February 24, 2011

#NipClub Honors everyone's best pal @MarioDaCat!!!!!!!

Please note:You can be in the photo below. Just email your pic dressed in a tux or as a tuxie cat to  AutumnTheDoxie@gmail.com and we'll add you!!! Thanks!
Update: Autumn says she will add the rest of everyones Mario costumes to the pic this weekend.

Join #NipClub in honoring the sweetest Kitty you'll ever meet:
@MarioDaCat!! Thurs. March 3rd, 2011 4to midnight EST

MarioDaCat is a huge fan of his local hometown team...World Champion Green Bay Packers,
he even painted his Ford Galaxy Pro Stock Race Car to show his team pride.
MarioDaCat arrives for work in his hot rod Corvette. 
The Sweetest Guy You'll ever meet!  @MarioDaCat

When an Anipal first comes to Twitter there's a really good chance one of the first anipals they'll meet, and certainly one of the first they'll friend is @MarioDaCat.  Mario is sweet, kind, funny, supportive and sometimes just a little naughty. He's also a super hard-working guy. Whether it's just mingling, goofing around, helping publicize events like PawPawty, NipClub, Anipal Academy Awards, barktending for a huge variety of pawties, or just helping cheer up a friend, Mario is usually one the twitter-timeline most of the day.

He's usually one of the first to send prayers, best wishes, condolences, congratulations, or just love to anipals who need it. But did you know Mario hasnt had it easy? He's had to withstand medical conditions that are just unbelievable. Poor Mario eventually lost all his teeth to a rare feline disease that almost claimed his life, but he is one cat with a huge will to live and he triumphed over it!! 

To learn more about Mario's journey, check out his blog at http://mariodacat.blogspot.com/ . He has a 3 part post about where his "teeth went" that is a must read for all pet lovers. You need to be aware of the terrible affliction that endanger your kitty's life.

Also, please look through his blog and see all the fellow animals needing rescue that Mario has helped out. There is a new article about @SiafraCat, just one of many animals that benefitted from Mario's compassion.

Mario is always there to help us carry our burdens, with soft encouragement, hugs, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, he never asks for more than you friendship and repays it with the kindest loving friendship.

Mario's next endeavor is helping his parents endure the Parkinson's Disease which afflicts them both. I know Mario will try to shoulder as much of the burden as he can....and I also know Mom and Dad will do everything they can to make sure Mario's life remains as normal as possible.

Mario's Mom Mary is having some difficulty typing for Mario now, which hopefully will improve as she gets treatment, but they will have to move to a new ranch style house better suited to their needs.  It's gonna be a big change for Mario, so let's spend a night letting him know how much we love him!!!!
While we're all getting ready Thursday night, @TinyPearlCat will be picking up Mario & his parents and flying them to the cruise ship in the #NipClub Chopper. Later, she'll pick up Purrime Ministerettes @ShivaAndJaya at the airport & flying them to the ship  to do a special presentation for @MarioDaCat.

Special Events Agenda: 
Your Hostess for the evening is the lovely @HollieCatRocks one of Mario's closest friends. She will escort Mario & make sure everyone is happy.

Throughout the night :@MaggieTKat will host quizzes with great prizes!!!

4pm EST  NipClub opens for Happy Hours!! @SeattleP will pop in and talk about some of the great things Mario has done in his life!!! Drinks are 2 for one! And Noms are FREE!!

6pm @ShivaAndJaya, Purrime Ministerettes are flying in to Tahiti in their jet. We'll helicopter them out to our cruise ship where they will make a special presentation to Mario!!

8pm EST  TheShibberingCheeto's perform a huge concert hosted by @CathyKeisha and our Guest of honor!!!! @MarioDaCat  while all-star barktenders @Meow_Girls & @BunnyJeanCook  serve up drinks and noms.

9 to 10pm EST @PepiSmartDog will host a "TOAST TO MARIO" hour. Give your best toast to Mario with free champagne!!

Come as a Tuxie-Cat or in Black & White Formal
For fun if you can, why not come as a tuxie-cat like Mario. Or, if you'd rather dress up in formal clothing, black and white formal wear would be great. Of course, you are always welcome at NipClub just as you are, in your natural fur! So please come no matter what. If you need help dressing up shoot a tweet to @DanaPixie, or Me, or TinyPearlCat etc. Ask any NipClub employee for help and they'll steer you right.

We All Want to Be Tuxies!

For all of you would would like to be a MariodaCat tuxedo kitty, here is the faceinhole link. This is ParkerSKat modeling his Mario tux.
How to see your lovely tuxie faces Fursday!

Thursday Feb. 24th,2011 Old Town Tavern night.

Hi everyone. It's Tommy Tiger!! AKA @TheNascarKitty, Manager of NipClub.

I'm very proud of the work #NipClub does for anipals and charity, my staff does a bang up job and our customers are very generous.  But please know that if you cant afford to donate to our charities, that is not a problem. We want you here to have fun no matter what. We understand that in these times people just dont have  disposable income all the time, so never let that stop you from coming to have fun.

Tonight, we dont have a special theme pawty, we're just the neighborhood bar, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. Great drinks, terrific noms and the best friends.All here for you.

We are sponsoring 2 charities tonight. Our friend @Biztat has asked us to help some endangered feral cats

We also have a link to help animals injured or displaced by the New Zealand EarthQuake.

