April 29, 2012

#NipClub POTLUCK May 3, 2012

Last week I hired contractors to expand my #NipClub commercial kitchen to accomodate @Flicka47's Flicka-da-Cookie Cafe and the 24 hour #NipClubMonthly pawties, as well as being ableto serve our weekly #NipClub guests and our catering customers the fine cuisine they have become accustomed to.

Needless to say, I've spared NO expense and this will be a kitchen Gordon Ramsey himself would lust after....BUT my construction crew WILL NOT have it done by Thursday May 2nd for #NipClub.

SO...because we need good noms to go with our top notch NIP and our great bar stock, this week we will have a POTLUCK!! We will provide FREE drinks and Nip, if you bring you favorite noms to share with each other.

For fun, you can come dressed as your favorite noms, or as a waiter/cook/chef, or, of course,  in your own natural fur, which is always in style at #NipClub. @RealFakeGator is ready to help you as always from #NipClub Outfitters, as am I. Please make sure we know if you want to be a waiter, waitress, chef, or actually come as your food item. (We need to know what dish your bringing too, so we can get it on the picture). We will put a bunch of your foods on the blog as "menu" as well!!

~~~~@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager & Kitchen Guru.

Pals PotLuck Dishes to Pass:
@TheNascarKitty serves up his signature Lamb Chops
with Mint Sauce over Spring Greens in  Balsamic Vinagrette
Cheeto (@RosieAndCheeto) as a platter of BACON

@BunnyJeanCook Serves up Spaghetti Marinara and Chicken
and Dumplings!!!
@3PhiBotticelli is scrumptious as a Fresh Fruit Sundae

@TheNascarKitty as Baked Macaroni and Cheese...Eat the
Mac and Cheese NOT the kitty please.

@PumpkinPuddy Making Nommy Henry Heart Cake

@Cats_Meows is gonna be fought over

 @Flicka47 built this floral display out of CUPCAKES!!...uh oh where's @WinstonTabby? (see below)

 @JinJinDoggy serves up her famous MeowMosas

 @KatieBella and @MarioDaCat are sweet as Strawberries

 @Kittehboi serves up his famous Susi Platter

@WinstonTabby seems to have escaped from the CupCake Display!! (above)

@PixelDoggy and @JinJinDoggy as Chicken Matzoh Ball soup!! Delisicious!!

Bowl of @pixeldog pears

@Georgetheduck sauce

The kentucky Derby is this weekend, So @tinypearlcat
will be shaking up some strong Nip Juleps during her shift

Kittens of @Claudiab53 cuddle after their bellies are so full.
These cute kittens LOVE Chicken!!

@4catstrapski's Bode loves Tuna!!

@KaitoKamui custom made cupcake!

@CryBabRKit Cake

@Flicka47's Dolly as a cookie

@LeoBlue31 Chocolate Delight (anipal safe)

@Meow_Girls as yummy Cheese and Sausage tray

@CathyKeisha Chocolate fountain

@Cats_meows Strawberry shortcake

@Dogmolly is some Cherry pie Al' a mode

@Twitelien as tastey milk bones

@Skeeterthetabby serves Skeeterza!

Spicy @Pepperpom

@Bea_bells Disco Bacon bowl

@Chazzthedog serves nomms with the @Meow_girls

@SpookyShorty is Coookies

@ArlieJo doing da Gingerbread wiggle

Plenty of donuts from @BadAndy_kitykat

April 28, 2012

#LJwedding Lola and Jack April 29

 The Wedding of
@Jackchidoggy and @millymopmoo

Lola and Jack's Wedding, Apr 29 @ 4pm - 7pm (EST)


For the ultimate in wedding luxury,
come join us at the HillBark Hotel

The happy couple, Lola and Jack

The gorgeous wedding-cake is a creation
of the chefs at @nipclubcatering


The confetti will be flying...


Your choice of Bacon, Catnip or Berry Champange
(all guaranteed Vintage, of course!)

@HighlandHamish's Hammy Beer
(a delicious tribute to a special furiend)

Bacon Roserita
(a new addition to the menu, specially created
by our internationally-renowned chefs)

Hillbark Coffee
(with an extra touch of richness, in
keeping with the luxury of our venue!)

Rose Tea
(fragrant rose petals make this the most
romantic tea we've ever brewed)



All you can Eat Buffet
(speaks for itself - we DARE you to have room for more!)

Hammy Sossidges
(tender, succulent and irresistible)

Rib Roast with...

...Yorkshire Pudding
(the traditional feast of British and European Royalty)

Crab Durian
(our Head Chef's own favorite seafood recipe)

Hillbark Salmon Wrap
(sure to please even the most discerning ani-palate!)

Chicken Terrine
(a touch of the Mediterranean)

Mushroom Rissoto
(a special treat for vegetarian guests)

Vegatable Wellington
(a delicious extra choice for vegetarian guests)

water rose


Explore our selection of luxury desserts...

HillBark Fruit Dish
(finest quality fruit personally selected by
our Head Chef to create this delicious dish)

Sticky Toffee pudding with Candied Bacon
(an original mixture of ingredients
inspired by the occasion)

Fruit Crumble
(light and crisp, with sweet-flavored topping
and a hint of sharpness in the fruit)

Yorkshire Rhubarb
(flown in especially for the occasion - the
very best of the new season's rhubarb!) 


And, of course, wherever you look,
that special touch of sheer romance...

Brought to you by the genius of
our hosts and wedding planners...

... and, of course, the hard-working staff of
#Nipclub Catering (you can follow us
on Twitter at @nipclubcatering)