December 3, 2010

#NipClub presents New Service!! #NipClub Catering debuting at Petie And Panda's Wedding at the Lake

TinyPearlCat, NipClub Bar Manager, Blog Master creater of NipClub Catering Service
Our Service Debuts with one of the events of the Year!! Petie and Panda's Wedding!
The lovely bride @PandaFur
The groom, dashing, debonair @PetieTheCat

#NIpClub is proud to present our newest service: Catering!!!! We will debut our catering menu at @PetieTheCat's and @PandaFur's wedding on Dec. 4, 2010. @DanaPixie was so busy organizing and planning and still needed a menu. @TinyPearlCat jumped to action and our #NipClub catering service was created.

WE are so glad to debut at Petie and Panda's wedding because these two lovely anipals are very dear to our hearts. PandaFur is on staff as a DJ and Petie has definately spent a lot of time pawtying here. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH!!!

How Does the Catering work? If you are having a pawty or even and need a menu contact someone on #NipClub staff to get the ball rolling. We can make a personalized menu like you see at for your event.

If you need Barktenders or DJ's let us know and we'll try to accomodate, or you can use your own service staff and work off our menu. If you have special requests for the menu we will try to accomodate them.

If there a fee? #NipClub is all about Charity and helping anipal causes, so we benefit from having our charity widgets on the side bar, and from the free publicity as your guests browe through our web blog.

Please consider #NipClub Catering service for all your pawty needs. Just get in contact with myself, or @TinyPearlCat or any other employee.


@TheNascarKitty Club Manager.

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