April 21, 2013

#NipClub Seattle Grunge Music Pawty April 25th, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. Every penny helps! Thanks!

(photo credit You Did What with Your Weiner)

#NipClub is pleased to announce social media guru & Seattle dog blogger Jess Williams is joining us tonight from 6pm-8pm EDT as she relaunches her popular blog You Did What with Your Weiner The blog features two hiking dachshunds and nutrition for active dogs with a focus on preventing obesity. They are co-hosts of the Black & White Sunday blog hop along with http://www.mylifeinblogyears.com/ and http://dachshundnola.blogspot.com/ Make sure to follow @YDWWYW and look for quizzes and prizes tonight!
#NipClub has opened a new branch in Seattle...atop the world famous Space Needle!! Join us this week for a pawty featuring the finest of Seattle Music, and special Seattle treats in our new Coffee Bar, featuring the best coffee drinks AND specialty coffee cocktails!!!
@MarioDaCat & @TinyPearlCat serve up great coffee drinks as well
as our state of the art coffee based cocktails at our new Coffee Bar.

Featuring GRUMPY CAT COFFEE (it's actually REALLY good!)

Free GRUMPY CAT Latte for each guest to get
you ready to pawty & enjoy Seattle!!

 photo grunge-music-1101_zps4d0fd291.gif
In the 90s Seattle emerged as a new force in the music industry. With it's new distinct Grunge sound, led by bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney  and so many more, the sounds coming from Seatlle captured the ears of the world and changed the course of music history. Tonight our DJs will add Seattle Grunge tunes to their already great sets.

Jump into the Grunge scene with
one of tonight's Seattle Ambassadors

Our other Seattle ambassador Jeego (@SeattleP) spends
some time with Seattle legend Kurt Cobain of  Nirvana

 photo kurt_zps3cf1f931.gif

@ReillyDog6877 is ready to play

More to come..check back often


 photo RedCrab_zps6331494e.gif

  seattle troll dancing lights grunge animated photo seattletrollgif_zpsca01e7dc.gif

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