September 22, 2010

Thursday Sept. 23 Epic DJ Battle and Help A Friend Pawty

#NipClub is holding a few special events today.

From 9:30 to 11 pm EDT @TheNascarKitty will square off against @AutumnTheDoxie and possibly @Kittehboi in an epic DJ battle. They'll be slinging their best tunes and trash talking for your entertainment. The Loser has to streak around NipClub.....but the winner will probably join them. MOL.

We have a friend in need also. Below please see a letter sent by @FuzzyMice about a predicament they are in. If you wish to help please contact them. I am not including their phone number on the blog, but I do have it available if you need it. But please contact them through Twitter if you can.

Here's the letter from @FuzzyMice

Hooray for nipclub! Here's the situation. I am a university student, and financial aid has been canceled. I have mental disabilities Asperger's disorder and Major Depression Disorder, and I am waiting on social security and SSI benefits. I filed last month and it can take as long as six months to come through. I have no income, may have to leave school, and cannot find work. Many bills are coming due, including rent. My landlord has given me 30 days to move out, and that notice expires October 9. I have no problem packing my things into a storage and sleeping in my car until SSI comes in, if another housing opportunity does not come, but these cats cannot all live in the car with me. I must make sure the cats are taken care of no matter what.
The cats that I have are abandoneds and strays who I brought in during 2008-2009, so that their kittens would not be born feral. I also have all those kittens. Most are fixed with shots, thanks to my CareCredit and donations from Twitter users. A few still need this care, and chances of adoption would be better for them if I have them fixed first.

This recent kitten season has brought me a few new youngsters, who are all old enough now to be fixed. Also, I have a few cats with special needs, and I would like to offer sponsorships for these cats to increase their chances of adoption.

Operation Fuzzy Mice will not close due to my housing situation. I am still intent on applying for 501c3 and providing financial access to vet care for low-income pet owners. The only thing that must close is the fostering of cats because I won't have a home to put them in. I stopped taking in new cats a few months ago, and now need help placing cats who are still here.

Nipclub donations would first fund as many spays and neuters as possible, then anything left will go towards the special-needs sponsorships. If any is left after my own cats are covered, then it will seed my 501c3 fund for Operation Fuzzy Mice. I do not have a set goal in mind- if I should set one it would be pretty high and might scare people. LOL So I will leave that to nipclub, as every penny will count. Every single penny. My vet charges $45 for neuter, $65 for spay, and $35 for shots (4-in-1 and rabies).

My phone number is (available from @TheNascarKitty) , leave a voicemail. My location is Bakersfield, CA. I can transport cats or meetup with adopters, within about a 30 mile radius. Email is Paypal is the same. Blog is

Let me know if you need any more information! I'm so excited!

Please also send your condolences to @FriendsForever for the loss of SNIFFIE who went to #RainbowBridge this week.

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Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

You were kind enough to help a bunch of us promote and help FuzzyMice at the NipClub - it was a huge help to her and made a big difference.

I promised I would make donations to the NipClub charity when we got her sorted out (and, with the help of a miracle we have!) so I just made my first donation to the senior dogs chip in. Another will follow when I make another online sale.

Thank you once again, for your generous gesture.

Marjorie (Whskr) and @DashKitten