May 16, 2014

Memorial Day Salute to Heroes at #NipClub May 23rd 2014

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Memorial Day in The United States is this weekend. It's a time when we enjoy our freedom with parades, picnics, family fun events, and Memorial Services for those who gave their risked or gave their lives to allow us to have the freedom we enjoy. It's also a time to honor those everyday heroes who usually go unsung like Firefighter, paramedics, emergency workers, animal rescuers, child advocates etc. 

Even though Memorial Day is pretty much an American holiday, it's ALWAYS a good time for anybody anywhere in the world to honor the heroes who make our lives better and safer.
@TheNascarKitty is pictured visiting his Grandpa Larry Kimpel
who served in the US Army 95th Field Artillery Division during
World War II in England, Belgium, Germany and France including
being on the D-Day Invasion team at Omaha Beach in Normandy.
Luckily he made it back with his health, but with many very
uncomfortable memories that we, as civilians, can never begin
to imagine. Larry was an American Hero. Both he and Tiger Tommy
have gone to Rainbow Bridge now, but are alive and loved in memories.

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Who is your Hero?

Honor your hero this Memorial Day. Maybe you can wear their picture as an Avatar, or you can dress up as them, or you can just come in your own natural fur and tell us about them. If you need help making your avatar, contact @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters so he can help. Fireman, Policeman, Soldier, EMT, Paramedic, Good Samaritan, a relative or friend who went over and beyond to help you or others? Heroes are all around. Let's make sure we thank them all. 

@BadAndy_KityKat honors our troops. 
Firefighters risk their lives to save anybody who needs help. 
Men like John Wayne set forth examples of morality  and justice
that all of us can follow. That's very herois. nied
The Military puts life and limb at risk every
day to make sure we can be free to be ourselves. 
Farmers take huge economic gambles, and wear
their bodies out to keep food on our tables.
EMT's save lives every day for little or no thanks. 
@SnowyWestie Salutes the policemen who protect us. 

@MaggieMooseTrks Salutes the WAVES


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Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue Every penny helps! Thanks!
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