June 21, 2010

#NipClub now has a blog!!!!!

Welcome to the NipClub blog.

NipClub is a relaxing place to come have some drinks, noms, and of course Primo-Nip as you Pawty with your Anipal friends. Efurrybody is Welcome, and we have special treats for all species!!!

While we are a relaxed club.......we offer some of the most cutting edge viariety Music and Entertainment out there. Our Staff of DJ's offer everything from Oldies, to Classic Rock, To Country, to Head Banging metal. There may even be dedicated Fur-optional streaking hours.

Of course, if you feel like pawtying without you fur, you're free to do it anytime. The only rules here are to be polite and respectful, while you are getting your freak on. Cruelty and taunting will not be allowed.

Now come on in, have a Bacon Beer, Meowgarita, NipTini, and light up a Nip Blunt, or even use one of our 8 hose Nip Hookahs, and listen to our DJ's try to blow up the speakers and bring the roof down.

Have Fun!!!!!!!

Thursdays from 7 to midnight Eastern US time. Extra times and days happen, so watch the schedule!!!!

Late news flashes:
We are exploring earlier hours to accomodate European pawty anipals.

We will be CLOSED July 15th...BUT we will be open early July 16th as we host the Anipal Academy Awards Pre-Show Red Carpet Fashion Special and help them honor Anipal Authors and Artists. Some surprise Academy Awards will be given out that night too!!!


Anipal Academy Awards said...

This is a HOT club!!!! WE thank them for opening their doors to our PrePawty. They have SMASHED through their first charity goal, and are doing great things for Animals while having a great time.

Mariodacat said...

This is a great blog NipClub. You are now rightfully becoming the HOT SPOT in the big city of Twitteerville. Thank you so much for opening your doors on a special day off to host the Pre-Award pawty for the Anipal Academy Awards. You ROCK!

catlover said...

NipClub is pawsome! Gimme some nip!

Cathy Keisha said...

Instead of expanding hours, why not just open Nip Clubs in Europe and Australia? I'm sure you can find someone to oversee them. Time to start Nip Club franchises.

KokoroPurrs said...

What a great idea, the Nipclub blog! Tosses a fishie >»)))(*>