September 17, 2013

#NipClub Celebrates September Birthdays and Gotcha Days with a Paint Pawty

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Holi is a festival celebrated as a festival of colors. It is a Hindu religious festival which has also become popular with people of other communities.  The festival has many purposes. First and foremost, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. Originally, it was a festival to commemorate good harvests and the fertile land. During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw colored powder at each other, and celebrate wildly.

If there's one thing Anipals know how to do well, it's how to celebrate wildly.  So with Spring coming for our Aussie pals, and fall harvest Spring coming for our Aussie pals, and with fall harvest time approaching for our Northern Hemisphere pals, what better time to have a Paint Pawty, #Nipclub's own "festival of colors".

 photo realbackniggah_zpsb1035333.gif

Need something to wear?  Contact @RealFakeGator for all your Paint Party needs.  As always though, your own fur, feathers, skin, shell, etc. are welcome at #Nipclub.

Learn more about our Birthday Club HERE

@CathyKeisha gets the pawty started

 @PixelDoggy & @OtisDoggy
practice their paint powder throwing technique

Having nothing to do with religion but a darn fun way to "throw" paint around is the game of paintball, a sport in which players compete; in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs, capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside which are propelled from a paintball marker commonly referred to as a paintball gun. 

The game can be played at a sporting level with organized competition involving worldwide leagues, tournaments, professional teams, and players.  Paintball technology is also used by military forces, law enforcement, para-military and security organizations to supplement training, as well as playing a role in riot response.  At #Nipclub, it's just good clean mayhem  mischief  fun.

The master & mistresses of mischief & mayhem are at it again

                      @skye613 prefers to go "old school"       Paintballer @doggymolly says
                      throwing paint from a styrofoam cup               "Make my Thursday"

                             @germanshorthair's Banjo                 @3phibotticelli can run
                          dares you to throw paint at him          but she can't hide from the paint              

The 1st rule of mayhem: blend in with the crowd
How did @AutumnTheDoxie get mixed up with these mischief makers?

Don't be afraid to join the fun.
#Nipclub management will help you clean up. 
Laundry & Dry cleaning service included!

 photo georgepaintgif_zps391ae84d.gif

September Birthdays and Gotcha Days

September 1

September 3 birthday

                                   @OurWinnie Pup                           @BunnyJeanCook                                       
                                                           September 6 Birthdays    
                                                             @glowgirly's Katie
                                                                  September 8 
September 10 birthday
September 12 birthday

September 13 Gotcha

September 15 birthday

September 16 birthday

September 19
talk like a pirate day birthday

September 19 birthday

September 23 birthday

September 29 birthday
@Busybuttons Birthday


@PumpkinPuddy and EK


@BearBeard Birthday Sept 28

 Drinks and Cake

Alien Glow cats gif photo glowycats_zpsef471a68.gif

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Cathy Keisha said...

Fun, fun, fun! September 8th was Katie of Glogirly's 8th Gotcha Day