June 1, 2014

Gigantic Monster Pawty at #NipClub June 5th, 2014

@Kittehboi is going to have some trouble fitting into the DJ booth! MOL
MONSTERS come in many sizes, but this week we are going to have fun as HUGE GIGANTIC behemoths in honor of the return of silver screen legend GODZILLA!! 

I've paid up the insurance bill, because you just KNOW that these monsters are going to rip up the club (heck, our normal sized pals like @DoggyMolly and @TinyPearlCat have been known to blow the place to bits...so imagine these monsters)! 

So dress up as your favorite giant monster, or as a monster hunter, monster tamer, or whatever your little heart desires. If you need help contact @RealFakeGator at #NipClub Outfitters and they will set you up. 

Of course, your own natural fur,skin, feathers etc. are always welcome to #NipClub too! 

@RealFakeGator is about to EAT #NipClub headquarters...uh-oh!
@TheNascarKitty seems to be ready to eat something...hope it's NOT our customers!
@SweetPeaBeardie and Godzilla
Don`t let these monsters scare you...
They`re here to help you pawty!

                     @3phibotticelli as Rudolph`s Bumble          @Skye613 as a Dune sand worm

                   @germanshorthair Banjo as King Kong         @doggymolly as the 50 ft woman

 photo godzilladance1_zps2620a017.gif

@msmollyyoda as a Jurassic Park T-rex
@cherylpoestone`s Benny says RUN!

Loch Ness? Yes   Loch Ness monster? No
While she's certainly NOT a monster, @TinyPearlCat is
as big as one as she "sits" on Seattle.

 photo GameraRocket_zps24d32661.gif
Monster Food Menu
Monster Sized Ham,Chicken and Bacon Cheeseburger

Monster Sized Pizza


Giant Portions of  Prime Rib
1 pound Mac and Cheese Burgers 
Monster Sized Ice Cream Sundaes

Commuter cake
 photo Smaug_zps47e5672f.gif

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