June 7, 2015

June Dairy Night at @TheNascarKitty's Wisconsin Farm!! June 11, 2015

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Every guest gets a free bag of  fresh "Squeaky" Cheese Curds!!

#NipClub Wisconsin. Nestled behind @TheNascarKitty's Dairy Farm in
Dodge County, Wisconsin. Come early, milk a cow, enjoy some fresh
dairy products, roll around in the hay, then pawty the night away. 
June is National Dairy Month and to celebrate America's Dairy industry, we're inviting you to south-central Wisconsin, to @TheNascarKitty's Dairy Farm. Wisconsin, known as America's Dairyland is famous for their cows, their milk, their world famous cheese, and their beautiful rolling landscape, sculpted a bajillion years ago by the glaciers. We'll let you drive tractors, milk cows, bale hay (if you ask the right person, perhaps see our secret NIP Baling process), eat and drink the BEST dairy products in the world, and then pawty away the night at our adjacent #NipClub Wisconsin Branch. 
Cow photo cowmooingmdwht.gif
Do you want a special Avatar for the pawty? Perhaps dress as a farmer, or a farmers daughter? Maybe even as a cow or  driving a tractor? Whatever your imagination can dream up, the pals at #NipClub Outfitters can arrange. Just ask @RealFakeGator soon. They are busy. And don't forget, your own natural fur, feathers, or skin is always welcome at #NipClub.

Wisconsin's @RealFakeGator helps milk some cows.

@TinyPearlCat harvests some NIP for the pawty. We also harvest
Hay and fine grain for our cows. (They don't eat Nip). Wisconsin
cows are fed the best grains and proteins to make the best
tasting milk products you will ever taste. 

@TheNascarKitty checks the pastures on one of his
favorite old tractors. Maybe he'll let you drive one! 
Watch Cows being milked at the State of the Art roundtable milking parlor.
The Cows get on one side, are fed a specially designed diet or grains,
Proteins, roughages and minerals metered out for each individual cow,
and are milked as the platform rotates. They get off on the other side
happy, fed and contented. Most cows are milked 3 times a day. 
Drive some antique tractors around. But don't be surprised if
while you're driving, @TheNascarKitty tricks you into doing
some field work or spreading manure. Farm work is hard
and any farmer is always glad to share the work.

Jumping Cow photo DancingCow.gif
@WinstonTabby had a few "drinks" then decided he'd like some milk...
Don't worry, there's an easier way...our Barktenders will serve it up
cold and fresh in a clean glass. 
Wisconsin's @MarioDaCat models his Green
Bay Packer Cheesehead, while getting some
fresh milk for specialty cocktails. 
Later that night, after enjoying several of his
"milk based Cocktails" @MarioDaCat dreamed
he was a cow. Don't worry, we didn't milk him.

@kittehboi bales hay for the cows

Fresh Cold Milk. All you can drink.
Chocolate Milk Too!

milk photo 549078kjza6807u1.gif
Milkshakes, Malts, Ice Cream Sundaes and Cones
Made to order!!!  Be creative!! 
Wisconsin Cheese! Hundreds of Varieties! Try them all!!

Fried Cheese Curds!!!
 photo funny-gifs-cows-get-spring-fever.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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