November 8, 2011

#NipClub Nov. 10th, 2011, Neighborhood Bar & Grill

We've been pretty busy here lately at #NipClub with themes and pawties. Weddings &
Celebrations of friends. It's time to take a few weeks and just sit back, have a drink,
dance with friends, eat some great bar food, and enjoy ourselves in the local neighborhood
bar and Grill. A place where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you

Ribs. Chicken & Brisket platter

Bacon CheeseBurger

Windy City Chicago Dogs!!


And dont forget this weekend!! The Big show!! The Anipal Academy Awards Ceremonies
This year, the pawty goes nearly non-stop from Friday Afternoon to Sunday night....with all your favorite #NipClub Barktenders and DJ's serving you all weekend.

Check out the weekends activities and a note about the weekends Charity, Animal Cancer Research:

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