March 24, 2015

Is it finally Spring? Pawty at #NipClub March 26th, 2015

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For much of the United States and Europe, we're just about through with the cold, dreary, snowy days of winter. And while some of us are finally getting "peeks" of what Spring my be like, but it's not enough!! So this week at #NipClub we are going to show Winter that we are through and pawty like it's actually NICE outside. 

So put on some spring gardening clothes, or break out the shorts and tank tops and flip flops, or whatever you may wear in spring. Sure, we may still be cold, but we'll show winter that we are FINISHED!! And I'm pretty sure our talented Barktenders will help keep you "warm" inside. 

We'll play some great summertime music, eat our favorite "outdoor" foods, we will show Winter that we are finished and even if Spring isn't officially here, it IS Spring at #NipClub. 

 photo blossoms_zpseiqnkyps.gif

If you need help with that perfect costume just contact @RealFakeGator at #NipClubOutfitters and let him know what you'd like! 

@AutumnTheDoxie...spring break tanning, Canadian-style

@Mariodacat mows away the frozen tundra

spring photo SpringThing_zps91a4a581.gif
@TheNascarKitty Preps Summer Style BBQ'd Meat for the evening. 

And some cake

.Welcome Spring photo welcomespring.gif
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