July 24, 2012

CHRISTMAS in July at #NipClub July 26th 2012

christmas july gif animated

Santa got cold and bored up at the north pole this summer. So #NipClub gave him a call and said, "C'Mon down to South Beach Florida, and we'll  throw you a Christmas Pawty in the sunshine and warmth!!"

Santa agreed, so we flew him down on #NipClub air and we're decorating to throw him a pawty like he's NEVER seen before!! 

So dress up for Christmas, or decorate our avi, or just come in your own glorious fur, but the important thing is to come pawty!!!

It'll be fun to give each other gifts, and our quizmasters will have some gifts to award to our guests BUT consider giving the GIFT of LIFE and donate to our Charity of the month her at #NipClub and help save some animals.

#NipClub Manager @TinyPearlCat, Hostess/Quizmaster @HollieCatRocks &
feature DJ @CathyKeisha welcome Santa, Rudolph & Clarisse to  South
Beach with a #NipClub welcome pawty!!!

If you'd like a special costume just ask @RealFakeGator & #NipClub Outfitters. They are 
glad to help you look just how you'd like. 

bacon lights beach

Traditional Christmas Dinner & Drinks:

Cranberry Martini's

Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, Dressing, Candied Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Scalloped corn,
pumpkin pie and all the side dishes you love!!!
Christmas Stollen

Tom & Jerry's

Egg Nog & Egg Nog CupCakes
Venetian Pontoon Boat Rides on Miami Harbor

@TinyPearlCat serves up drinks in our swimming pool bar.

Sand "Snowman" Building contest!!


Mario, Autumn, OtisDoggy, Biz bee, Wallace and Tinncat

Rusty Varroooooms around!

Winston plays some music for the ladies

Owen takes some time out

Lovely Pumpkin Puddy



Kjelle Bus said...

Woo Hoo me LOVE all kind of party´s !
Sounds like great fun with a Christmas party in the middle of the summer :)

Mariodacat said...

Zowie - what better way to cool off than to celebrate Christmas In July at Nipclub. Better tell management to put plenty of ice in the pool.