This Saturday we have also let @Whskr & @Rumblepurr use #NipClub to have a special pawty for the New Zealand animals.  You will find more info here: http://nipclub.blogspot.com/p/new-zealand.html

Have a great night of fun!!


February 16, 2011

Thursday February 17th, 2011 NipClub Lounge

WOW anipals, we have had a busy few weeks here at #NipClub!! Huge pawtys, themed events, even a special opening on Valentines Day!!

For Thursday night Feb. 17th we will just have a good old fashioned evening at the bar. Good drinks, good noms, great music, great pals, dancing, Nip, more Nip, and Fun. Did I mention there will be nip? MOL.

Our staff has worked their paws to the bone, and many of them have been rewarded with cars, which you have probably seen on Twitter. Eventually all of them will have cars. Here's the cars we've bought our employees to date:

@GeorgeTheDuck looks hot in his 58 Cadillac. Yep Ladies, HE's SINGLE!!

@CathyKeisha tearing up some asphalt in her 66 Mustang

@Kittehboi cruisin' in his classic 57 Belair Convertible

@AutumnTheDoxie in her custom Low Rider Chopped Chevy HHR Truck

@PumpkinPuddy in her exotic Lamborgini Guillardo

@HemmingswaysCat in a rare Shelby Mustang

@MaggieTKat in her Chevy Deuce Coupe 

We also got @MaggieTKat a Hummer Pickup to haul #NipClub stuff in.

@Meow_Girls Tippy (Red car) & Penny (Blue Car) in their Ford Thunderbirds

@PandaFur in her classic 56 Corvette

@ShaynaCat looks pawsome in her Bentley Continental Convertible

@MarioDaCat in his Corvette Stingray

@TinyPearlCat in her classic Dodge Charger. Yep, it's got a Hemi!!

@TheNascarKitty in his Chevelle Malibu SS. 
@HollieCatRocks is as gorgeous as the scenery in her
Supercharged Lotus. She had the biggest NipClub pawty ever
And serves as a Hostess as NipClub too!

The Love of my Life, @DCKitty takes some #NipClub employees
for a spin in her new Ferrari. @HollieCatRocks, @SeattleP, @CathyKeisha,
@TinyPearlCat, ME and @MarioDaCat all crammed in MOL.

We are also starting a special blog page featuring #NipClub car club, and that will be up on the blog soon.

February 6, 2011

#NipClub Thursday Feb. 10th Valentines Sweetheart Pawty!!! Also Open Valentines Day Feb. 14th

Darlings of Twitter @TheNascarKitty & his lady @DCKitty leave their Mansion on 
the way to #NipClub to celebrate their love!!! 

@TinyPearlCat & @MorrisCat portrayed in this lovely portrait
showing their love on the first date. 

Two days of Celebrating Love at #NipClub Thurs. 2/10 & Mon 2/14!! Come show some love!!

Love is in the air!!! And we've decided to celebrate it!!!!TWICE At #NipClub this week Thursday Feb 10th we'll be celebrating all the lovers among us!!! I encourage anipal couples to send me their pictures so I can put them on the blog. Then  this Thursday we'll have a big pawty with special food, great drinks, love songs, great dance tunes and FUN!!  Everybody is welcome. It is perfectly fine to come "stag"..who knows, you  may end up NOT going home alone ;D 

Special Note:  On Valentines Day itself, Feb. 14, we will open for from 7 to 11 pm EST so that anybody who's typists aren't out celebrating Valentine's Day can come to #NipClub and have some fun. Bring your date, or look for an attractive single anipal...who knows what may happen? Love is in the air!!!

Introducing our newest drink! Dominique's Berry 
MeowHito!! Fresh California Berries, Rum, Crushed Mint & 
Fresh Nip created by @TinyPearlCat for @DCKitty

Everybody attending gets free Dom Perignon Champagne!!!! 

Everybody gets Free Dinner for two (or eat it all by yourself hehe)
Filet Mignon, Stuffed Lobster, Grilled Shrimp, 
Shrimp Cocktail, Nip-Coffee & Cherry Cheesecake!

Every drink comes with complimentary dipped Strawberries!!

@TinyPearlCat's Special Chocolate Drops free all night!!

Some Great Love Stories!!!
@SamTheCatRocks & @HollieCatRocks on the red carpet

@TigerBoyTheCat & @Lilly_the_Tortie ready to go out!
@BamBamLovesYa & @MeisRoxyThePug
wish you a Happy Valentines Day

@ToughTeddyBear & @LilyLuWhoT dressed to thrill.

@PumpkinPuddy & Curzon from @UsThreeCoons share a snuggle

@TallulahsMom & @FreshOtis dancing at their wedding.

@WildBoutBirds (Honey Bell) & @ThatStripeyCat (Stripey Bell) show their love.

@CokieTheCat & @JazzyDaCat on their Wedding Day

@PetieTheCat takes @PandaFur to Paris!!

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty the Darlings of Twitter!!!

TheNascarKitty & DCKitty show off some smooth dance moves 

Newlyweds @PetieTheCat & @PandaFur looking elegant

@SamTheCatRocks & @HollieCatRocks on their honeymoon

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty share a moment at
@FreshOtis & @TullulahsMom's wedding.

@JinJinDoggy & @PierreThePoodle new lovers!! So Cute!! 

@PuppyNumber7 & @Keely_Bobs in love and soon to marry!!! 

Dont worry Ladies, @MarioDaCat is always available for a smooch!!