August 30, 2013

Who Brought Toys with them to #nipclub's Favorite Toy Night

It was a simple yet fun night for everyone. Bring your favorite toy or toys.

Nancy loves all of her toys

Livvy Old cat Family broght extra toys for everyone and also string.
Plus a truckload of TP from Costco.

The club looked like it has snowed



A white ferret of Cheryl's


Little Jack with a ducky that looks like George


Kittehboi can tackle a huge toy

Little Jack dressed up to bartend late at night


Winston and Dacupcakekitty

Sanjee with George

River Whimsey has great toys

Peia has a box full

Big thank you to all who came and hung out with us.
Also Huge thank you to all who donated and volenteered to help raise money for this month's charity.

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