August 5, 2013

#NipClub CIRCUS August 8th, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the senior dogs at Old Dog Haven. Every penny helps! Thanks!
It's CIRCUS time at #NipClub We've Put up the Big Top Tent & Booked all your favorite acts! So grab some peanuts and popcorn, a cold bacon beer, And come join us under the big top for an evening of unimaginable fun! And don't forget to check out the midway attractions and ride all your favorite carnival rides! And Pawty like only #NipClub pals can! 

@MarioDaCat & @ShaynaCat show off our circus Elephants! 
There was an incident with our old lion tamer....he's...well....gone...but his
assistant @GeorgeTheDuck quickly stepped in and took control.

Our animal acts are intense. This Russian Goat is so amazing you wont
believe your eyes!!!

So whatever else you do, make sure to pop into #NipClub Circus Night this Thursday! Come dressed as your favorite circus performer, maybe a clown, a trapeze artist, heck, be a circus elephant if you want!! As always @RealFakeGator and his crew from #NipClubOutfitters will help you dress in whatever you would like. Just ask! And don't forget that we will have a great spread of terrific carnival foods as well as full bar service. Our terrific DJ staff will also spin tunes to keep you smiling as you watch our magnificent show! 

The  Barker attempts to attract patrons by exhorting the passing public, emphasizing variety, novelty, beauty or whatever it takes to incite listeners to attend.

Is that the definition of our own @3phibotticelli or what?
She'll bark and bark till she ends up in twitter jail. 

The Ringmaster is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of the show (or at least the appearance of it).  He may be called upon to fill time by talking or by joking with a clown if an act is not ready for it's entrance.

And who better than @germanshortair's Banjo to do this?
You've heard the phrase "German precision", Banjo runs the show with
german shorthair precison!

Lion taming is the practice of animal training that involves taming lions for protection, or more commonly, for entertainment.  Lion taming is a dangerous act due to the obvious risks of toying with powerful instinctive carnivores.

If you've attended #Nipclub pawties in the past, you know that while @doggymolly loves weapons and dangerous things, she's just not very good handling them (remember jousting?).  We recommend that you not sit in the front rows during her act. 


Clowns have always been an integral part of the circus, offering a source of amusement for patrons and providing relief from the array of animal acts and other performances.

Fortunately for us, @skye613 used to be a rodeo clown before joining the #Nipclub circus.  She may need to use those skills to direct hungry lions away from the patrons after Molly's lion taming act.

Most circus employees have multiple jobs, and it's no different with the #Nipclub circus.
Remember barker @3phibotticelli working to get you in to the tent?
Her trapeeze act (and outfit) is going to keep you in the tent.

In the interest of safety, the lions in @doggymolly's lion taming act, will be replaced by 
the very cute @NancyCakeFace. 

Check back to this page often as we will keep adding more fun pictures and info right up to pawty day!! 

 photo party-elephant_zpsdaf3298d.gif

All your favorites!

Strawberry Funnel Cake
BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich with Mac & Cheese

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese
Corn Dog Platter with Tater Tots

#NipClub Manager @TheNascarKitty clowns around.

 photo cirque_zps2b3ae640.gif
Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the senior dog at Old Dog Haven Every penny helps! Thanks!
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meowmeowmans said...

Everybody loves a circus, right? WE know WE do! We're going to do our best to be there!

Mariodacat said...

Now, do I have those elephants in control or what???