September 16, 2012

#NipClub Black & White Cocktail Pawty with BarkWorld!! Sept. 20,2012

#NipClub rolls out the red carpet for our great pals @BarkWorldExpo who will join us for an elegant
"Black & White Cocktail Pawty" this week. Dont miss this great pawty and the chance to meet new pals.



All are invited to an evening of elegance as we welcome BARKWORLD to #NipClub Lounge for a "black and white cocktail pawty". Dress in your favorite black and white pawty clothes, or come in your own natural fur which is always elegant and welcome at #NipClub.

#NipClub Outfitters has stocked the very best black and white fashion and would be glad to help dress you, just ask @RealFakeGator and he will have his staff start getting you ready. 


The Menu:

Michelin Star Chef @TheNascarKitty  & his staff  created
the perfect menu for this elegant affair. Come Hungry. 

Brandy Spiked Chocolate-Nip Mousse
Cupcakes, Pastries, Tarts, Chocolate Coverd Strawberries, Cheesecake

Smoked Salmon & Crab Mousse Pinwheels

Peppered Tuna
Click HERE for the recipe
Feta Cheese, Mint & Melon Skewers with Nip


Rack of Lamb with Pan fried buttered peas & Rasberry Glaze
Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled Shrimp with Seared Avacodo
Click HERE for recipe
Caviar on Toast with Creme Fraiche

Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Enchiladas
Oak Roasted Pork Chop with Green Chile Mac and Cheese
Jalepeno Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit & Cranberry Dipping Sauce
This may sound strange, but the subtle fire of the Jalepenos is the
perfect contrast to the sweet fruits and the Sauce. Try it. 
BBQ Scallops with Green Chile Broth & Jalepeno
Cheese Grits. Garnished with Nip.
Top shelf cocktails made to order by our talented barktenders
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