYING!

Our lodge features an outdoor Heated HotTub (the air around the hot tub is heated with state of the
art heaters as well, so dont worry about freezing) and a heated outdoor dining/dancing/bar area. Come enjoy winter sports and fun, then pawty outside in the glorious snow, while staying warm and toasty at the same time.

   #NipClub Outfitters is onsite and ready to help you with your equipment, gear and clothing. Need skis? Snowboards? SnowShoes? Even a snowmobile? Maybe you need outdoor clothing? A sexy ski-bunny outfit? Whatever you need contact @RealFakeGator and we'll
do our best to get it to you. Of course, your own wonderful fur is ALWAYS in fashion at #NipClub.

We are honoring our great pal and original #NipClub DJ @HankTheDoggy, so as it is every week our #NipClub Teleporter will be setup so OTRB anipals can join us for the fun and pawtying!

OTRB pals, our teleporter is set up to get you to Colorado to join
your family and friends for a fun vacation.

@TinyPearlCat will chauffuer you where you need to go in 
our one of a kind #NipClub SnowVan.
@TinyPearlCat has made sure that we are fully stocked with Hank's Bacon Beer

#NipClub Member Services Manager @RealFakeGator has
traveled to Colorado in advance to set up, and of course, he and
Marta are making sure the snow is up to our standards :D
@TheNascarKitty checking out the snow quality
When you've had enough of the cold outdoors, come lounge in one of many
scenic dens throughout the building, with great views and fireplaces.
@MarioDaCat will lead a cross country ski tour of the beautiful countryside!
@PandaFur is a super fast speed slalom skiier!
@KingTuttiFruiti has more than skiing on his mind! MOL

Come early, stay late. We have tons of bedrooms available FREE so come
a couple days early and stay a few days longer to enjoy the area.

@CathyKeisha has her boarding goggles on and is really to shred

@Spike_Cat is dressed to pawty at our resort!

@Kittehboi Prefers keeping warm n cozy by the fire

 @PepperPom has a fastest snowmobile in the area

@TinyPearlCat grabs some sick air on her snowboard!!
@3PhiBotticelliresting between ski runs

@Cats_Meows Marie is ready for the slopes.


Dinner Menu:

 Bacon CheeseBurger Appetizer

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breasts with Angelhair Alfredo

Green Chile Macaroni and Cheese (Click for recipe)

Blueberry Pancakes stuffed with Ricotta Cheese

Maple-Bacon Cornbread Cupcakes (Click for recipe)

Of Course, our short-order kitchen can make any foods you want, just ask your barktender. Our bar is fully stocked with every indulgence you could wish for. 

January 24, 2012

GLEE the TV Show(High School Dance) at #NipClub Jan.26th 2011

Love it or Hate it, you have to admit GLEE has become a huge hit, whether it's nostalgia
for the good old days of high school, or a love for campy musicals, it's here to stay.

Several of our #NipClub regulars and employees are certified GLEEks MOL and we thought
it was time to have a GLEE themed pawty. For those of you who are not familiar with GLEE that's
OK, our GLEE theme will be High School Dance, so come dressed for prom, or homecoming,
or Sadie Hawkins, or as a Jock, Stoner, Band Geek, whatever you want! Or of course, come
in your natural fur, because that's always in style.

Special Hosts for the eveing @AutumnTheDoxie & @OwenTheTonk will join regular hostesses
@HollieCatRocks and @DanaPixie in making sure you have a fun evening. DJ's will spin tunes from all
decades so that whenever you went to school, something will be from your time. The menu features
school lunch favorites with the exception that the punch is spiked AND the bar is fully stocked :D

Club co-manager @TinyPearlCat & I are handing over design of most of this weeks blog to @AutumnTheDoxie and @DanaPixie and they will surely put together a fun blog.

Now have fun!! @TheNascarKitty, Club Manager

All New to #Nipclub
Stand up Comedy!
By @LuckytheBeagle
At 6 pm estern time

@PepperPom with @chazztheDog

Time to get your GLEEK on anipals! Join your hosts, @Holliecatrocks, Mr Schuester, and Sue...er I mean @OwenTheTonk & @AutumnTheDoxie at the McKinley High School dance. There's sure to be fun, and excitement mixed in with drama and of course, lots of singing! I wonder who will get the solos for tonight? Practice your dance moves, and warm up those voices for a evening full of fun!
@ChazzTheDog was quite an animal in high school!

Menu based on School Lunches

Fish Sticks, Mashed Potatoes & Vegetable Medley

Bread Pizza
Burger and Fries

John Marzetti with Garlic Bread

Tater Tot Cassarole

Chili with Honey Buttered Cornbread

Taco Plate with Beans & Rice