June 8, 2014

#NipClub 19th Hole Pre-Pawty for #NipClub June 12th, 2014

Golf. Some can take it, some can leave it. Most animals would rather just bat around the golf balls and chase them around. Golf can make you very relaxed, or, more commonly very aggitated and angry. Either way, at the end of the Golf day is the 19th hole where good food and strong drink and pawtying with pals makes the perfect outing.

@TheNascarKitty drives one deep down the fairway.

So this week at #NipClub we'll put the pawty before the golf!! Wear your best golf gear, or your natural fur and drink, eat and dance away the night. If you need help getting dressed for Thursday night and/or this weekend please contact @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters. 

Barktenders @TiggyBean, @Dylcat1, @WinstonTabby begin quality control testing 

 photo golfball-spinning_zps2151c7ab.gif
@MeowGirls Tippy and Penny
say it`s not the 19th hole without Hank`s Bacon Beer 

24 Hour Weekend Pawty Info

Click HERE for info on #Nipclub Monthly Pawty Golf Championship

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