July 27, 2010

Check out the new features:

We've added some new features. A Barktender page, so that you know who to look for when you're thirsty or hungry, DJ theme hours, and an entire custom menu of fine food and specialty drinks. Of course our talented Barktenders are also very talented short order cooks, so they can whip up just about anything your heart could desire in our fully equipped kitchen. Our staff is remarkably versatile and well trained, and we are proud of them.

Thanks, KingTuttiFruiti & TheNascarKitty.

Our staff, from Left to right from Top: MarioDaCat, TinyPearlCat, Kittehboi, GeorgeTheDuck, KingTuttiFruiti, BunnyJeanCook, TheNascarKitty, MaggieTCat, HankTheDoggy, CathyKeisha ParkerSKat.

July 21, 2010

WOW!!! What a Pawty!!!!!

My Lovely @DCKitty (Dominique) & I leaving the PrePawty to go get an early breakfast. We thank you for your donations to the Charity. Dominique is my muse, & the reason I am so passionate about the charity (see below in body of article).

Last Friday we opened for a special event. The Anipal Academy Awards organization used our club for their big Pre-Pawty and Red Carpet Fashion show, as well as presenting a lot of extra "Walk of Fame" awards and honoring Anipal Authors and Artists.

The Pawty went on, well after the doors "officially" closed for the night. I looked in at 2 am, and there were still anipals pawtying.

But the most impressive part, was that the PawPawty charity link started HERE for the weekend, and by the time PawPawty officially started Saturday afternoon (EDT) we had already met 13% of the goal.

As of right now, Anipals donated $1360 plus dollars to the University of Colorado Animal Cancer Research Institute. Every dollar was matched by an anonymous benefactor!!!

So because of NipClub, the Anipal Academy Awards, and PawPawty $2700 dollars plus were raised.

Congratulations and Thanks to all who donated. We have so many anipals who have suffered and passed from cancer, and this is to honor all of them. Perhaps someday, this tragic affliction will be under control.

This week #NIPCLUB is back to normal. Thursday, 7 to midnight Eastern. We will also continue our UK Version of NipClub Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm EDT. Come enjoy yourselves!!!!


( @TigerTommy)

July 13, 2010

Special Night Special event!!!!

NipClub and Anipal Academy Awards present:

An evening of glamour, of dancing, nip, drinks, and fun. All during a special FRIDAY night nipclub!!! Friday July 16th nipclub will open at 2pm Eastern time as the Pre-Pawty for the AnipalAcademyAwards PawPawty.

Come walk our special red carpet and show off your elegant, trendy, super hot pawty outfits to our team of Runway Fashion Pawparazzi the Pink Pups (Princess Gwenie & Miss Busy Bizz, ) and the always lovely Meow_Girls. And maybe you'll even get lucky enuff to be interviewed by our special correspondants @RosieAndCheeto!!!!!!

Plenty of great food and drinks will be provided by the #NipClub's Barktenders and great music will be provided by their team of talented DJ's.

Later in the evening (around 7 pm EDT) @MaggieTKat will present honors to Anipal Authors and Artists.

Of course we have a few dozen FUN Anipal Academy Awards to give away as well. Come see who wins: "Most Likely to Be Banned From PawPawty" or "Best Use of Nudity as a Lifestyle" and a lot of other fun events.

Pawty 'til Midnight, then get some rest, because Saturday we start all over again at #pawpawty!!!!

Please remenber during #pawpawty to also search the hashtag #aaac because that will be a dedicated screen for the ceremony.

And PLEASE check out our speical charity (see widget to right) and help us fund Animal Cancer Research.

Thanks, and SEE YOU AT NIPCLUB!!!!

PS: a special thank you to KingTuttiFruiti and FlaCatLady for opening up for us!!!!!!!