August 27, 2013

We're taking our toys and going to #NipClub's "Toy Pawty" August 29, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the senior dogs at Old Dog Haven. Every penny helps! Thanks!

 Aerosmith sings "Toys, Toys, Toys in the Attic"  Our toys are in in the attic too, and in the yard, and in the living room, and in the kitchen, and in the hallway, and on the stairs, and in the pool, and at the dog park, and at the beach.  

Let's face it, we anipals love our toys.  Basically, anywhere we are, likely our toys are with us.  This week we're gonna bring our toys to #NipClub to add to the fun.  
 photo dog-frisbee_zps52b01fe7.gif

Who has the most toys?  Who has the biggest toys?  Who has the most unusual toy?  Bring 'em to show off, bring 'em to share.  

Tweet a picture of you with your toy's or playing with your toys and you could see yourself here on the blog

@germanshorthair's Bajno loves tennis balls

@NoCrybabyDoGs Daffy with ducky and otter

@WinstonTabby and his favorite "toy"


Nauty Char with rabbit toy

Tiny Pearl

 photo cat38_zps9411bc08.gif

Bacon beer in a dog toy

Kong with peanut butter

Cat food Find toy

Dogs with toys cake

 photo 2435_zps10c2435e.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the senior dog at Old Dog Haven Every penny helps! Thanks!
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
To Donate directly on the charity's site CLICK HERE.
Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.
To read more about Old Dog  Haven. CLICK HERE

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