March 9, 2012

Pawty in Ireland at #NipClub's St. Patty's Pawty! March 15th, 2011

Pals!! We have built a #NipClub in Ireland for this Thursday s #NipClub St. Patty's Pawty!! #NipClub Air will be flying you there all week to enjoy the country side and have a few extra days to pawty! We will also celebrate March Birthdays/GotchaDays so please let @TinyPearlCat or @FlaCatLady know if this includes you.

@MarioDaCat and @TinyPearlCat put in a lot of hours building our traditional Irish Pub room

Dye your fur green,come dressed as a leprechaun, an Irish Villager, or just in your natural fur, always welcome.  @RealFakeGator has ordered several truckloads of Irish gear and apparrel for #NipClub Outfitters, contact him if you are interested.

@RealFakeGator & Marta do some St. Patty's Paddling on
the Chicago River before heading to Ireland

 If you are interested in driving around in Ireland while you are there, you may want to view this video about driving in the Emerald Isle. Driving in Ireland

Kiss Me I'm Irish by Gaelic Storm on Grooveshark
Enjoy this great song by Gaelic Storm "Kiss Me I'm Irish"

Noms & Drinks:
Corned Beef & Cabbage All You Can Eat! FREE!! All Night!!

Fried Fish Sandwich with ColeSlaw & Cucumber Tarter Sauce

Bangers and Mash

Pork & Beans & Poached Eggs on Toast

Rueben Sandwich

Irish Breakfast: Poached Eggs on toast with Banger Sausages,
Back Bacon, and Sauteed Tomatoes & Mushrooms

Irish Soda Bread with Butter and Marmelade

Lamb Stew

Shephard's Pie

Flank Steak, with Roasted Carrots, Parsley Buttered Potatos
and Mushrooms

Baileys Mint Chocolate Cake

Grasshopper Pie

Bailey's Irish Creme Pie

Mint-Oreo Cheesecake

NewCastle Brown Ale

Baileys' Irish Creme Assortment

Nip-Grasshoppers (alcoholic & Virgin)

Guinness on tap

Harp Lager

Black  & Tans (Guinness poured over Harp)

Paddy Whiskey (makes Moonshine seem
like watered down kool-ade!!)

(top to bottom) @3PhiBotticelli, @BarnabasKitten
and @GiambiBoyPup wish you a happy St. Patty's day.


@DontIgnoreTruth and @SassyBeagle

Charlie and Millie of @WestyMad

 march gotcha days


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