September 8, 2013

DISCO Music Pawty at #NipClub Sept. 12, 2013

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OK, so the 70's left us with many embarrassing trends and fads. And not the least of these was Disco Music. Even though it's kind of everyones guilty pleasure, it's hard to get anyone to admit to really liking it. Of course that doesn't explain how huge records sales were for disco music, how club's like Club 54   became the biggest "thing" in America for a while, or how no matter how much we deny it....Disco music remains some of the most recognizable music around. 

Well, here at #NipClub we are not about to be left out on a comeback, so we've hung the disco ball, gotten the psychedlic lights back out, brushed off our gold polyester jumpsuits, white casual suits, big shoes, big hair and more, to usher back in DISCO. Our DJ's will play the best dance club tunes from all era's (Disco wasn't just the 70's, it's never stopped).

So put on your Boogie Shoes and pop in to #NipClubs Music night!!! Show off your best dancefloor moves!!

Need something to wear?  Contact @RealFakeGator for all your disco needs.  As always though, your own fur, feathers, skin, shell, etc. are welcome at #Nipclub.

All that glitters is not the disco ball
#Nipclub staff @tildatoo @meisroxythepug @BunnyJeanCook

When is a disco ball not a disco ball?
When it's #Nipclub staff member @mariodacat

Know what @Bea_bells said as she made her salad?
Lettuce.......dis go in the bacon bowl.
Tomatoes....dis go in the bacon bowl.
Croutons.....dis go in the bacon bowl.

@mariethetabby strikes a classic disco pose

This disco is definitely not up to par with #Nipclub

uh oh!

disco gif photo: disco ball gif listing_image_3813.gif

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Mariodacat said...

he he - I love it. Great job Gator!

meowmeowmans said...

We are going to try to be there! Disco rules!

Katie Isabella said...

OH I LOVE IT! And what great DJ's!